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The Voice Season 13 Finale Recap: Was the Right Singer Named the Winner?

The Voice Season 13 Finale Recap: Was the Right Singer Named the Winner?
Remember how, as Season 12 of The Voice drew to a close, there was actual suspense about whether Chris Blue or Lauren Duski would be named the winner? Season 13 hasn’t been like that. For what seems like ever, Chloe Kohanski has dominated in both iTunes sales and our weekly TVLine polls. So Tuesday’s results show was really just a long, long wait to hear her victory announced. Unless, that is, we were in for one heck of an upset. (Spoiler alert: We weren’t.) And I know it’s often seemed like I have it in for Chloe; I really don’t.
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December 12th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Game Of Thrones Season 7, House and House II: The Second Story Special Editions

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We should go ahead and rename December 12th “Arrow Video Day,” because the fine fiends over there have a ton of titles coming out this Tuesday, including Special Edition sets for The Premonition and Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood, and they’ve also put together standalone special edition Blu-rays for both House and House II: The Second Story. Severin Films is resurrecting Asylum this Tuesday, and fans can finally get their hands on the latest season of Game of Thrones, as well as a box set featuring every episode from all seven seasons.

Other notable releases for December 12th include K-Shop, Once Upon A Time at Christmas, Brackenmore, The Snake Woman, Beware the Lake, and Hollow Creek.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season (HBO, Blu-ray & DVD)

Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun. It will stretch from the south,
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Daily Dead’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Day 8: Over 100 Horror and Sci-Fi Themed Enamel Pins

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Welcome back, readers, for another installment of Daily Dead’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! For day eight, we are going all in on enamel pins, simply because there are so many amazing designs out there and it was hard to narrow down the list. That being said, here’s a list of over 100 horror and sci-fi themed enamel pins that we discovered online, and we guarantee there’s absolutely something for every genre fan out there, so if you need some stocking stuffer or holiday gift ideas, look no further!

Do keep in mind that in most cases, what you see below is only a partial listing of each site’s inventory, so I recommend digging around each online store for all kinds of goodies, because there are some truly amazing enamel pin designs out there (I could have easily done a list of 200, but my sanity won out).

Also, Daily
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Walking Dead Recap: Pawn Takes King

Walking Dead Recap: Pawn Takes King
Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. (And trust us, this one’s so good, you’ll want to watch first, read later.)

In what may have been Season 8’s first truly great episode of The Walking Dead, Sunday’s “Some Guy” started with Ezekiel being shaken to his theatrical core by the massacre with which “Monsters” ended, and concluded with the king being shaken to whatever is even deeper than one’s core by the next tragedy to strike. What could possibly have been worse than the bulk of his battalion being gunned down?
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‘C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud’ Blu-ray Review (Vestron Video)

Stars: Brian Robbins, Bill Calvert, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Gerrit Graham, Robert Vaughn | Written by M. Kane Jeeves | Directed by David K. Irving

A wave of pure VHS-era nostalgia – with all the associated benefits and drawbacks – awaits in this 1989 sequel to the 1984 B-movie, which was itself a solidly silly monster movie with a great cast (John Heard, Daniel Stern, Kim Greist et al) and charmingly lousy special effects.

This time, the inner city setting is gone in favour of a typical Midwest small town, and the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers are about to run amok at the teenagers’ Halloween Dance. Not that the CHUDs spend any time underground this time around. As the flimsy franchise leans hard into farce, any semblance of the original film’s social satire is forgotten in favour of smart-ass quips and fish-out-of-water comedy.

The amusingly implausible plot sees buddies Steve (Brian Robbins) and Kevin (Bill Calvert
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Hdtgm: A Conversation with Kelli Maroney, Star of ‘Chopping Mall’

Hdtgm: A Conversation with Kelli Maroney, Star of ‘Chopping Mall’
Kelli Maroney has a unique skill set: she knows how to survive ’80s horror movies. Between Slayground (1983), Night of the Comet (1984) and this week’s How Did This Get Made? film Chopping Mall (1986), Maroney has a real talent for making it through a slasher flick alive. So naturally, when she and I sat […]

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Drive-In Dust Offs: Sole Survivor (1983)

In retrospect, Carnival of Souls (1962) certainly cast a long and deep shadow over the horror genre; not for general audiences at the time, where it ended up relegated to the bargain bins of the public domain for decades. But horror frequently pays it forward, and filmmakers find inspiration in the lost and obscure. Take the debut from Thom Eberhardt, Sole Survivor (1983), an oasis of cool originality in a genre that was drying out in the slasher sands.

Given a limited release in December, Eberhardt used the meager $350,000 budget to his advantage, crafting a film filled with an eerie calm and paying it forward himself by inspiring Final Destination (2000) and It Follows (2014). Sometimes big shadows are cast from small sources, and Sole Survivor has earned its particular darkness.

Our film opens with over the hill actress/psychic Karla (Caren LarkeyGet Out) predicting a plane crash. On that very plane is
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Horror Highlights: Kid Savage, The Shadow Effect Q&A, Bride Of Re-animator / Society Double Feature, 15 Second Horror Film Challenge

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner, and Man of Action fans on the East Coast will have the chance to meet Kid Savage creators Joe Kelly and Ilya at select locations. Also in today's Horror Highlights: a Q&A with The Shadow Effect (out now on VOD, Digital HD, and DVD from Momentum Pictures) co-director Obin Olson, details on a Hollywood double feature screening of Bride of Re-Animator and Society, and information on the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge.

Meet the Kid Savage Creators on Free Comic Book Day: "Saturday, May 6 on Free Comic Book Day

Signing Image Comics/Man of Action's Silver Selection

Kid Savage

Meet Joe Kelly

Kid Savage creator/writer and Man of Action partner

11:00 Am - 12:30 Pm

The Comic Book Depot in Wantagh, NY 2847 Jerusalem Avenue

1:00 Pm - 3:00 Pm

Grasshoppers Comics in Williston 76 Hillside Avenue

Meet Ilya

Kid Savage
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Night Of The Comet (1984)

Post-apocalyptic films were a dime a dozen in the early ‘80s. They were almost always done on the cheap – a small cast of a few survivors, a barren desert and some rags for wardrobe, and voila! Throw it on HBO for a few years and call it a day. But sometimes ambition seeps in, and Night of the Comet (1984) is one of the best examples of low budget ingenuity, smart, sharply drawn characters, and a whole lot of heart. When the aliens return to take back the earth (do you want to claim responsibility for this freak show?) and wish to be shown a film indicative of the ‘80s, show them this – it represents all the best qualities of the decade’s filmmaking.

Distributed by Atlantic Releasing Corporation in mid-November, Night of the Comet brought in over $14 million against a $700,000 budget, making it an indie success with audiences and critics alike.
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Bones Round Table: Who Is Next To Die?

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Blood, bikinis, and neon panthers made for a B-movie gone wrong murder mystery on Bones Season 12 Episode 10.

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Bisette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam, a Bones fan, to debate Aubrey leaving for La, Wendell’s lack of passion, and if anyone will die before the series is over.

Do you think Aubrey should take the job in Los Angeles?

Pam: Yes, he can go far, and he should. He can still be friends with everyone, but he needs to grow and experience what he can do in other departments.

Ashley: Yes, absolutely. I love that he's being offered a promotion, and I think he deserves it.

Christine: Aubrey has really grown on me. If the show were continuing, I’d want him to stick around, but since it is ending, I’m happy he’s getting a promotion and moving on; he deserves it.
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Buffy Turns 20: 22 Things You Never Knew About Everyone’s Favorite Slayer

Buffy Turns 20: 22 Things You Never Knew About Everyone’s Favorite Slayer
Get ready to feel as old, ’90s kids: Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered 20 years ago today.

The beloved series, which cemented Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s place in pop culture history, continues to serve as a favorite among fans with an affinity for high school dramas and regular vampire showdowns.

It’s hard to imagine a TV landscape without the benefit of the show’s landmark run — creator Joss Whedon and Gellar pushed a strong female lead into a world of supernatural creatures, which proved to be successful for ratings and a groundbreaking precedent for future shows.

In honor of the show’s milestone anniversary,
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Night Of The Comet Screening at Schlafly Bottleworks March 1st

“The legal drinking age is now ten, but you will need I.D. . Let’s be real!”

Night Of The Comet screens Wednesday, March 1st at 8pm at Schlafly Bottleworks Restaurant and Bar (7260 Southwest Ave.- at Manchester – Maplewood, Mo 63143) as part of Webster University’s Award-Winning Strange Brew Film Series. Admission is $5

Imagine the horror of being stuck with 80s fashion, style, and music for the rest of your life: that’s the fate facing teenage sisters Regina and Samantha (Catherine Mary Stewart and blonde cutie Kelli Maroney) when civilization comes to a standstill after a passing comet turns most of the human race into orange dust in the 1984 cult-sci-fier Night Of The Comet. Amazingly, Regina and Sam have survived desiccation thanks to the fact they were both surrounded by steel when the Earth passed through the comet’s tail, but that doesn’t mean that they are no
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Blu-ray Review: The Initiation

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The thing I miss the most about the heyday of the ’80s slasher movie is that there were so many of them that eventually filmmakers had to start finding ways to shake up the formula and continually introduce weirder and weirder stuff. That's not to say that all of these movies were necessarily "good," but that they managed to be distinctive within a sub-genre known for its sameness. For as good as horror is today—and we are in a really good place for horror—there is no one corner of the genre that is so prevalent as the slasher once was that inspires various permutations. We don't get a Sleepaway Camp or a Blood Rage much anymore. The reasons for this are ultimately positive and encouraging—the current crop of horror films are so vastly different from one another that we avoid this phenomenon—but it still makes me
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Horror Highlights: Cthulhu Statue, Level 33 Entertainment DVD Prize Pack Contest, The Anatomy Of Fear, Agatha, Manos Returns, Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer, All Through The House

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In today's Horror Highlights, we have a look at Halloween Forevermore's limited edition Cthulhu statue, a horror DVD prize pack contest courtesy of Level 33 Entertainment, an excerpt from The Anatomy of Fear: Conversations with Cult Horror and Science-Fiction Filmmakers, a trailer for the haunting short film Agatha, the cast announcement for Manos Returns, a teaser video and poster for Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer, and details on the All Through the House Blu-ray signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank.

Halloween Forevermore's Limited Edition Cthulhu Statue: "Halloween Forevermore is a company known to many Halloween and Horror fans. Formed in 2014, they have released one dozen very popular and well-made wax warmers that appeal to both the seasonal Halloween fan and horror lifestyle enthusiasts. Their Undertaker and Cthulhu wax warmers were featured in Rue Morgue magazine. The company that trick-or-treats 365 nights a year is proud to announce a new limited edition
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"The Vampire Diaries: The Night of the Comet"

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "The Night of The Comet", written by Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec and directed by Marcos Siega, that aired September 17, 2009:

" 'Mystic Falls' prepares for a festival to celebrate the passing of a comet, 'Vicki' is in the hospital recovering from the attack that she can barely remember. 'Stefan' goes to the hospital and tries to use his abilities to make sure Vicki doesn't remember what really happened, but his attempt is cut short when Vicki's brother 'Matt' arrives.

"'Jeremy' continues to struggle at school and with his feelings for Vicki. At a parent-teacher conference, 'Mr. Tanner' makes 'Jenna' feel she is failing as a surrogate parent.

"Then 'Elena' decides to go to the 'Salvatore' house to meet Stefan, but finds his charming brother 'Damon' instead. Damon reveals some surprising information about Stefan's past...

"...and when Stefan arrives home,
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Drive-In Dust Offs: It’S Alive (1974)

Cult filmmaker Larry Cohen is, and has always been, an idea man. Whether commenting on rampant consumerism (The Stuff), religious fanaticism (God Told Me To), or vigilantism (Maniac Cop), Cohen’s films (as director or screenwriter, often both) show an ambition beyond the zippered monsters and flying serpents. And while the biggest caveat regarding Cohen is that his reach often exceeds his grasp, that’s not always true. Case in point: It’s Alive (1974), Cohen’s potent take on abortion, the pharmaceutical industry, and (extremely) unconditional love.

Produced by Warner Bros. and Larco Productions, and distributed by WB, It’s Alive did not wow the executives, who gave it an obligatory release in October with little fanfare. And it did okay business for the small release it was granted. When a new regime came in to WB in ’77, Cohen asked them to take another look at the film – he felt
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‘The Zero Boys’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Daniel Hirsch, Kelli Maroney, Nicole Rio, Tom Shell, Jared Moses, Crystal Carson, Joe Estevez, John Michaels | Written by Robert Gilliam, Nico Mastorakis, Fred Perry | Directed by Nico Mastorakis

You could say that the 80s are the decade that just keeps on giving, especially when it comes to cult movies. There are some that may pass by your radar though, and you miss out on their glory. This is the case of The Zero Boys for me, and lucky Arrow Video’s new Blu-ray has allowed me to fix this.

A group of survival game players, The Zero Boys decide to take a trip to the woods to let off some steam. With new friend Jamie (Kelli Maroney) tagging along everything seems to be going okay. When they discover a cabin in the woods though and decide to shack up there it doesn’t take long before they realise they
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Wayne Crawford, ‘Valley Girl’ Producer, Dies at 69

Wayne Crawford, ‘Valley Girl’ Producer, Dies at 69
Wayne Crawford, who produced indie hits including “Valley Girl” and “Night of the Comet” and acted in dozens of films and TV shows, died April 30 in Winston-Salem, N.C. He was 69 and had been ill for some time, according to a colleague, Gregory Small.

The 1983 “Valley Girl,” which he also wrote, was directed by Martha Coolidge and starred a punky Nicolas Cage with Deborah Foreman. The film included a New Wave greatest hits soundtrack, but notably didn’t include the Frank Zappa song “Valley Girl,” which Zappa would not allow.

His other films as producer included “Peacemaker” and “Mortal Passions.” As an actor, he appeared in the TV series “American Heart” and “Okavango” and made numerous guest appearances.

Born in Geneva, New York, Crawford began his career as an actor in New York, working Off-Broadway and on truck and bus tours around America. While acting in a low-budget movie in South Florida,
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Blu-ray Review: American Horror Project Vol. 1

As the golden age of high-def horror continues, we aren’t just getting bells-and-whistles Blu-rays of films we never expected to receive such treatment—titles like The Mutilator and Squirm—but also of films some of us barely new existed. American Horror Project Vol. 1, the new Blu-ray box set from Arrow Video, collects three such films: low-budget independent horror movies from the 1970s that have either been forgotten or are in danger of being lost forever.

In attempting to find obscure titles that are still in good enough condition to be restored in high-def, the curators of American Horror Project Vol. 1 (among them Stephen Thrower, author of Nightmare USA, as well as books on both Lucio Fulci and Jess Franco) could easily have found esoteric films that fit the criteria but were, for lack of a more diplomatic way of saying it, better off staying lost. But that couldn’t be further from the case.
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Off The Shelf – Episode 83 – New Blu-ray & DVD Releases for Tuesday, March 22nd 2016

In this episode of Off The Shelf, Ryan and Brian take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016.

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Follow-Up Twilight Time Quantity Updates: Used Cars and Center of the Earth Ryan is out of space, but still buying box sets! (Buyers remorse vs unwatched stuff) Hertzfeldt Kickstarter Arrivals News Star Trek: Digital Bits News (Animated Series on Blu-ray, Khan Uhd) Kino Lorber: Fathom, Star Slammer, Modesty Blaise, Gold (1934) Code Red: House on the Edge of the Park, Truck Stop Women, Hot Moves …bucket list fever! Scorpion: The Rift (from the director of Pieces) Blue Underground: Circus of Fear/5 Golden Dragons & The Shape of Things to Come Misc Links Larry Karaszewski on After The Fox Night of the Comet vinyl Kickstarter Links to Amazon After the Fox Bandits Black Mama, White Mama The Black Sleep Breaker! Breaker!
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