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Entertaining family melodrama with a great cast and directed by unforgettable Naschy
psagray6 September 2015
With the exception of "El Caminante" and "El Huerto Del Francés" this would be what I think, one the best film of Jacinto Molina, in terms of technique and narrative. It is a film aimed at a family audience, with Christmas as a backdrop and a story we've seen many times, but as entertainment movie is, it works. In fact, except for some very linked to the universe "Naschyano" aspects, it could pass for a movie of popular style Javier Aguirre. And it is that all deficiencies which boasts Naschy in his films, are not such in "Mi Amigo El Vagabundo". It's a movie for everyone, for showcasing its star Jose Luis Lopez, swift in execution and entertaining Vazquez, which goes directly to end the story bluntly.

"El Duque" (Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez) is a traveling musician who lives badly playing songs such copyright in the Subway of Madrid. He is accompanied by a child, "Sergio" which he adopted as his son. We soon discovered that this is the son of a prostitute, who died in a car accident, and one with "El Duque", because it decided to take the child. One day "Sergio", meets a wealthy couple who lost the son they expected, and is infatuated with. They decide to adopt, pushing the tutelage of "El Duque". A kidnapping involved, and the separation sad child wanderer and complete the film. And obviously these stories family movie, just fine.

Jacinto Molina, wearing a great wig, do not know being in a movie without disguise, and that includes a series of dreams that the child has, where Naschy us disguised (and even disguises Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez) of Cowboy Musketeer . And it is that Paul liked a lot disguise, as he showed in "El Aullido Del Diablo" or "El Ultimo Kamikaze" or the mistake that masterpiece that is "Operación Mantis"

But otherwise, a proper family melodrama that welcomes the viewer as like Christmas movies like "La Gran Familia."

Lopez Vazquez appear alongside a number of classics of Spanish film actors as José Bódalo, Gracita Morales, Florinda Chico, plus Naschy who plays the rich man who adopts "Sergio", who plays Sergio Molina, son of Jacinto.
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