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Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away at 71

Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away at 71
British actor Bob Hoskins has passed away at 71. He reportedly succumbed to pneumonia and complications from Parkinson's disease.

Best known for his lead role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as Detective Eddie Valiant, he is also fondly remembered for his performances as Captain Hook's right hand man Smee in Steven Spielberg's Hook and the iconic video game character Mario in Super Mario Bros. He also played an important role in the cult classic Terry Gilliam fantasy drama Brazil.

Born in West Suffolk on October 26, 1942, Bob Hoskins started his way in show business as a circus fire-eater and prided himself on never having took an acting lesson in his life. He began his career as a 'thespian' on stage and in small television roles before making his presence known in the classic 1980 drama The Long Good Friday. He soon followed that up playing a rock and roll manager in the
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Lead Actors: The Overlooked and Underrated

This article is dedicated to Andrew Copp: filmmaker, film writer, artist and close friend who passed away on January 19, 2013. You are loved and missed, brother.


Looking at the Best Actor Academy Award nominations for the film year 2012, the one miss that clearly cries out for more attention is Liam Neeson’s powerful performance in Joe Carnahan’s excellent survival film The Grey, easily one of the best roles of Neeson’s career.

In Neeson’s case, his lack of a nomination was a case of neglect similar to the Albert Brooks snub in the Best Supporting Actor category for the film year 2011 for Drive(Nicolas Winding Refn, USA).

Along with negligence, other factors commonly prevent outstanding lead acting performances from getting the kind of critical attention they deserve. Sometimes it’s that the performance is in a film not considered “Oscar material” or even worthy of any substantial critical attention.
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DVD Release: Blue Bloods: Season Two

DVD Release Date: Sept. 11, 2012

Price: DVD $64.99

Studio: CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount

Tom Sellect broods in Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck (Lassiter) leads a handsome ensemble cast in the television police crime drama show Blue Bloods: The Second Season, which arrives on disc on the eve of the series’ Season Three premiere.

The story of a multi-generational family dedicated to New York City law enforcement stars Selleck as Frank Reagan, the New York Police Commissioner who heads both the police force and the Reagan brood.

He runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family, which includes his unapologetically bold father Henry (Len Cariou, Thirteen Days), the former commissioner; his eldest son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg, the Saw franchise), a seasoned detective and Iraqi war veteran who uses dubious tactics with his partner Jackie (Jennifer Esposito, TV’s Samantha Who?) to solve cases; and his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan, Battle Los Angeles), an Assistant D.
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Original X-men Movie Concept Revealed!


In 2000, director Bryan Singer helped to usher in the new era of comic book movies that we all know and love today with X-Men. The film, starring Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellan, grossed nearly $300 million and launched a $900 million franchise. But a decade before the film was released, an earlier plan to bring the X-Men to the screen was in the development stages. Would you believe that couple (at the time) James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow (director of Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker) were attached as producer and director, respectively? It's true, as Chris Claremont, long-time comics writer for the X-Men, revealed at a recent Columbia University Q&A panel.


Claremont said his choices for the roles of Wolverine and Storm were Bob Hoskins and Angela Bassett. In the comics, Wolverine is meant to be a dimunitive tough guy. Claremont felt Hoskins was the right guy for
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Chris Claremont Laments About The Perfect X-men Movie That Almost Happened

Long before Bryan Singer helped usher in the super hero craze [Blade, really started it] legendary X-Men comic book writer Chris Claremont had a plan to give us an X-Men film with James Cameron producing, Kathryn Bigelow directing, and starring Bob Hoskins as Wolverine and Angela Bassett as Storm. Now, we've heard from Claremont before on the subject of Hoskins as Wolverine but this time he shares a little more detail on why that never came to pass and whose to blame. "James Cameron, Bob Hoskins, Angela Bassett -- ahhh. Fanboy heaven. I would have been happy as a clam," Claremont said. Claremont stated that he saw Bob Hoskins in 1984's Lassiter and just knew that he was the actor had the right intensity to portray Wolverine on the silver screen. James Cameron, fresh off success from Terminator and Aliens, had just launched his own studio, Lightstorm Entertainment, in 1990, and on one
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DVD Release: Lassiter

DVD Release Date: April 24, 2012

Price: DVD $24.95

Studio: Hen’s Tooth

Tom Selleck goes black tie in 1984's Lassiter.

Tom Selleck (TV’s Blue Bloods) is a suave, debonair man-about-town…and a notorious thief—in the 1984 action adventure crime film Lassiter.

Whether he’s charming high society’s elite at a black-tie dinner or emptying their safes in the dead of night, Nick Lassiter certainly excels at what he does. On the eve of World War II, Lassiter finds himself in London, where local authorities are well aware of his history as a notorious cat burglar. When word leaks out that a cache of uncut diamonds is to be smuggled through the German embassy, Lassiter is coerced by police and the FBI to perform one last heist on their behalf.

Directed by Roger Young (Kiss the Sky), Lassiter also stars Jane Seymour (TV’s Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), Lauren Hutton (The Joneses
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