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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Daniel and his mother are eating together across from the karate school you can hear her talking to him but her lips aren't moving.
When Miyagi and Daniel are sitting in Miyagi's house and talking about his wife Miyagi gets up and pours himself another drink, the bottle he picks up still has the seal on it and it remains unopened as you hear the distinct sound of the liquor being poured into the glass.
When Daniel picks up Ali for their first date and his mother's station wagon won't start, they push start it and ask Ali to "pop the clutch", however you can hear the starter is used to start the engine.
At the Country Club Dinner Dance, the band is playing the "Fascination Waltz", but the conductor's baton is clearly at a faster tempo.

Boom mic visible 

The scene when Miyagi and Daniel leave to go to the Cobra Kai dojo, Miyagi walks out of his house towards the truck. As the camera follows him the boom mic is visible just behind the truck.

Character error 

At the part where Ali trips the members of the Cobra Kai at the Halloween dance, if you watch closely you can see the one Cobra Kai crack a smile as he falls for a brief second. Watch the one on the far right side of the screen as he falls on the other.
After Miyagi rescues Daniel on Halloween, he serves him a cup of tea. When Daniel grasps his cup by its sides, Miyagi insists that he instead support the cup from the bottom. However, the next time Miyagi drinks, he grasps his own cup by its sides.
When Johnny and his friends arrive at the beach on their dirt bikes and stop at the top of the hill you can see Dutch's helmet fall off the back of his bike and roll on the ground.


During the Halloween Dance, Bobby and Tommy both have their hair coming out of the caps of their skeleton costumes. Tommy can be seen at the right dancing with a bunny with his hair out of his costume. Bobby has his hair showing when he goes into the bathroom to find Johnny. Before Johnny runs out of the bathroom you and see that they are fixing their caps to show no hair coming out. When they run after Daniel and fall on the floor Tommy's hair is out of his costume again. After running and jumping a fence to catch up with Daniel their hair is back behind their costumes.
When Daniel and his Mom first leave Newark you can clearly see a big dent on the tailgate of the station wagon as his friends chase the car. Later,when his mom picks up Ali at her house, the dent is gone as they push the car to get it started. A better view is visible when his mom picks them up at the "Golf n Stuff". This was several months later after they left Newark but his mom would have surely fixed the starter problem before the tailgate.
Daniel's has cuts and scrapes (from getting beaten up the day before) during the "wax on, wax off" scene at Mr. Miyagi's house. His wounds disappear when he and Ali go to Golf 'N' Stuff and reappear the next day in time for the "sand the floor" scene at Mr. Miyagi's.
A glove appears on Johnny's hand between shots when Daniel is putting the water hose over Johnny's head in the bathroom during the school party.
When Johnny first fights Daniel at the beach, Johnny pushes the radio against Daniel's chest with the speakers facing Daniel, but as Daniel falls the speakers are facing Johnny.
When Daniel is playing soccer at the beach, the sweat stains on the back of his shirt change significantly between shots.
When Mr Miyagi is showing Daniel that he has been learning karate the whole time, he says, "Show me paint the house." He is holding Daniel's right hand, but in the next shot Daniel drops his left hand.
After the fight with the kids (as skeletons) Miyagi lifts Daniel over his left shoulder, in the next shot Daniel is over his right shoulder.
As Daniel gets out of his mom's car for his first date with Ali, his shoes are white. When we see him being introduced to Ali's parents, his shoes have changed to brown.
During the last fight scene with Johnny and Daniel, Johnny's black head band falls off in one shot, and the referee picks it up and throws it off the mat. Subsequent shots show Johnny still wearing the head band, and some shots have him without it on. Also during the final fight, Johnny's hair alternates between being dry and soaked with sweat.
In the scene where Daniel catches the fly in the chopsticks, for the first few cuts, the fly is somewhere in the middle of the chopsticks and the chopsticks cross each other past the point where the fly is being held. In a later angle, the fly is held between the very tips of the chopsticks and the sticks do not cross each other over their entire length. He never drops or releases the fly and re-catches or picks it up, so the fly was clearly moved between takes.
In the Country Club dance scene, as Ali dances with her father, we see Johnny take a seat next to Ali's mother. In the same shot, Ali asks, "Hey Dad, what time is it?" The shot switches to the opposite viewpoint, and the father replies "Well, it's about, uh...9:40" just as Johnny and the mother dance into the shot from the right side of the frame. They could not have arrived there so quickly from where they were seated. (This occurs around 1 hour and 21 minutes into the film.)
When Daniel and Ali are talking on the soccer field you see two soccer balls in the background by the cheerleaders. They then cut to a closeup with Daniel and Ali talking. When the camera cuts back to the cheerleaders, the two soccer balls have disappeared with only one of them coming back yet it comes back on the left of the screen.
At the costume party, Ali holds the flower in her left hand and starts to push it through the shower curtain of Daniel's costume. In the next shot (inside the costume), she is holding the flower in her right hand.
When Daniel meets Ali in the cafeteria line the day after the beach fight she has her hair in a thickly curled style that is different from what she wears in every other scene, even those allegedly later that day.
When Daniel and Ali are talking on the soccer field you see two soccer balls in the background by the cheerleaders then they cut to a closeup with Daniel and Ali talking when the camera cuts back to the cheerleaders the two soccer balls have disappeared with only one of them coming back yet it comes back on the left of the screen.
In the scene where Daniel arrives at Miyagi's place and discovers a note from Miyagi telling Daniel to paint his house, the opening shot is from inside the house and you can see the writing on the note Miyagi left for Daniel. The next shot is of Daniel reading the note from outside the house, and the writing is clearly different. This is because they likely had to shoot that scene multiple times, and once Daniel got mad and crumpled up the note the first time, they couldn't use it for the next take so they had to make a new one.
When Daniel puts the hose in the bathroom stall to get revenge on Johnny, he clearly places it over Johnny's head. He then turns the water on, and runs out. But when Johnny runs after him moments later, both his hair and clothing are dry.
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Crew or equipment visible 

During the tournament, in a close shot of Johnny as he faces his first opponent, a scene marker is visible being held between the actors before the fight starts.
At the Halloween dance; after daniel hoses him and they're chasing him across the misty field, to the right you can see the fog making machine pumping out the mist.

Errors in geography 

In the beginning scene when Daniel and his mother are driving away down the street, they are said to be leaving Newark NJ. However that street is actually in Harrison NJ and is also a "one way" street going the opposite way. Harrison is a neighboring town.

Factual errors 

When Daniel uses the scissors kick take down in the tournament, he should have been given a warning, as most tournaments do not permit the use of take down during fights.
The newspapers that Miyagi saves are over 40 years old. They are not in plastic, and yet they seem bright and new. They should be yellowed, old, thin, frayed, torn, creased and have little holes in them.
In the scenes showing Mr. Miyagi wearing his Army Uniform, the award ribbons are incorrect as the ribbon signifying the Medal of Honor is always worn at the top and on a row by itself. It appears to the left on the first row.


When when Mr. Miyagi is drunk and singing, he shows Daniel the picture with his pregnant wife. Immediately after he is pouring himself another drink. You can see the that bottle top is still on and the red seal is not broken on the bottle.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

At the end of the movie, as Daniel is advancing through the tournament, the logo on the back of his robe appears on the card his name is on, even though they had no advanced knowledge of the logo. However, Mr. Miyagi (or even possibly Ali) could have brought a copy of it for the tournament staff to use.

Plot holes 

When Miyagi and Daniel go to the Cobra Kai dojo the day after the Halloween dance, Johnny is seen with a black eye. However, when he fought Miyagi the night before, Miyagi blocked Johnny's punches, flipped him, and gave him a chop to the stomach, never hitting him in the eye.

Revealing mistakes 

When Mr. Miyagi and Daniel are attempting to catch a fly in their chopsticks, you can see that the fly is attached to a thin wire when it "flies" in between their two heads.
During the scene where Johnny elbows Daniel's knee during the championship match, you can clearly see Daniel point to which knee is supposed to be hurt.
When Miyagi breaks the bottles left on the truck by the two men on the beach, a few of them wiggle instead of falling over, indicating the bottles have somehow been attached to the fender.

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