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Alternate Versions

To avoid an '15' (or even possibly an '18') certificate in the UK the BBFC cut 1 minute 6 secs from the film and later said that it was one of the strongest PG ratings they had ever issued. Among the cuts made were a heart ripped from a sacrificial victim and his lowering into the blazing pit, edits to a whipping scene and the fight between Indiana and the overseer, and the removal of a shot of a man's head hitting the side of a cliff. The line "Leave him alone, you bastards" was changed to "Leave him alone" and sounds of screams and violence were also considerably reduced. This PG rated print was the only version available in the UK for many years until October 2012, when the cuts were fully waived for the 12 rated DVD release.
There are several different versions out there, depending on how much the censors cut from the sacrifical scene, and from the scene where the guard gets caught in the grindstone. However, after Indy escapes from the Black Sleep and gets his hat back, he punches out one of the guards. The subsequent shot is a kid smiling at him. Usually, this is a little boy, but in some versions, it's a little girl.

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