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Better than I thought it would be
morganstephens51212 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I thought that this was going to be a somewhat below average movie that just did not hold up that well in today standard when I saw this in 2016. But when I saw it, the more that I saw that it still did hold up and that the comedy was still good, the acting was great, and the characters were still enjoyable to watch. The effects do not hold up too much today, but that is due to age and I do like the fact that the characters and dialogue worked with each other to produce a nice team that seemed to really consider each other actual friends and such.
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who you gonna call..
amheretojudge29 December 2017

Yes, it has a promising idea and tries to keep it all in the track all the way without any loose ends but fails on execution and a gripping screenplay which makes it feel like a three hour ride.
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Funny ghost movie with a hilarious Murray
Charles Herold (cherold)9 December 2017
I watched Ghostbusters for the first time since it's original release, and it has worn well. The story of supernatural exterminators is clever, the pace is quick, the special effects are fun, and much of the movie is very, very funny.

The main reason the movie is funny is Bill Murray as a smarmy professor who inexplicably wins over the resistant Sigourney Weaver with his oily charm. Murray's performance reminds me of meaner version of 1940s Bob Hope; they both specialize in the "that looks really dangerous; you go first" style of humor to great effect.

Aykroyd and Ramis are generally overshadowed by Murray. Outside of Murray the most entertaining performance is Rick Moranis as a creepy accountant.

The special effects are for the most part quite good, with silly ghosts and a tremendous and ridiculous final monster. Some of the other effects are pretty bad, most notably those bear-like creatures. The blue-screen edges are actually visible in places. I watch them and think, how is it possible that critics of the reboot actually claimed the original had better special effects? Are they *blind*? Anyway, very entertaining movie that I found almost as enjoyable as much as the much-defamed reboot. Well worth seeing.
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Dr. Venkmen as Date Rapist?
filetransfer10 November 2017
Does anyone else find it strange that Dr. Peter Venkman, while on his first date with Dana, just happened to have on his person 300cc's of Thorazine? Dr. Venkman first arrives at Dana Barrett's apartment to find she has been imbued with the spirit of Gozer and now is calling herself the "Gate Keeper" and is awaiting the arrival of the "Key Master". There is a scene that shows her animal tendencies (floating above the bed, panting rapidly, deep and growling voice). Then the scene cuts away and returns to a phone call between Peter and Egon. Peter Venkman states that he injects her with the dosage during a phone call with Egon.

So we have to assume, since Dr. Peter Venkman did not show up with a briefcase, medical bag, or any other piece of science kit or gear, that he showed up to Dana Barrett's apartment with a syringe filled with 300cc's of Thorazine in the breast pocket of his blazer.

I could see a surgeon walking around with a set of scalpels or clamps in case he or she is called upon to perform an emergency appendectomy on the street or other minor surgeries in life or death situations, but Dr. Peter Venkman is a psychologist/parapsychologist. Walking around with a set of syringes filled with sedatives is just plain creepy.
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teenteeeteentee Ghostbusters
elgichuhi10 November 2017
I used to watch the Ghostbusters animation as a kid.I liked it but never thought much of it.Didn't stick with me unlike Johnny Quest,Scooby Doo, the epic DCAU. So when I first came upon a ghostbusters movie,I expected disappointment.Boy was I wrong.I don't think a more entertaining movie has ever been made.It is instantly and endlessly rewatchable.It has such a smart and sophisticated script that puts recent movies to shame (Pixels).The 80s was a period where filmmakers took a lot of risks,movies were made with a lot of passion and not zombies ripping off stuff that has come before and as a result we got gems like Ghostbusters,E.T,Back to The Future ,Terminator and many others.God Bless the 80s.Movies that not only wanted to entertain you but stay etched in your heart forever.
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Pretty entertaining... not fantastic though
Davis P8 November 2017
Ghostbusters is a classic 1980s film that everyone has at least heard of, especially because of the 2016 remake starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. The original movie stars Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Harold Ramis. It is a comedy movie, the only people that ever think this is a scary movie are small children. The movie is all about these men who form a group and of course they go into the business of ghost busting together. The writing is very comical, it's really not the best comedy in the world, but parts of it are funny. To be honest, I like this movie mainly because of the cast, big Sigourney Weaver fan. The effects were good for the time, now they'd kinda be lacking. The action scenes are done pretty well and I liked the visuals. The movie is one most people will have fun with, it's just not the greatest thing in the world if I'm being 100% honest. I give ghostbusters a 7/10 because it is pretty entertaining, but it is not the best movie in the world.
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great film
ahmid31 October 2017
I'd say flawless actually. After seeing part 2, which is enjoyable just to see the original actors in their original roles. I especially appreciate the original more, when you see the disastrous remake.This was capturing lightning in a bottle with the right cast, the right crew, and the right script. Years later with sequels, reboots etc. you just realize you can't recapture the lightning, and we should appreciate this original
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EBJ27 October 2017

Directed by Ivan Reitman{Stripes; Meatballs}

Starring Bill Murray{Caddyshack; Stripes}, Dan Akroyd{The Blues Brothers; Trading Places} and Harold Ramis{Animal House; National Lampoon's Vacation}

Plot Overview: After encountering a librarian ghost, three scientists setup a new protection agency: The Ghostbusters, specialising in the busting of ghosts. No one takes their craft seriously, but when a demonic force begins to threaten the city; it's up to the Ghostbusters to stop it before it is too late.

I know, I know. It's criminal that I only just got around to seeing this wonderful movie. If you haven't already seen this movie, I urge you to see it now, and not wait as long as I did to do so. Everything about this movie is good, pure, family fun and entertainment. Some idiots would say that that is a negative, but I very much so disagree. This movie is accessible to ALL people, no matter their age or background. It's excellently crafted fun that the whole family can enjoy and laugh to.

What are this movie's major pluses? The FANTASTIC chemistry between the cast certainly comes to mind. Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis are phenomenal in their distinctive and memorable role as Peter, Ray and Egon respectively. I've watched this movie once and I can easily remember everything about their characters. They are all fun, memorable and unique. As for Whinston, that's another story that I'll touch on later.

Accompanying the holy trio is a side helping of Sigourney Weaver{Alien; The Year of Living Dangerously} and Rick Moranis{Acting Debut}. Both of these actors do extremely well in their unfortunately minor roles. I particularly loved Moranis as the socially awkward, inept next door neighbour to Signourney Weaver. He NAILED this role and was responsible for a great deal of the film's laughs, after Murray of course.

The humour in this movie is awesome. I dare say it's a universally loved classic of comedy. Murray delivers some of the best one liners and jokes of the 1980s, and the remainder of the cast do their very best to support him. I'd say only two characters didn't have a funny line and that'd be Dana Barret(Sigourney Weaver) and Egon. However, Weaver isn't in the movie that much, and Egon's straight faced attitude ironically makes for a barrel of laughs. Even characters I didn't like(more on that later) had couple of good lines and jokes.

As far as more minor praise, the soundtrack for this movie is flawless. The now iconic Ghostbusters theme tune could genuinely go down as one of the greatest theme tunes of all time; it is that excellent.

What issues do I have with the movie? I take issue with a couple of the characters. Firstly, Whinston. What is the point of this character? He shows up. Makes a decent joke or two. And nothing else. I know this film has a sequel so maybe he'll get more screen time then, but as it is - there are only three Ghostbusters worth talking about, in my honest opinion. Next, the secretary was also pretty dull and useless. Like Whinston, she showed up, made a decent joke or two, and nothing else. There was literally NO point to her being in the film. Like, none. I don't understand why she was here because she contributed negative things to the plot. And finally, the villain. Ghostbusters' villain is not scary; it's not funny; it's not even a decent blend of the two. The villain in Ghostbusters is just plain bad. There is no interest in the character and no likable, charming or frightening qualities to even make them somewhat compelling. Such a weak villain for an otherwise awesome movie.

I'll also say that the action in this movie is very weak. It consists of pointing a stick at a monster. BRILLIANT! No. No it's not. Without the comedy, action sequences in this movie would be remarkably dull and boring and just plain awful. I really wish that A LOT more effort was put into it because that(and a somewhat compelling villain) would have made this movie a 10/10, because it certainly has the ability to go for it.

Overall, I loved Ghostbusters. It was fun, fast, inventive and had a heck of a lot of heart. Sure the antagonist is mediocre and the action leaves you feel unsatisfied, but the main trio of Murray, Akroyd and Ramis help make this movie the comedic classic that it deserves to be. I definitely recommend 'Ghostbusters', and I'll rate this movie 8 'MASS HYSTERIAs' out of 10!
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Casting for this movie is perfect and that's what makes it the classic it is today
Joseph Brennan31 August 2017
First of all the casting for this movie is brilliant bill Murray as the sarcastic one Dan akroyd as the cheery one Harold ramis the smart one and Ernie Hudson as the one who only wants a check one and rick moranis who is an annoying neighbour for Sigourney weaver and the when he gets locked out sequences are classic and no one could ever forget the classic theme by Ray Parker Jr and this will forever be the best ghostbusters movie because the sequel didn't have the same impact as the first one it was still good though
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Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... Mass Hysteria!
one-nine-eighty8 August 2017
3 would-be scientists working at the University are looking into the paranormal and testing students. They get kicked out of practice due to some slightly unethical tests (and the fact that everyone doubts their field of study and thinks they are nuts!) so they decide to go into business for themselves as "Ghostbusters". They create all manner of tools and gadgets in order to hunt for and trap ghosts, expanding their business and eventually recruiting help along the way too. Unbeknownst to anybody a long dead Sumerian deity called Dozer is attempting to make a come back and it's up to the Ghostbusters to put an end to the chaos and evil.

This is one of my favorite films of all time and is a classic film which stands out as one of the best in the 80's. It is filled the rafters with great humour as well as scares and horror a plenty too. As a young boy I was memorized watching this and wanted to be a Ghostbuster! Watching this film back has never disappointing me and I usually find something new which I didn't catch on other viewings. The cast is fantastic and adds much to the success of the featuring Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver all deliver excellent performances. Ivan Reitmen did an excellent job with the film as director balancing the effects with genuine dialogue acting, he let some of the actors improvise their own lines to brilliant effect. I reckon that Ackroyd and Ramis's script was already creative and hilarious but it's not often that you get a director who gives control to some of the stars to do what they do best when they aren't in feature films (most of the main stars were comedic stars on late night American TV shows). Some of the special effects look a little dated nowadays but not all of them, some still stand up as effective and as appealing as they were in the 80's when this was wowing audiences around the world. You have to remember this was before what we consider to be modern CGI so a lot of the effects you see are lessons learned from cinema over the years. As for music or a soundtrack, can you honestly say you've gone through life without hearing Ray Parker Jr's classic titular anthem?!

The success of this film led to cartoons, comics, a sequel, a range of toys, and whole host of moments which still get referenced today.

Family friendly, full of fun, great visuals and soundtrack, memorable to this day, I could write soo many great things about this but I'll end by saying that you really can't go wrong watching this great film!
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Comedy Sci Fi Horror Classic
Takeshi-K30 July 2017
This movie is perfectly cast, perfectly directed and shot, every line, frame, breath is pitch perfect. It is cinematic kismet in a DVD case.

Back when the term mashup meant nothing, this classic comedy Science fiction Horror film stretched technical and imaginative boundaries in ways that rarely, even after many decades, have ever been matched by any other film in any other genre. This movie is so amazing that after seeing the recent 2016 version (vomit in one's mouth) I came back to raise my 8 out of 10 score to a 9.

This movie was made in 1984. It still has better visual and optical effects than the version released 32 years later - the latter movie of course killing the ghostbusters franchise from which it may never be resurrected. Ghostbusters 2 wasn't as good as this movie, but ghostbusters (2016) makes Ghostbusters 2 look like an undead Citizen Kane.

If you are a fan of the latest ghostbusters abomination, and you haven't seen this one, you need to so that you will understand why Ghostbuster fans were so horrified with the latest version.
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Fun horror/fantasy comedy with Murray & Aykroyd (etc.) but a tad overrated
Wuchak10 July 2017
Released in 1984 and directed by Ivan Reitman, "Ghostbusters" chronicles events when three former parapsychology professors (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis) set up shop in Manhattan as a curious specter removal service. Annie Potts plays their secretary while Ernie Hudson hires on as one of the team. Sigourney Weaver appears as the wannabe girlfriend of one of the ghostbusters (Murray) while Rick Moranis plays her geeky neighbor down the hall.

There's always been some confusion about ghosts: Are they the disembodied souls (life forces) of dead people stuck on this plane? Are they 'flashes from the past'? Or are they demons (aka fallen angels or evil spirits) deceiving people into thinking they're 'ghosts'? "Ghostbusters" interestingly addresses all three, sort of, which I found interesting. It's an amusing horror comedy with a classic early 80's cast and soundtrack. The F/X are well-done for the time, although quaint today, which I suppose is part of the movie's charm.

Yet I think the high ratings are largely due to nostalgia because I wasn't entertained nearly as much as I thought I'd be. "Men in Black" (1997) took this prototype and arguably made a better film. Still, "Ghostbusters" is a fun, iconic flick and certainly worth checking out if its attributes trip your trigger.

The movie runs 105 minutes and was shot in New York City & Los Angeles with studio stuff done in Burbank, California. The script was written by Aykroyd & Ramis.

GRADE: B-/C+ (5.5/10)
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Who you gonna call?...Ghostbusters!
stormhawk201812 June 2017
Ghostbusters is quite simply one of my most beloved films of all time. The iconic production is a perfect marriage of a special effects extravaganza with spectacular performances to create one side- splitting gem. Bill Murray is the undeniable star and he's in top form as Dr. Peter Venkman a sly, laid back scientist with deadpan delivery that seems more concerned with dating his pretty client Dana Barrett than actually getting to the bottom of her disturbances. Sigourney Weaver nicely straddles the line between exasperated annoyance and charmed love interest. Bill Murray likewise has great camaraderie with his fellow Ghostbusters Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) and Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis). Those two are also responsible for writing the finely tuned screenplay. It zips, it pops and it never lets up. Ernie Hudson joins them later as Winston Zeddemore. He delivers my favorite quip after the group is blown away by the lightening bolts of an evil entity from another dimension. There is a slew of funny dialogue and Rick Moranis' nerdy portrayal of Louis Tully delivers a lot of it. He's hilarious. "Okay, who brought the dog?" he grins after hearing the growl from the long horned beast hiding in his closet. The spectacular special effects support the story, but they never threaten to overshadow the actors. The technology was state of the art at the time, even earning an Academy Award nomination. But it lost to the mine cart scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Perhaps time has rendered the optics a bit quaint to a modern audience. The sight of that devil dog leaping from the closet and running around the city is the most dicey. But it's the comedic interactions between characters that hold our focus, not the whiz bang appeal of the visual displays. OK so there's that "monster" near the end that dwarfs everything else. When the Destructor of their choosing threatens the city and their very existence, it's memorable. That's the kind of silly moment of brilliance that make you realize you're watching a work of creative genius. Oh yeah. I adore this film.
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A funny and well-done film!
Graydon Booth28 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Ghostbusters is a charming, funny and entertaining film. I initially thought I wasn't going to like it much, but after viewing it, I enjoyed this film a lot. The film is about a 4 men "busting" ghosts. Thats about it for the most part. I can definitely see why people like this film a lot. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

Rating: 8/10 (out of 100): 89%
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Hugely Overrated Crap
NotACritic17 May 2017
This movie is rated highly by a lot of people so I was excited to see it. It was such a letdown. I thought it would be very quirky and humorous while avoiding the common tropes. I was so wrong. It had some things going very very wrong for it. Like the story remains very predictable and there is no thrilling or nail-biting part. But that alone is not enough. A movie maybe very good even if predictable, especially a comedy movie. No sir, this was a stale comedy. The jokes were obvious and lacked humor. They were very clichéd. If you want to save your time, don't watch this film.
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Who you gonna call? The one and only remake necessary.
mark.waltz11 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Poor New York Public Library. The big famous Schwartzman building on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue has been plagued by floods, mutants living in the bowels underneath the city and gang members of the future, not to mention in real life, the oldest book on the world, snooty librarians and over diligent security guards. But long before it became a sanctuary from the eye of the storm in "The Day After Tomorrow", it was the home of some really spooky ghosts, maybe not living inside one of the lions like Ted Ross in "The Wiz", but present none the less.

A huge blockbuster when first released, it was a triumph for "Saturday Night Live" veterans Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, along with Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson as the team of spook hunters, Sigourney Weaver as their first client, Rick Moranis as her pesky next door neighbor, and Annie Potts as their wisecracking Eve Arden like secretary. Weaver gets a glamorous role that is a total contrast to her character in "Alien", utilizing sly and subtle comedy as she deals with trained comics who obviously showed her a thing or two.

While everyone is great, Murray is the major scene stealer, and it's easy to see why for a while, he was one of the most sought after actors in films. " He slimed me" couldn't be funnier coming from anybody else. Ackroyd does a variety of his familiar Saturday Night Live characterizations, but Murray has a way of delivering lines that has a greater impact. Ramis, a funny guy in his own right, plays the role completely straight, but it's insinuated that something's going on between him and the cynical Potts.

Along with that bouncy title song and vintage New York location shots, there are some terrific special effects and some amusing references to social trends of the time. Back in 1984, if you weren't entering Indiana Jones' temple of doom or warning Zach Galligan about "Bright light, bright light", you were shoutin' "I ain't afraid of no ghost!" A sequel wasn't horrible, but a recent ripoff of the original was justifiably criticized. This was original in every way, and no modern update could improve on that. Calling "Remake Busters!"
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Pros and Cons of Ghostbusters
snorlax31119848 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers

1. This movie justly has a reputation for being one of the funniest movies of the 80's. That's mostly for great one-liners, particularly from Venkman, but the movie has a lot of funny visual moments like Venkman and Egon backing away from Ray after his proton pack is turned on or Egon getting a high PKE meter reading on a man in the hotel and touching him to see if he's a ghost.

2. Ghostbusters earned a well-deserved Oscar nomination for Visual Effects. After nearly 33 years the special effects still look relatively good today.

3. Ray Parker Jr. earned an Oscar nomination for the movie's theme song but the other songs are great as well: Cleaning Up The Town, Magic and Saving The Day are tunes well worth listening to. Leonard Bernstein composed a fine music score. I especially liked Dana's theme. Bernstein would go on to compose the score for Ivan Reitman's next film, Legal Eagles and his Legal Eagles score sounded like leftover Ghostbusters score.

4. Most people claim Venkman as their favorite Ghostbuster and understandably so but my favorite is Winston. He has a level-headed quality that is a nice contrast to the others. He may not have all the one-liners like Venkman but he couldn't ask for a better final line: "I Love This Town!"

5. Yes, Walter Peck had good reason to suspect the Ghostbusters equipment might be dangerous but the fact remains that he could have saved New York a lot of trouble by keeping the ghost trap on. Peck lost all credibility when he told the mayor that completely fabricated story about Ghostbusters using hallucinogenics to make people think ghosts are real. God is it a joy to see Stay-Puft goop splat all over Peck.

6. Great to see a brief appearance by the future Carl Winslow: Reggie Val Johnson

7. Best Line:

Winston: Ray, when somebody asks if you're a god you say YES!


1. Venkman tells Janine to stop staring at him with her bug eyes but he was talking to her. If you talk to somebody they are going to be looking at you when you're talking.

2. So what happened to the library ghost? Did the library workers just pretend nothing every happened?

3. Since Dana is a professional cellist, it's a shame we never actually hear her play.

4. What's with Slimer attacking the audience? What did we ever do to him?
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Classic Fun filled Ride
its_NICK224 April 2017
If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call ?? Huh Ans- GHOSTBUSTERS !!! This movie is all about entertainment. Story is about 3 paranormal professors venkman, Ray & egon . movie begins with venkman running some unethical experiment on students . After being kicked out from university , they stared a new kinda business & named themselves Ghostbusters. Their adventures begins from a hotel , there they successfully captured a ghost using their machines. Their business got boost up & they re now saviour of New yorkers from ghosts. Dana experiences paranormal incidents & went to them . An ancient sumerian monster trying to enter this world , Dana's building is the gateway . can Team Ghostbuster be able to save Dana & whole city ? for this reason u have watch the movie Nothing more to say ... This is another wonderful gift from 80's Hollywood. Special effects, cinematography really good. Go watch the movie if u haven't watched it yet..
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Prepare yourselves for the coming of Gozer, in this timeless masterpiece of cinematic macabre!
Idiot-Deluxe6 March 2017
Ghostbusters is one of the most original and beloved films of all time, with it's unbeatable combination of sly humor and electrifying action, barring an inferior sequel and a questionable re-make, there's no other movie remotely similar and for over three decades it's stood the test of time, as a lasting tribute to the exceptional people who created it. If one had to place this one-of-kind movie into a category, it would have to labeled as an "action-comedy", because that's what this film undoubtedly brings to your screen - in massive quantity. Upon it's release in June of 1984 Ghostbusters was instant smash hit and still today is regarded as one of the best and most imaginative movies ever created, having both universal appeal and a timeless sense of charm.

So whats it all about? Ghostbusters revolves around three struggling hack-scientists and their unique specialty service, surely a niche-market, of "Supernatural Elimination" which they offer to the people of New York City. Along the way expect to see the likes of a beautiful cellist and a nerdy accountant to become inseparably intertwined in the story, a story which plays out in a most unusual and colorful series of events, that indelibly sew the threads that which forms the fabric of this wickedly funny and off-beat tale of the supernatural. The cast of Ghostbusters (which boasts not one, but two SNL alumni) is sheer perfection and it would seem impossible for the movie to be cast any better then it was. But perhaps on even an higher level of perfection is the movies script, which is a masterpiece screen-writing (primarily the work of main-man Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis), that endows the movie with an incredible abundance of the most singularly distinctive dialog ever written for the movies; and because of this superlative level of writing talent Ghostbusters, to my way of thinking, is -by far- the most quotable movie ever.

When speaking of the human talent that's behind this exceptionally witty masterpiece of the macabre, it's cast takes full advantage of a near-perfect script and deliver their performances with an infectious, often exhilarating, level of energy. The end result is a film that simply works well on all levels and it's cast of oddball characters instills the film, ever so potently, with a one-a-kind vibe that no other movie has matched. Ghostbusters is unquestionably a first-rate comedy, but it also so much more than that. But back to it's script and all the sparkling Aykroydian-genius that's behind it, but not even with a script of this caliber did all of it's ideas pan out. As proof of this, if you've seen the out-takes of this film, it appears that Bill Murray completely rewrote the first of the two scenes where they're in Danna Baretts apartment; in which the original dialog is terribly awkward and was wisely replaced with something much better (which I think results in one of the most charming scenes in the movie). "They hate this (piano keys tinkling) that right boys it's Dr. Venkman!" - as well as few other scenes that didn't make the final-cut at all.

Not surprisingly for a movie that revolves around ghosts or more accurately the capturing or "busting" of ghosts, there's a lot of special effects work to speak of and the sheer quality and quantity of FX is just another part of the grand sum that is Ghostbusters. Had the movies effects not been so brilliant, well then it stands to reason that the movie simply would not have been as brilliant either. The type of effects one can expect to see in vast quantities are photographic effects, aninmatronic puppets, models and miniature work, and I think there may also be a little stop-motion magic worked into the mix. Not to forget all the great stunts and remarkably effective practical effects which are showcased throughout the film, these effects were created by means of compressed air, wires, mist machines and a lot of pyro-technics - my favorite among them literally involves a ton of shaving cream, which was dropped from a great height. As with with all other aspects of this movie, the effects have aged very well. Also there are some impressive sets to speak of such as the earthquake-simulating set and the spectacular astral gate set.

Ghostbusters, not JUST a feast for the eyes, the late-great Elmer Bernstein would go onto compose his best and most experimental film score of his storied 50-year career, which is ultimately an inspired masterpiece of film composition. Bernstein's grand musical vision was brought to life by a standard full orchestra, AND was further accented -to brilliant effect- by the "ondes martenot", a rare electric instrument of French origin, whose tone does not sound entirely unlike that of a Theremin. This rarely used instruments (unless your Elmer Bernstein, he would go on to over-use it in future works) ethereal intonation was the perfect choice for creating the movies "musical ghosts" and it's unique coloring adds immensely to the overall feel of the film. Also when speaking of Ghostbusters one cannot fail to mention it's iconic and universally known theme song, a brilliantly catchy pop number with fantastic lyrical writing and singing, that which was written and performed by Ray Parker Jr. - but yet thee ole' Hughie Lewis (winner of the law-suit) may tell you differently.

So if you are one of the many who saw Ghostbusters 30th anniversary re-release in the theaters, not but a few years ago, or have seen the newest Blu-ray version of the film. I think you'll agree that time has proved to be kind, irrelevant even, to this seminal classic of the supernatural. In fact you might say that Ghostbusters is ETERNAL, a testament to it's well-tested and long-standing appeal and popularity for which the reasons are as numerous, as they are well-founded. And for this reviewer, the only other movie I'd rather find myself watching is - Evil Dead II.
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A Comedy Classic!
Junior Bronson11 February 2017
This movie is an absolute classic! It still holds up today, has amazing comedic talent in almost every role, and is pretty much universally loved for very good reason. Even today, 30 years later, everyone loves Ghostbusters. Even it's Ray Parker Jr theme song is still loved.

It's obviously a rather silly story but the cast does great with it, and if you go into the movie just expecting to have a great time and to laugh you won't be disappointed. I've seen it probably eight times and still find it just as funny today as I did the first time I watched it.

Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis (rest in peace), Rick Moranis (I love Louis Tully!), Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson all shine, but most especially Bill Murray in a role he was born to play.

The sequel's not nearly as good but is still quite funny and worth watching. The remake I did not like at all, other than a funny and visually stunning opening scene.
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So Much Fun/Such Great People
Hitchcoc1 December 2016
If one could get his or her tongue any farther into their cheek, I don't know how it is possible. Here we have the Second City people and they play this for everything it's worth. No one really ever asks why these ghosts have appeared or why Ghostbusters exists. It is taken for granted. Of course, they have all these machines that are based on some made-up scientific principles. But who cares? The movie is really a series of hilarious encounters among the characters and their effort to rid New York City of the threat. Bill Murray is the wise cracking leader of the group with sidekick Dan Aykroyd following suit. Sigourney Weaver supplies the female interest and then there are the amazing special effects. This is a sojourn into utter craziness with an almost Marx Brothers kind of mentality. I always get kick out of this movie. Rick Moranis is also a great character, unflappable to the end.
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Did I miss something?
doug_hile20 November 2016
Is it just me? Am I mistaken?? I have looked to see if anyone else noticed,,, but,,, Wow,,, that SURE looks like Rutger Hauer as one of the guys in the jail cell when the GBs are thrown into the clink. If it IS,, he should get an honorable mention at least as well as Ron Jeremy. OK OK,, not a big thing, but significant, maybe only to me, but since I need to run up the line count to make this review valid, then I guess it needs to be a Big Deal. Rutger? Are you listening? Hit me back,, email, or FB page will be fine. All these memories will be lost in time, if I don't write 'em down, so,,, here it is, for what it's worth. Can You Dig It? I KNEW That You Could.
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Disappointing and Flat Upon a Rewatch
keithbrown-9019512 September 2016
Something about this movie doesn't really gel for me anymore. It definitely used to be a movie I loved. I remember having a lunchbox with the logo on it. I remember even loving the second one. My latest rewatch of this was one of the strangest and flattest experiences I've had with a previously beloved movie.

I'll start with the biggest gripes: firstly, it's sloppy. Winston is an almost comical afterthought, and the whole absurd (and hastily dropped) story line with Peck is shoehorned into the movie because they'd written themselves into a corner with no way of linking the story line with Sigourney Weaver into the main narrative. The earthquake in front of the apartments just before the climax is pointless and only seems to be in the movie so it could reach the allotted running time. Secondly, and it pains me to say this, for the most part I don't find it funny. There are jokes that I enjoy, and Rick Moranis is so, so perfect, but it's just really not what I'm looking for anymore. Finally, I was bored, and that was the most surprising thing to me. In many cases the more I'm familiar with a movie or song the greater my love grows. In this case, it just left me waiting for the parts I thought I liked, which never seemed to come.

This sounds like a pretty negative review. I think that's just the disappointment talking. I didn't hate anything about this. There are scenes and performances that I really like. The ghosts and demons are fun. The theme song is my jam. It was just an empty experience when I thought it would be anything but. Though I certainly would prevent anyone from watching this if they were so inclined. I just wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it to anyone anymore.
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Older is Better
Hollywood_Yoda5 September 2016
The remake of Ghostbusters was much anticipated, but it can never hold a light to the triumph of the original Ghostbusters. Any way you look at it, the original version of Ghostbusters is a classic.

The acting was great, and coming from a generation of comics that knew what they were doing, much better than the remake. The script was superb, very fresh and funny. The action was good too, along with special effects.

Truly one of the finest comedy films of the 1980s. One of Bill Murrays best performances, aside from What About Bob?. Aykroyd and Ramis, who also wrote the script were great together. Rick Moranis was perfect as Louis.

See the best, leave the rest.
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My review for Ghostbusters
arturodv199611 August 2016
For the first time in my life, I watched this film a few weeks ago, and what did I think of it? Well, I can say that I enjoyed this film.

I liked the characters - how they acted, it was funny and entertaining.

I also enjoyed that the city was under attack by a powerful force, and it was up to the Ghostbusters to stop the evil.

And yes, the classic music that everyone already knows, is still catchy to this day.

My final thoughts:

This was a fun movie and I think you would like it. Another great classic film from the 80s.
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