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18 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

everything you want it to be

Author: roon_baboon from london: United Kingdom
6 May 2006

i've read some bad comments about this film on this site, mainly from people who i think took even the first film rather too seriously. this is a brilliant piece of absurd 80's action, dutifully modelled on the superb death wish series. the "street punks" are one of the best features and resemble the b*****d offspring of the warriors and mad max 2. the exterminator himself spends most of the film going berserk with a flamethrower and at one point he operates a rubbish truck armed with remote control machine guns. the action is interspersed with ridiculous love scenes involving a stripper. although i think this film does lack some of the quality of the original i found it just as enjoyable and anyone who can appreciate the death wish series should certainly enjoy this

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13 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

violent vigilante sleaze...

Author: b-man-1 from U.S.A.
4 June 2003

Exterminator 2 (1984) tells the story of Vietnam vet John Eastland, the famous New York flame-thrower wielding vigilante from the first film (The Exterminator (1980)) In this sequel, John meets up with a new friend,Bee-Gee, a garbage man, and then gets a job as a garbage man, and starts to go out with a dancer from a night club. (John's life must be really good!) But, when his dancer-girlfriend is attacked by a ruthless street gang led by X, John decides he must take revenge. This is overall a remake of the first film, directed by Mark Buntzman (who produced the first Exterminator) As a whole, this is not a bad sequel. Original,no. Action packed,no. But it is a fun movie with actor Robert Ginty returning as John Eastland, and one of the first (if not the first) film role by Mario Van Peebles. Also look out for Arye Gross-star of House II:The Second Story. The movie appeared that it could have been very violent and fairly gory like the first one, but this seems unfortunately cut and toned down for the R-rating. They should have made another exterminator movie...

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15 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Vet strikes back!

Author: irsheyes from U.S.
25 April 2002

Just like John Rambo this movie captures a vet pushed past his limit but this time in an urban massacre film. I saw this film as a teenager in the 80's. I always appreciated the straight forward good guy kills bad guy with minimal exposition way of the 80's.

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11 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Exterminator 2

Author: Rautus from United Kingdom
23 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Exterminator 2 isn't that bad, it's a great low budget vigilante flick. It's got action, violence and more of the Flamethrower, in the first movie he only used it once and that was just to scare someone while in Exterminator 2 he uses the Flamethrower to kill. The film sees John Eastland still being a vigilante known as The Exterminator but he's also now got a girlfriend who dances at a club, meanwhile a gang is trying to take over the streets and the leader's name is X, John Eastland soon meets up with another old Vietnam war buddy. Soon after killing X's brother he wants revenge and after following him they cripple his girlfriend, John and his friend then go out to get revenge for this so after capturing one of the members they plan an attack by turning the garbage truck into a fully armed battle tank. John then must take on X and his gang before they take control of the streets in New York.

Exterminator 2 is a great sequel to the 1980 classic The Exterminator. Check it out. 10/10

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9 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

One of the cheesiest action flicks I've ever seen.

Author: panamajaq04 from the Bay Area, California
25 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've never seen the first "Exterminator". I hear it's actually a really good movie. If that's true, then it is nothing like it's sequel, "Exterminator 2". To call "Exterminator 2" an awful movie would be generous. But, it would be a lie to say that I didn't enjoy watching it.

I was channel surfing one night, and I felt like I just had to see an 80's action movie. You know the feeling? Anyway, I searched through the channels for anything starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (still can't believe he's the governor of my state!), Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, or Chuck Norris. Instead, I found "Exterminator 2".

So I start watching this. In the movie, a bunch of street punks rob a store, murdering the store owners in the process. The punks make their getaway, but suddenly - a guy pops out of nowhere with a flamethrower and torches them! And I'm thinking "Woa! Awesome to the max, dude!" Even though I hadn't seen the first movie, I caught on to the plot quickly. Why? Because there is no plot. Just this dude with a flamethrower running around setting bad guys on fire, with the help of his garbage man sidekick. The bad guys want to take over the city, by the way (and they also wear hilarious looking costumes - you'll have to go to a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to see people in more ridiculous outfits). Best of all, "Exterminator 2" is set to delightfully corny synth music. You'll have that stupid theme tune stuck in your head for days.

There are a couple of scenes that drag on and on; I wanted to shout "Get on with it!" during these parts. And also


the end of the movie is depressing. Other than that, "Exterminator 2" is a thoroughly enjoyable picture. That is, if you are in the mood for something dreadful.

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12 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

One of the Greatest Films of All Time!

Author: Bob Fingerman from New York City
15 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, that got your attention.

I think what some of the other armchair critics here are missing is that this film is hilarious. Okay, it's inadvertent. And if you're looking for quality plotting, acting, writing, directing, character development, etc., etc., then look elsewhere. But if you want to be entertained, watch this compendium of every hackneyed cliché of the '80s and enjoy.

This flick has baddies dressed like the dinner theater cast of The Road Warrior (remember when urban gangs were running around in black leather pants, suspenders, sporting cut up tires and massive shoulder pads? Me either). Come on, folks, lighten up. This thing has break dancing. Poppin' and lockin'. A totally gung-ho, perpetually upbeat black sidekick (who gets killed, naturally). Oh, I'm sorry. Was that a spoiler? As if. The soundtrack is throbs with deliriously derivative synth music. Then there's the Exterminator's gal pal, an `I've come to conquer Broadway' hoofer who's paying her dues doing sub-Flashdance-esque numbers at a club. So of course just before her big B'way audition she gets the Jeff Gillooly treatment across the shins by the revenge-seeking ne'er-do-wells. `I'm sorry, but she'll never dance again.'

For all you geography buffs, thrill to the jumps between New York (where the flick is ostensibly set) and Los Angeles (where the flick is ostensibly not set), often within the same sequence. That garbage truck the Exterminator and his pal drive really puts on the miles. Plus, you get to see Arye Gross doing his impression of a street tough. John Turturro is in this baby. But the best is Mario Van Peebles. You'll want a slice of pineapple to go with all that ham. Delicious.

So, yes, if you want a stirring piece of urban action, look elsewhere. But if you can groove on the `one from column A, one from column B' identikit approach to formula fare, look no further. As an action movie, it blows. But it's funnier than any parody could be

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6 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Who you going to call? The Exterminator!

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
12 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Johnny Long is back to doing what he does best and that's cleaning up the New York streets of its scum. This time he's all geared up with the flame-thrower set on exterminate. When he's not flaming street gangs. He spends time with his dancer girlfriend and that of an old army buddy. Although things get real personal, when Johnny's girlfriend is brutally beat up by a power hungry gang lord of the streets, known as X. This really tips Johnny over the edge and drives him to revenge.

Don't you just hate when you get through watching a movie to realise it was heavily cut, as it doesn't go as long as it's advertised on the video case (which by the way has a great cover art work). Well, that was the case here and I couldn't hide my disappointment of it. I'm not a massive fan of the original, but I was still interested in seeing the sequel after reading how much crueler and nihilistic it is in its actions. Sure, that would have been great, that's if I saw it that way, but I didn't. The deaths scenes were cut down and some (like the always mentioned subway scene and Johnny's girlfriend beat-up in the park) I didn't even get to see. Those moments where choppy as hell and had me going "What on earth just happen?!" Even the film's final standoff between X (a dreadfully juicy turn by Mario Van Peebles) and Johnny Long comes on too early in the story and then drags on for ages. Until it meets its murky conclusion.

In all, it's a very inferior sequel that turns into an embarrassingly, vapid cheese-fest in the tradition of the Death Wish sequels (… namely part 3). There's no foot grounded in reality compared to the original and it comes off like an action comic fantasy. Thanks to Peebles and his laughable bunch of roaches. Robert Ginty (and his placidly stiff nature) is back as Johnny the Vietnam VET turned vigilante. On this occasion he brought with him his welder helmet and the trusty old flamethrower (the iconic picture found on the poster of the original) to clean up the dirtily decayed and crime-riddled streets. When he gets mad. Vicious punks and petty thieves better watch out! As he appears from nowhere (like a ghost) to wipe the floor. How they don't notice someone dressed like this until its to late, goes beyond me. Imagine the noise he would be make carrying all of this and how hard it would be to swiftly maneuver with it!

The mangled story is basic and skips a lot stuff that happened in the original and heads its own direction… well kind of… ah, yeah its derivative. How could the cops go from knowing who the exterminator is at the end of the first feature to be at square one in the follow up? Who knows? I don't. While, there's nothing much else going on in the thin material to derail the main focus off Ginty's character and emotional build up. Still cluttering up the pace are redundant fillers (give me some break dancing) and an over-plus of scene-stealing Van Pebble posing and preaching his "He is the street" speeches. Just proving how much of a bad-ass he is. Poor Van Pebble, because he comes across as extremely wretched and too fruity looking to invoke that presence.

Mark Buntzman's no-nonsense direction is ineptly junky (great campy slow-mo pieces), but he makes decent of the gritty and beat up look of the New York surroundings. It's not as prominent, say like the original, but Bob Baldwin's grounded photography gives it that rough edge. On the other-hand, the progressively clunky score by David Spear is a manipulative piece of mess. There's an explicit vibe created, but sadly its more comic style than nastily exploitive. Nonetheless it's still fun and creative in its set pieces.

There are moments of ridiculously stupid and roistering fun evident, but make sure you get your hands on the uncut version.

P.s. Watching the uncut version (shockingly on Pay TV?!) was a much better experience. The subway sequence was rather unsettling. Shonky, but amusing comic action.

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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

great taste, less filling

Author: Scott from Modesto from the Berkeley Marina
19 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original Exterminator is, as far as I'm concerned, an absolute classic of 80s exploitation films. It was cheesy, yeah, it was gratuitous. It had charm. That's what I liked about it. Exterminator 2 is far less satisfying. Viewed on its own I suppose it's somewhat decent but as part of the franchise it really gets lost in so much of the other cheap action video garbage of its time.

Robert Ginty was really underused. Instead we get Frankie Faison overused as the friendly garbage man who turns vigilante to help John Eastland rid the streets of scum later in the film, and his role is rather fluffy--a wisecracking, street smart black guy with a heart of gold. How original. Mario Van Peebles, on the other hand, pretty much makes the movie as 'X'--the leader of a street gang who aspires to hold the five boroughs by the short hairs. He's a raving maniac with a soft spot for his "brothers," plus he wears some really rad Road Warrior clothes.

At least you get to see Ginty be really badass in one scene where he beats the tar out of a thug and terrorizes him by putting him in the back of Frankie Faison's garbage truck. And, man, does he ever rock that garbage truck up for the final showdown. It gets a makeover complete with armor-plating, a snowplow-of-death, a rotating machine gun, and hubcaps from hell. That was pretty cool. The rest of the movie? Meh. Did't win me but good for some mild entertainment.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Cheesy and sleazy fun.

Author: Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) from Canada
13 April 2013

"Exterminator 2" brings back the great Robert Ginty as flamethrower wielding vigilante John Eastland, but has nowhere near the impact as the first film. That's not to say that it's not enjoyable, but overall it's silly stuff.

Directed by Mark Buntzman, who produced the first film, it sees Eastland start to date an exotic dancer named Caroline (Deborah Geffner) and make friends with an outgoing garbageman named Be Gee (the excellent veteran character actor Frankie Faison). Eastland agrees to take on a job as a garbageman (!), but finds his happiness threatened by the activities of a street gang led by the fiendish "X" (Mario Van Peebles, in a breakthrough role). Of course, Eastland has already been up to his old tricks by torching various criminal scum, but is he going to be ready for this particularly sadistic gang?

The viewer can have an interesting time checking out the early appearances by actors who would go on to become busy and recognizable if not famous: Irwin Keyes, Arye Gross, Thomas Calabro, and John Turturro, who has a bit. The gang members basically come across as cartoons and there's a certain goofy quality to a lot of the dialogue, performances, and situations. (If nothing else, the audience may find "Exterminator 2" laughable enough to be entertaining.) The music is also particularly amusing, providing the perfect accompaniment for assorted violent goings on. Ginty is reasonably engaging although his character of Eastland was a more compelling individual the first time. Faison is superb and shows off a natural charisma. And Van Peebles makes the most of his demented & depraved role, making for a pretty good antagonist.

Especially entertaining is seeing Ginty turn Faisons' garbage truck into an assault vehicle and watching the final cat-and-mouse chase between hero and villain. There's plenty of characters going up like Roman candles to keep the viewers interested.

All in all, this is decent enough, and it might be worth watching it along with, say, "Death Wish II" and/or "Death Wish 3" for a dose of vigilante vs. gang escapism.

Six out of 10.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Not a great film but its an Interesting Curiosity for Film buffs

Author: emran222 from Australia
21 July 2011

The First Exterminator film is a cult classic among fans of Revenge and exploitation flicks, however this film for a long time was not, until just recently, Exterminator 2 (1984) Is an interesting film because it didn't turn out like it should have, According to many fans and sources it was meant to be a follow up in the same gritty style of its predecessor, however the production company wasn't happy with the final product and demanded a entirely new ending involving a larger action scene as well as some other extra scenes to be added to the rest of the film, So apparently there's an entirely different work print version of the film out there, which would be an interesting watch because the version I am reviewing is the version that was Released in theaters and on VHS, we have yet to get a DVD and if we do I hope we get a special edition with both versions of the film and a documentary.

OK the plot of the film is extremely simple, It picks up 3 or 4 years after the original, and "The Exterminator" (Played by Robert Ginty Once again) is back cleaning up the crime ridden streets of new york, however the crime is even more ferocious than ever before, a new gang is on the Streets lead by a psychotic gang leader called "X" (Mario Van Peebles) His plan is basically to take over the entire city of New York by starting to get the public hooked on Drugs and have them join his gang to form an uprising on the entire city.

Now first thing You'll notice is the film's tone is completely different It's no longer dark and gritty and it has more in tone with the MAD MAX movies, THE EXTERMINATOR now wears a welding mask and burns crooks with a flamethrower, the film is still very violent (Depending on which version you get) But its more action oriented, however the problem is the action is not that good, every scene is mashed together and just barely makes sense, The Acting is probably the worst thing about the film, all the actors just seem bored and the punks are just over the top silly, and i don't blame them, the writing in this film is some of the worst ever, and the musical score is just laughable it sounds like it was composed for an old SEGA genesis/mega-drive game, even for its time it was bad, however it could've been good if they had better production values on the film, which is another major problem, the film's budget was extremely low and it dwarfs my mind on why that is, the first film was a financial success so you'd think they would give a bigger budget for the sequel, but this is produced by GOLAN GLOBUS after all so its expected, but even for them it was still low budget being made for only $3 million when they made other films for 5 to 10 million dollars.

Now after Ripping pretty hard on this film, I gotta give it some slack because in some strange and screwy way it was entertaining, Because When Watching it you can't help but think "You Know this could've been a Great Idea for a Comic Book" Indeed this film's tone is not far from the truth it has that comic book feel, even the Cover and poster art makes you think so, Not only that The main villain "X" Is hilariously entertaining to watch, he hams up the role just enough not to annoy you, And the final Action scene is cool, it involves an armored Garbage truck with guns,rockets and a snow plow attached to the front going through gang members, so this film Does have its entertainment value But Its more of an interesting curiosity to film buffs because of its history, so i suggest checking it out for Curiositys sake.


BTW: Make sure you get the U.S version of this film, as its censored heavily in most parts of the world.

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