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Ah Chi (Leung Kar Yan) is obsessed with the martial arts and more often than not his kung fu antics get him into trouble. His fight with a local tough guy, who turns out to be a henchman of Boss Hsia (Eddie Kao), forces his master to expel him from his gym.

Chi, masterless and working for a fishmonger, meets a crafty kid (Wong Yat Lung) whose uncle Chow Tung (Chien Yuet San) is a master of the Insane Mantis Fist. Though the crochety old man refuses to teach Chi his technique, Chi learns what he can in secret. After yet another battle with Hsia's henchman, the battered Chi is adopted by Chow Tung. But when Hsia and his lackeys kill both Uncle Chow and the fishmonger, Chi is driven into a cannibalistic rage!!

(Taken from VHS box.)
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