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"A Love of Uiq": Félix Gutattari's Unfilmed Script

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“There will soon be nothing more than self-communicating zombies, whose lone umbilical relay will be their own feedback image – electronic avatars of dead shadows perpetually retelling their own story.” —Jean Baudrillard in Telemorphosis Around 1979 the American filmmaker Robert Kramer and the French schizo-analyst Félix Guattari started working together on a film about two Italian fugitives from the Italian Autonomia Movement, Latitante. The film, which was to star Pier Paolo Pasolini's regular actress Laura Betti, was meant to be a sort of first person collective reflection on the finitude and fragility of the body, “opposing the enormous weight of things-as-they-are, systematically defined by vast power.” A film about the intimacy of resistance. Somewhere along the way the film morphed into a significantly different creature, the science fiction flick A Love of Uiq, a formal shift (sub)consciously informed by the wider political changes taking place off screen: from the grand
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Upcoming Film Series at the Goethe-Institut L.A. Includes Some Rarely Seen Works

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Goethe Institut's upcoming Wednesday night film series will begin this Wednesday, September 2nd. The screenings will precede the opening of the touring exhibition Brilliant Dilletantes - Subculture in Germany in the 1980s.

Take a look at the full schedule Here

There are some films in the line-up that are almost never screened, including the first four films in the series. The horror-mystery-sci fi feature "Decoder" is a long-established underground cult favorite with William Borroughs playing a role as “The old man."

The Short experimental program Berlin Super 80 highlights several underground filmmakers working in Berlin from 1978-1984.

Uli Edel (Director and writer of “The Baader-Meinhof Complex”) is scheduled to appear for a rare screening of his film "Christiane F." (in German With English Subtitles), and Rainer Kirberg’s "Die Letzte Rache” ("The Last Revenge”) is a truly intriguing “neo-expressionist” gem.

The program also includes a recent film titled "Punk!" ("Tod den Hippies!! Es lebe der Punk"), which opened in Germany earlier this year and aligns with the sensitivities of the rest of the showcase.

All screenings are free!
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2012 Wndx Festival Of Moving Image: Official Lineup

The 7th annual Wndx Festival of Moving Image, in addition to the fest’s usually fantastic lineup of new experimental film and video, is presenting a virtual smorgasbord of special events. So, be on the look out for them as they completely take over the city of Winnipeg on Sept. 26-30.

The fun kicks off on Sept. 26 with the debut of “Situated Cinema,” a roving microcinema created by Thomas Evans and Craig Rodmore that will screen at different venues throughout the entire festival. The opening night will take place at Raw Gallery and feature five films curated by Solomon Nagler that will connect viewers with their environment. The filmmakers presenting work at this unique screening experience are Heidi Phillips, Alexandre Larose, Caroline Monnet, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof and Alex MacKenzie.

Another fantastic multi-part special event at Wndx will be hosted by underground film historian Jack Sargeant, the world’s foremost authority on Beat Cinema.
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