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Index 43 reviews in total 

53 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

The best of the sword and sorcery flicks!

Author: rlcsljo from Hollywood, ca
1 May 2000

This movie is packed with everything you would expect in a sword and sorcery film(except explicit sex)!

There are twenty-five breast shots, twenty-seven butt shots, six sword fights, fifteen impalings, two amputations, one arrow in the neck, three beheadings, on horse dragging, one eye-candy, one finger food, one mud wrestle, one pig face, one magical trans sexual operation, two bitch slappings, one crotch stabbing, one head smashing, and one draw and quartering.

It doesn't get much better than this!

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38 out of 44 people found the following review useful:

Whatever happened to family movies?

Author: caspian1978 from Boston, MA
12 March 2001

WOW ! If there ever was such a thing called a "guy movie" this is it. Deathstalker is one of few films that includes sword fighting, nudity, mud wrestling, full frontal nudity, and mid evil characters that talk like they're from New Jersey! You got to love it. Take my advice and rent this flick, buy a six pack and a pizza and lock the doors. This is one worth watching if you just broke up with your girl friend.

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20 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Fantastically bad!

Author: BrickNash from United Kingdom
28 November 2008

Firstly let's not beat around the bush! This is a low budget, and I mean LOW budget fantasy film. Right now if you accept that then this film is great fun. Especially for a bunch of guys to watch with a few beers. The film makes no apologies, it's just totally gratuatious with heads flying off all over the place and barely a scene goes by without a good solid flash of naked females. Rape scenes, free sex, mud wrestling, magic, swords, muscles, blood it's all in there.

As a film it is nowhere near the quality of Conan The Barbarian, but it's one of these films you don't watch expecting to be moved to tears (Except by laughter!) Overall a fantastically bad fantasy epic that film snobs should avoid at all costs but everyone else should give a bash on those Saturday nights in with the mates.

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23 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Great Film

Author: doctorindyj from Santa Fe, NM
1 December 1999

Well first off if you are expecting Ben-Hur you better not watch this film. It is an interesting film in and of itself and has some interesting prospects. And hey you got to like the humor when the Bad Guy turns his henchman into Barbie Benton. Its not oscar material folks, but then did you expect it to be? Bottom line, if you're bored, you are having a bunch of guys over to the house or dorm to drink and watch movies or just want to kill a couple of hours then by all means watch this movie!!!

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18 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

One boobie, two boobies, four boobies, six boobies, eight...

Author: (Vomitron_G) from the Doomed Megalopolis of Blasphemous Technoids
12 February 2008

Woosh…! Man… What can I say...?

The opening-scene, maybe? We see a bunch of mongoloid-barbarians with bad make-up jump off the walls of some ruins. They sneak around and attack some dude with a scantily clothed captive girl. The dude runs off, the mongoloids follow him and one of them stays behind seemingly to rape the girl, but instead he exposes one of her breasts and kidnaps her. Then, the dude (still on the run) sees a horse and tries to steal it. Suddenly… a blond god-like looking hero with a bad wig appears, saying "That's my horse!". The Mighty Deathstalker just made his appearance. The mongoloids arrive, Deathstalker kills all of them (including the dude) on the tunes of some rather inappropriate Mexicanos western score (this is supposed to be a Swords & Sorcery flick, so what's with the 'arriba-trompettos'?), and then goes up to Captive Girl and exposes both her breasts. He starts to rub them and Captive Girl seems to like it. She starts liking her lips and caressing Deathstalker. Just when they are about to get down to it, this old dude appears, interrupting what could have been the end of a perfect day for Deathstalker (and a possible perfect ending for a short-film).

Now tell me… Isn't that the point where either a feminist would angrily switch off the movie, or any other male viewer would say "This is going to be one hell of a good movie!" The plot is as simple as throwing a kitten from the balcony: Deathstalker must obtain the Sword of Justice and use it to steal the Amulet of Life and the Chalice of Magic from the evil sorcerer Munkar.

Aside from decapitations, dismemberment, random bloodshed, retarded fist fights and embarrassing sword fights, this film also contains a massive amount of t!ts & a$$ shots. I initially wanted to add one extra point to this movie for each gratuitous shot of naked boobies I could count. After 9 points (not even halfway into the movie), I had to give up counting. It was distracting me from the rest of the movie. And the rest of the movie was worth it. Totally crazy stuff. Check out this mutant cat/worm-like creature Munkar has as a pet and which he feeds eyeballs and fingers. And here's an interesting question: What would you do if a man in a woman's body would enter your bedroom and try to kill you with a knife? The answer is simple: You slap him around a bit, take away the knife and then try to rape him. Then you discover that he's actually not a woman, so you throw him out of your bed and tell him to leave your room. It works out well, I tell you. Deathstalker does it too, and the Deathstalker-way, is the right way!

DEATHSTALKER is a wonderful movie, really, as pointed out in other comments. The villains are vile. The women are delicious. There's blood, sex, violence, rape and tasty chicken. There's a completely pointless tournament which just features a bunch of barbarians beating, slashing and hacking the crap out of each other. My favorite weapon used in that tournament was a giant wooden hammer, used to beat a poor contender to bloody pulp. And my favorite contender undoubtedly was that one brute with the Warthog-head (reminiscent of the Gamorrean Guards from RETURN OF THE JEDI). I won't reveal how the movie ends, but just prepare to ravish in delight when I tell you a 4-way dismemberment is thrown into the movie's climax.

And of course, there's a wonderful display of ineptitude throughout the whole movie. See a guy being dragged behind a horse over a dirt road, and the next point-of-view shot shows him being dragged over grass (no road). See that awesome tattoo on the sorcerer's head magically change sides within the same scene (on shot has it on the left side of his head, the other on the right). Well, after all, Munkar is a magician. It's that, or this movie was shot in an alternate universe where things like "continuity" simply don't exist.

As much as I enjoyed this and as much as I am looking forward to the other 3 installments in this series, I do have enough shreds of decency left in me to not let this movie pass. I am prepared, though, to give it the maximum amount of minimal points, just so I could be able to deduct a couple of more points for the possibly inferior sequels to follow. DEATHSTALKER might be a superbly fun, trashy & sleazy CONAN rip-off, it also is an abominable movie.

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15 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

I just love this type of cheesy B movies!

Author: Prolox from Canada
27 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A warrior named DEATHSTALKER competes in a tournament in order to marry a princess & take over an evil wizard's castle. Along the way, he meets up with several friends, slays several enemies in violent, bloody fashion & makes love to several beautiful women that he also stumbles upon. That's pretty much the plot for the entire movie. I saw this back when I shouldn't have (I was 9 years old) but I never forgot it & just a while ago got the chance to see it again, it still held up well even after all these years & is extremely cheesy, given the overabundance of nudity & violent blood shed, lots of fights, a man is turned into a woman by a sorcerer (Seriously!) monsters, magic, witches, you know that sort of thing that's always in cheesy B movies like this. RICK HILL plays the lustful & at times quiet & withdrawn hero. Strictly for fans who can tolerate this type of movie & that requires having seen a lot & I do mean a lot of, cheesy B movies, because only then will you probably except this for what it is, cheesy B movie entertainment for an hour & twenty minutes & not some overblown, over long, Hollywood driven, Oscar winning material. Followed by three sequels, starting with the more jokey DEATHSTALKER 2: DUEL OF THE TITANS

**** stars

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18 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Deathstalker - He's a real gentleman! - *cough!*

Author: HaemovoreRex from United Kingdom
11 June 2005

This is the first of four movies (so far) to feature the hero/barbarian/rogue character of Deathstalker.

Now when you think of heroes in the Sword & Sorcery genre, they often have, shall we say, somewhat loose morals.....fair enough, as the films are often set in the dark ages or even earlier and we could therefore theoretically suppose that chivalry, at least as we know it today was not exactly in place back then (for that matter does it exist now?!) However, having said this, the heroes do still tend to be basically amiable chaps who adhere to some form of justice and honour.

Take Dar from The Beastmaster for instance, he seems like a really decent chap in fact (as long as you don't get on the wrong side of him - in which case he'd probably slice you in twain!)

The case of the eponymous Deathstalker is rather different however, for here we have a 'hero' who's immoral actions (particularly against women) give the main villain of the film a good run for his money! Yes, it has to be said that in the annals of cinematic good guys, Deathstalker (at least as portrayed in this entry in the series) will hardly be winning any accolades for his chivalry!

Aside from the somewhat unlikeable hero, the film itself starts off in a decidedly disjointed manner.

In fact, the first half of the film is filled with a series of scenes that make very little sense whatsoever! For instance one particularly stupid, pointless scene set in a cave from which our hero must retrieve a magical sword, left my jaw agape at just how ridiculous it was!

Thankfully, the second half of the movie is much better and features some rather exciting fight scenes as our hero battles it out in a gladiatorial contest. There is also a fair amount of gore on display here to, a factor which always ups the enjoyment value in these type of films.

Another positive for the movie (at least from a red blooded males perspective) is the copious amount of nudity displayed by the female cast in this. Hardly a minute seems to go by without a beautiful woman baring her breasts (all in the most gratuitous manner of course!)

Overall then, whilst this film isn't likely to be remembered as a milestone in cinematic history, it does have a few of it's own (B-movie) merits and is certainly not a bad way to spend an hour and a half or so, on perhaps a lazy night in.

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12 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Best reason to see this film: Lana Clarkson

Author: Troy Whigham ( from Florida
28 February 1999

This is the first of a 4-movie series, and it is the best of the lot. Rick Hill does a decent job as a leather-clad adventurer on his way to a warrior's tournament. He comes upon an evil guy dragging a flaxen-haired but dirty-faced slave girl through the woods. He kills the evil guy, frees the slave girl, and she allows him to pull down her filthy slave blouse and kiss her. That's the first nude scene, and it ain't much.

A bit later Rick has teamed up with another warrior and an older gentlemen also on their way to the tournament. They come upon some soldiers ransacking a farm, and in a decent fight scene they manage to kill the soldiers and rescue the family before moving on. Later that night they realize that they are being followed, so Rick's buddy scouts out into the darkness. He finds Lana Clarkson wearing little else than a mask, a robe, and a pair of boots. And a very large broadsword. And brother, am I glad.

When I rented this, the only name I recognized was Barbi Benton, long-time Playboy bunny, Hugh Hefner mansion mistress, and somewhat-famous actress (she even had a top guest starring role on an episode of the original "Love Boat"). The downside is that Barbi doesn't really show us much, er, talent. The real looker is blonde-haired Lana Clarkson, who is very pleasing to the eyes and also knows how to swing that broadsword. Now that's a woman!

As you might have guessed, in an outfit like that Lana was eventually gonna have a soft-porn scene with Rick, which is actually well-done as far as "R" movies go. The scene lasts about as long as it took you to read this paragraph.

They arrive at the castle where the evil king is having a great feast the night before the tournament. As a prelude to the next day's entertainment, he brings out Barbi (who is wearing a sheer white gown) and chains her to a rock at the top of some stairs. The evil king announces that whomever gets to the top can have his way with Barbi. Naturally, our hero wants in on the action, defeats all comers, and upon reaching the top of the stairs has a change of heart and releases Barbi. Such a waste of potential, in my opinion. I think it would've been interesting for Rick to have Barbi, to have Lana get jealous about it, and have her and Barbi duke it out in the tournament bare fisted (and eventually bare-chested), with the winner getting Rick. Oh well. They didn't ask me to make this film.

From there the movie pretty much goes downhill. It's an ugly downward spiral that continues through the next three movies. Lana Clarkson fans will enjoy this film because you can fastforward through the dialogue and get to the nude scenes. Rick Hill fans looking for a good plot will be better off watching him in "I, The Jury" with Armand Assante, where he plays a crazed professional killer who has a thing for redheads.

As for Barbi Benton, get a back issue of "Playboy". She really doesn't contribute much to this film. And I never really cared for her as a model, either.

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10 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

The days of heroes are over

Author: unbrokenmetal from Hamburg, Germany
16 April 2006

The man known as Deathstalker (Rick Hill) is asked by an old king to rescue his daughter from the evil wizard Munkar (Bernard Erhard). Deathstalker rejects this plea saying that the days of heroes are over. But when all sword-fighters of the land are called by Munkar to a tournament, he can't resist...

"Deathstalker" picks up all the clichés of fantasy movies, from wizards and princesses to mystical artifacts with great powers, and it adds a whole lot of sex and violence. Actually that happens to a degree that it gets hilariously funny. For example a giant kills a dwarf with several strokes of a heavy war hammer - and only a bit of blood red mud remains. Or the female warrior Kaira (Lana Clarkson) fights topless throughout the film. Go figure. "Deathstalker" goes w-a-y over the top, the ironical music indicates this was probably intended, and the action scenes are at least better directed than those of all the following flicks.

Lana Clarkson became the "Barbarian Queen". Screenplay writer Howard Cohen went on to script "Barbarian Queen" and "Deathstalker 3". Rick Hill returned for "Deathstalker 4". Executive producer Roger Corman spent another 75 bucks (roughly estimated) on the 3 Deathstalker sequels and "Wizards of the Lost Kingdom", to name but a few. And why not, if "Deathstalker" was a success.

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11 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

A deliciously cheesy chunk of early 80's low-budget sword and sorcery sleaze

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
23 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Muscular blond-maned wannabe heroic scruffy barbarian Deathstalker (the hunky Rick Hill) gets assigned by the all powerful King Tulak to rescue his lovely fair maiden daughter Princess Codille (stunningly beautiful'n'bountiful Playboy Playmate Barbi Benton) from the vile clutches of evil sorcerer Oghris (a delectably hammy performance by Richard Brooker; Jason in "Friday the 13th Part III"). Aiding Deathstalker on his dangerous mission are lecherous wizard Munkar (the funny Bernard Erhard), brawny mercenary Kang (dorky Victor Bo), and feisty warrior babe Kaira (the luscious Lana Clarkson). Director James Sbardellatti, working from a blithely low-brow script by Howard R. Cohen (who also wrote "Unholy Rollers" and "Space Raiders"), loads this delightfully cheap'n'cheesy sleaze exploitation sword and sorcery fantasy romp with a tasty plenitude of gratuitous nudity (both Barbi and Lana bare their hot bods), ineptly staged swordfights, mudwrestling half-naked slave girls, a reasonable amount of bloody violence, a kung-fu fight, and even a huge hulking humanoid pigman freak. Sure, this hilariously dopey dreck definitely ain't no work of sophisticated cinematic art, but it still does the trick just the same as a pleasingly trashy little hoot.

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