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Alternate Versions

Film was heavily cut in the US to avoid an X-rating. The European version, available as an unrated video in the USA, features additional sex scenes.
The Australian version, available on the Roadshow Home Video label, is complete and uncut.
The unrated directors cut runs 112m 37s. The R-rated U.S. theatrical version runs 100m 13s, with numerous MPAA-imposed cuts for sexual content/dialogue and a couple New World Pictures-imposed ones for unknown reasons.
  • 16s of candid opening dialogue are trimmed in the R-rated version. After one of the group members tells Donny Hopper (Bruce Davison), "Fuck you, Hopper," the following lines present in the unrated version are all removed -- Donny: "I do. Every night. Me and my jar of Vaseline. I can fuck any woman I want and I don't even have to make her come." Female group member: "Really? Well, I'd rather get fucked by a vibrator than your cock any day. It's honest, loving, and I don't have to make breakfast for it in the morning." The dirty Adam and Eve joke in Donny's monologue that survives in the R-rated version is pushed up further than it appears in the unrated version, while the main titles are slowed down.
  • In the scene where China Blue (Kathleen Turner) explains to Carl (John G. Scanlon) how she plays the flute and then gives him a blow job, the R-rated version shows it in one long take using alternate footage, with the camera never losing sight of his face as she goes down on him. The unrated version cuts away from him to show two close-up shots of her face next to his crotch, unzipping his bulging jeans and caressing the fly with her hand. These are bookended by an insert shot of an erotic, B&W line drawing, showing in triplicate, a Japanese woman giving a blow job to a Japanese man (who possesses one gargantuan erect penis and testicles). The unrated version of the scene runs 14s longer, because Turner says her lines more slowly.
  • The beginning of the China Blue/Carl aftermath scene uses alternate take footage in the R-rated version, up through the shot of China making a gargle and answering "Miss Liberty." Carl's orgasm is over as he says "fucking incredible" once -- while in the unrated version, he's still having one as he says it twice -- and when he asks China her name, the camera again focuses on him in one long take. In the unrated version, shots of Carl alternate with four shots of China Blue bent down (with very smudged lipstick, as she wipes her mouth) and one shot of her hand turning off the radio. The R-rated version of this runs 14s longer again, mostly because both actors say their lines more slowly.
  • The scene where China Blue's second trick (Pat McNamara) rapes her has been truncated in the R-rated version. It cuts to Reverend Shayne standing outside after one sexual thrust, while the unrated cuts to it after sixteen more thrusts (intercut with five different erotic, color drawings of Japanese men and women engaged in you-know-what) and is 16s longer.
  • An additional 2 thrusts, totalling 2s, have been trimmed from the overhead shot of China Blue's second trick finishing the deed in the R-rated version. The unrated version has music over it, while U.S. theatrical prints have none.
  • In the unrated version, China Blue calls trick #2 "sweetdick," a phrase which he then repeats. The R-rated version overdubs both utterances of the word with "sweetheart."
  • When Reverend Shayne first gets in to see China Blue and tells her he's there to save her, she replies, "Why don't you fuck me, that'll save me" in the unrated version. The R-rated version overdubs the word "fuck" with "fix."
  • China Blue goes on to tell Reverend Shayne that she's "Fit as a fiddle and ready for cock" in the unrated version. The R-rated version overdubs the word "cock" with "love."
  • The R-rated version of the scene where Bobby Grady (John Laughlin) breaks into China Blue's apartment loses 21s of him turning on a wall-mounted TV and her VCR, which plays a porno tape of a man and woman having anal sex.
  • 50s are cut from the R-rated version after Bobby unzips the red panties in China Blue's drawer. The unrated version goes on to show him pulling out a book and opening it up to reveal the same kind of erotic Japanese drawings that were seen during China Blue's rape. Bobby turns the pages, stands up, and confusingly looks back and forth at the TV -- which now shows the man having a threesome with two women and cultimating in one of them -- and the book, before he has a revelation. Later in the film, when Bobby pays his first visit to Joanna's (Kathleen Turner) apartment, he comments on a similar, albeit somewhat less graphic, piece of artwork hanging on her wall, saying that he "saw these a book once." This is left in the R-rated cut, so viewers who've only seen that version won't know where it was he saw it and what book he's talking about.
  • The R-rated version of the shot where China Blue undresses Bobby as they're about to first have sex has 7s trimmed of her unzipping his jeans and starting to remove them.
  • 1m 32s have been deleted from China Blue's and Bobby's first sex scene in the R-rated version -- 15s of them continuing to make out, the remaining 1m 17s of them doing the nasty in silhouette as he demonstrates all the new positions he just learned about in her book.
  • A 2m 37s scene of Bobby and Amy (Annie Potts) having a fight in front of Jimmy and Lisa (Seth Wagerman, Christina Lange) during breakfast was removed from the U.S. theatrical version by New World Pictures, possibly because Amy is extremely unpleasant in it. Bobby gets annoyed at her for pouring maple syrup, which he doesn't like, on his pancakes, she gets annoyed at him for noticing a week after the fact that she got her hair done, and she needles him by insinuating to the kids that he's stupid and useless because he can't plant a garden and doesn't know what strontium 90 means. He finally has enough of her cutting him down, and leaves for work in a huff. This scene appears in the film after the one where Reverend Shayne knocks Bobby down and Bobby and China Blue make amends.
  • New World Pictures broke the Grady family barbecue into two scenes in the U.S. theatrical cut. In that version, they bookend the scenes of China Blue being picked up by Arthur and Claudia (John Rose, Louise Sorel) in a limo and Reverend Shayne stabbing the blow-up doll. In the directors cut, the barbecue appears in its entirety immediately after that scene.
  • The unrated version contains a 3m 38s sequence of China Blue putting on her wig and makeup, picking up a handsome, corrupt cop (Randall Brady) on the streets, taking him back to her place, handcuffing him to her bed while wearing a leather S&M getup, having rough sex with him -- which causes his wrists to get cut up by the cuffs and his legs to get cut up by her high heels -- and grinding his nightstick into his stomach before sodomizing him with it, as Reverend Shayne watches the entire thing from behind his peephole, stroking his missile vibrator up and down. All of this is intercut with one erotic B&W Japanese line drawing -- similar to the one shown during Carl's blow job -- and three blood red-tinted photographs showing policemen in the line of duty. Afterwards, Reverend Shayne lies down and goes to sleep, and she uncuffs the cop and asks if he'd like to take a shower there, as she's got Ivory soap which is 99 44/100% pure (repeating what Bobby said after their first time), but he just spits on her in disgust, and she washes her face off in the sink (echoing what Bobby did after their first time), crying, after he's left. The MPAA refused to give the film an "R" unless this entire scene was removed. However, the shot which follows this -- of China Blue putting on her makeup in the mirror, still crying -- remains in the R-rated version, making it unclear exactly what she's upset about.
  • New World Pictures removed 2m 17s from the scene where Amy goes down to Grady's electronics store to try to rekindle with Bobby, again presumably because Amy is extremely unsympathetic. The theatrical cut of it ends when she tells him, "All I want is my husband." The director's cut continues with her saying that the kids need a father to teach them responsibility, and him telling her he doubts it'll do them any good with the two of them playing a charade in front of them. He lets her know he doesn't want to get back together, and she correctly figures out that he's met someone else, as she can "smell her all over" him. She then returns to her old ways, and starts nagging him about the other woman. After he admits in stride that he's having an affair, she warns him to remember his family and make a choice.
The Anchor Bay special edition DVD, released in 2002, contains six deleted scenes (a couple of which also appear on the LD), cut by Ken Russell for pacing, time and conventionality reasons, and some brief additional dialogue during the China Blue/Adrian car ride. The six scenes, which have optional commentary by Barry Sandler noting why they were removed, are:
  • An additional barbecue scene with Bobby and Donny reminiscing about screwing the loosest girl in high school (whom everyone was lining up to screw). Bobby confesses that he never went through with it, because he had just started seeing Amy. Amy and Sheila (Yvonne McCord) then have a discussion in the garage about unhappy marriages and unexciting lives. Sheila admits that the happiest time of her life was when she left Donny, Amy tells her that Bobby tries so hard to make things work, and Sheila advises her to dump him and stop wasting his time. This was bracketed in the film by the limo scene with China Blue, Arthur and Claudia. (5m 11s)
  • Joanna and Bobby lie in bed post-coitus. She has her doubts about letting her cover down, a fight erupts, and he storms out of her apartment to go stay at Donny's. (2m 3s)
  • Joanna knocks on Bobby's door, as she now needs him. She wants to try again, and he's happy to comply. Appeared in the film after Joanna leaves Ben's (Gerald S. O'Loughlin) and Adrian's (Peggy Feury) house. (1m 4s)
  • Joanna sits in her car, parked outside the Grady family home, so she can see how his other side lives. Amy drives home with Jimmy, tells him to go wait inside, chides Joanna (aware that she's the other woman) for daring to come to her house, and both women spill their guts. Appeared in the film in between the scenes of Joanna slamming the door in Bobby's face after their reconciliation and Amy giving Bobby his old football jersey. (2m 53s)
  • Bobby enters Jimmy's bedroom and helps him with a diorama of the solar system. He tells his son that he's not staying, and Jimmy begs him to, because he promised he would be. Appeared in the film after the scene where Amy gives Bobby his old football jersey. (1m 20s)
  • Bobby shares a drink in a bar with a very drunk Donny. He tells Donny about Joanna and that he just said goodbye to Amy and the kids, before he heads off to see Joanna. Donny then tries and fails to pick up a woman, who's revolted by him. Appeared in the film in the middle of Reverend Shayne's attack on Joanna. (2m 53s) Some versions, such as the Anchor Bay DVD, have the "It's a Lovely Life" video out of sync with the music, and the camera's-eye views of Bobby filming China Blue and Reverend Shayne in B&W (which is how they are in the longform music video), instead of blue-tint. For some odd reason, the DVD removes the New World Pictures copyright ((c)Copyright 1984 New World Pictures All Rights Reserved.) in the end credits, replacing it with a cheap video insert ((c)1984 New World Pictures. All Rights Reserved.) after all the credits have rolled.
Passed uncut in 2004 in the UK for a Film Four showing. The previous BBFC cuts were:
  • BBFC Cuts when submitted in 1985
  • Opening dialogue (over credits) missing the line Fuck You, Hopper!
  • Deleted sight of Miss Liberty reaching through trouser opening to stroke client's erect penis (concealed by his trousers) immediately after unzipping his flies
  • Considerably reduced duration of mock rape of China Blue by removing much of the thrusting and the two most explicit Japanese erotic prints.
  • During China Blue's S&M scene with policeman client, deleted emphasis on his truncheon being inserted and twisted in his anus, sadomasochism to be generalised rather than reaching a climax through anal penetration

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