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Telegraph poles visible behind Conan's group as they gallop across the windswept plains of Yore, in the opening scene.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Taramis' guards are trying to capture Conan, Conan hits one of the guards' rope nets with his sword, yet it makes the noise of metal against metal.
Just after Conan and Malak are surrounded by Taramis' guards at the start of the film, Malak asks, "Why are they trying to kill us?" As Conan answers, the same line of dialogue can be faintly heard playing again.
When Conan is fighting Man Ape and discovers that breaking the glass panes hurts him, it cuts to a shot of his friends behind one of the panes, and Malak says, "That's exactly what I would have done, exactly." His lips don't match the words at all.


Just after Akiro reads the legend on the wall of the crypt regarding the woman-child with a certain mark, we are treated to a view of the mark that makes Jehnna so special on the swell of her left breast (a pink star shaped mark). However, earlier in the movie, when Jehnna first awakens in the castle of Toth-Amon as well as the scene a few minutes after this when she lifts the jewel/key from its place, this same area of her chest is perfectly visible but the mark is not there.
When Zula is fighting Bombaata, she leaps from the saddle and throws herself on him, knocking his head-circlet off from the impact of collision. In the very next shot, Bombaata's circlet is back on his head as he struggles with Zula.
During the opening sequences between the sword fight with Togra and Conan. You can see Togra wearing a long cape in the long shot. When they do a closeup of Togra drawing his sword, he's not wearing the cape anymore, but when they charge at each other on horseback Togra is wearing his cape again. When the swords clash in the closeup, the cape is once again missing for the rest of the fight.
Shortly before Akiro is rescued from the cannibals and joins the party there is a scene where Akiro can be seen on the last horse riding through the forest despite not having joined the party yet.
When the smoke dragon carries the girl to the crystal castle she is bare foot, but when the wizard lays her down she is wearing boots.
After Princess Jehnna rubs the healing ointment on Conan's bicep, it runs down in several places. After Conan wakes up, we see his arm and the ointment goes across his bicep in a straight line.
In the first shot of Conan kneeling on the ground with his sword, the shadow around him changes between shots.
When Queen Taramis first speaks to Conan, the amount of blood on Conan's sword keeps changing between shots.
Two horsemen try to entrap Conan in a net during the opening fight sequence. He rolls under the net, grabs it and gives it a mighty heave, sending both horsemen sprawling, and then drops the net over Valeria's stone altar. A few shots later, the altar is bare and the net is nowhere to be seen.
The four bloody scratches on Conan's arms during the Man Ape fight scene, the blood slightly ran down Conan's arms, but minutes later just as the crystal palace begins to crumble, those bloody scratches are on his arms neatly with no blood smearing.
In the scene where Malak locks the stone gate by pushing the lever to the left, when the rest of the party enters the room, the lever is to the right (unlocked) again.
Just after Conan rescues Malak from the falling rocks and they are both under the waterfall, Malak's hair is soaked but Conan's is barely damp.
In the first forest scene, just before they rescue Akiro, the first two camera shots shows Conan wearing a top and a cape-like fur. The next shot and on, Conan is fully topless.
As the ice palace is collapsing and Conan is starting to row the boat with his companions with him, he is wearing just a loincloth, but while still rowing the boat in the middle of the lake, he is fully clothed.
During the start of the fight against the temple guards, Conan throws his dagger into one of the guards. Later on when they reunite with their horses, the dagger is back in its place.
In the ravine just after they get the Horn, Conan's dagger is visible, despite being lost in a previous scene.
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At the beginning of the fight against the Man Ape, the Man Ape swipes his claw, striking the left side of Conan's head which knocks him down. Conan holds that spot in pain. A moment later, while Man Ape has Conan in a choke hold, he also scratches his face in the same place where was just claw-swiped. Those claw and scratch marks on his face and left side of his head are visible.
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During the fight between Conan and Man Ape, Conan gets four bloody scratches on his arms, but there was no showing of Man Ape scratching his arms.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the ice palace is falling apart and the party is just rowing away inside still, you can see a moving crew member in the rock formation above the water.
During the first battle, when Conan hits the second horseman with his sword, as the man falls from his horse there is a shadow of the cameraman on the ground.
When Malak falls from the waterfall towards the end of the movie, Conan has to catch him and save him. There is a harness attached to Malak's back as he's falling.
During the first fight, Conan strikes one of the horsemen, then the camera points downward, showing the shadow of the cameraman on the right.

Revealing mistakes 

During the escape through the tunnel, Bombaata caves the tunnel in. Conan then digs through the rock pile and crawls over them, and they bend like foam.
During his battle with Man Ape, the blue make-up used on the monster can be seen rubbing off on Conan's body in various scenes for short periods.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Conan is rowing the rudder of the boat escaping from the wizard's collapsing castle, in the frontal shot from the back of the boat, the skull is on top of the rudder and a spike points down, in the rear shot of the party the skull is on bottom and the spike points up.
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During the battle with Dagoth, bolts of lightning destroy several columns and arches in the throne room. However, when Jehnna is bestowing Conan's companions with rewards, there is no sign of damage to the room.

Crew or equipment visible 

Towards the end when Malak throws his knife at Dagoth as Dagoth is trying to break Conan's arms, a black wire can be seen on Dagoth's arm.

Revealing mistakes 

When Conan repeatedly swings his sword through Man Ape, certain shadows and areas of Conan's body and hair are invisible (allowing you to see through him) for brief periods.

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