Conan the Destroyer (1984) Poster

Plot Keywords

princess wizard
queen gods
rescue virgin
thief barbarian
prehistoric times 100th century b.c.
alternate history stone age
paleolithic age 10,000 b.c.
hyborian age name in title
disarming someone mixed martial arts
opening action scene punching a camel
anti hero battlefield
sword and sandal showdown
sword and fantasy cult
swordsman kendo
stabbed with a spear stabbed in the chest
axe throwing axe fight
stabbed with knife stabbed in the stomach
horse chase ambush
blonde staff
dual wield spear
spear throwing japanese man
asian man sword duel
martial arts human sacrifice
murder dagger
knife throwing beating
one man army combat
hand to hand combat blood
blood splatter stabbed with a stick
violence fistfight
brawl adventure hero
action hero hero
tough guy hall of mirrors
statue comes to life dark fantasy
robert e. howard punched in the face
bare chested male wizards' duel
virgin sacrifice transformation
monster man ape
last of series false promise
back from the dead aunt niece relationship
wrestling waterfall
warrior sword fighting
statue spitting
severed head severed ear
scratch renegade
plains mutation
horse head butt
guard kicked in the groin
fool flying kick
desert crystal lake illinois
choking breaking glass
underground temple torture back rack
suffering wrestling victim stomping on someone's chest
scratching someone's face man vs beast
lift and carrying leg grab
kicked in the stomach ice palace
grab enchanted forest
crystal key choke hold
body slam bloody scratches
black beast bending arms back
bear hug arm bar
stick fight mirror
magician castle
beefcake female warrior
chosen one cult film
kingdom horn
sequel to cult favorite reverse footage
sword and sorcery sequel
throat slitting hit in the crotch
sword fight based on pulp magazine
destiny camel
independent film character name in title

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