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Triple the fun
bkoganbing25 January 2013
Both Cannonball Run movies are films to totally relax and let your funny bone rule you. No plots that make any kind of coherent sense, just a whole lot of people getting a great chance to overact with gusto and abandon. And since Cannonball Run II just about tripled the number of name players who did walk ons, it could be considered triple the fun.

Folks like Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise who are the nominal stars, Jackie Chan, Jack Elam, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., and Jamie Farr make return appearances and a whole lot more get in on the fun.

Farr who is carrying the prize money as the fabulously wealthy hedonistic idiot son of an Arab sheik played here by Ricardo Montalban gets to be the target of some gangster heist when the wise guys find out what he's carrying. At that point the contentious rivalries cease among the Cannonballers as they band together against a common foe and to retrieve their prize money.

Along for the ride this time with Reynolds and DeLuise are a pair of ersatz nuns played by Shirley MacLaine and Marilu Henner. Martin and Davis now pretend to be cops instead of priests from the last film. They're the chief rivals of Reynolds and DeLuise. Telly Savalas does a great takeoff of his Kojak tough guy image on the other side of the law, Tim Conway and Don Knotts reunite as a pair of brain dead deputies. And Reynolds and DeLuise who pretend to be a general and his aide draft none other than Gomer Pyle on their 'top secret mission'.

Frank Sinatra even makes an appearance and it turns out that Cannonball Run II was the farewell big screen role for both he and Dino. As Dino says, he's royalty in America, surely in show business that's what he was.

Cannonball Run II which was starting to approach It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World in terms of casting funny people in it and Don Knotts and Sid Caesar are in both is just a film to turn off the gray cells and put the funny bone in hyper drive.
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These 2 movies have a special place in my heart
chvylvr8011 March 2003
Like I said, The Cannonball Run and it's wonderful sequel have been entertaining me since I was a little viewer and I love these two films. Once again Burt Reynolds and Dom De Luise joke and fool around through the entire movie. I think that the major reason that people give this movie bad reviews is that they take it too seriously. It is obvious that no one in the movie was taking it seriously. Like in the first one, it is as if everybody just decided to get together and make a movie for fun. The Cannonball Run films weren't made to win awards or further careers or make a statement. The Cannonball Run and Cannonball Run II were made to show that even big stars can goof off sometimes. It makes me wonder if all the movies the Rat Pack made were made for the same reasons. Anyways, I love this movie and think that it's great fun. The out takes at the end are hilarious and more, nay, all movies should have out takes. Bottom Line: Buy it, watch it until every gag is committed to memory, and live better for it. You're welcome.
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Mindless fun
Petri Pelkonen18 September 2007
Cannonball Run II is the sequel for The Cannonball Run.A bunch of crazy people go racing all around the country-illegally, of course.Hal Needham's movie from 1984 has got the best and the biggest stars there could be.Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise make us laugh.Mr.Cool and Mr. Bojangles Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. make a terrific couple.Then there's the third member of the rat pack, Frank Sinatra himself.Marilu Henner and Shirley MacLaine as the naughty sisters are wonderful.Jackie Chan is there with Jaws of the James Bond films, big man Richard Kiel.Don Knotts is hilarious kissing the orangutan.The great comedian Sid Caesar tries to catch the big fish.Jack Elam is there with his shots.The hairless Telly "Kojak" Savalas is very convincing as the bad guy.Abe Vigoda is fantastic as the gangster in the Godfather way.Then there are greats such as Jamie Farr, Tim Conway, Tony Danza, Ricardo Montalban, Charles Nelson Reilly, Henry Silva, and Jack's son Chris Lemmon.This movie offers many fun moments.I sure had fun watching it.
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No Race, No Chase
Smile_U_SOB8 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film has no race and no chase. Okay there is a race but it has really nothing to do with the movie. The first film of course is all about "The Cannonball Run", which is an illegal race from coast to coast, written by Brock Yates who, along with director Hal Needham, actually drove an ambulance across America - and it's Yates who invented the Cannonball Run. In the original, Burt and Dom use the very same ambulance; now we have a sequel which isn't written by Yates, and is as bad a sequel as I've yet to witness on screen. As mentioned, the actual coast to coast race has little to do with anything this time around. Instead there's a lame subplot about mobsters trying to hijack Jamie Farr's character, an Arab with tons of oil money who this time around is funding the prize at the finish line. So basically this is a comic mobster film with a bunch of actors thrown in who are driving cars. Jack Elam, who is incredible in the first film, is thrown in as wallpaper. Burt and Dom are horrible and lazy; you can tell they were just doing the film for a paycheck. Shirley Maclaine and Marilu Henner play actresses dressed as nuns, and we have to sit through people doing double-takes as these impostor penguins curse in public. Boring. Horrible. Jackie Chan is even ruined this time around. In the first film Roger Moore plays a guy who thinks he's Roger Moore, and thus he drives a gadget filled car, ala Bond. This time around, Chan, who had some gadgets of his own in the original, has even more gadgets as he's basically replacing the Moore/Bond character from the original. And his driver is Richard Kiel, best known as Bond nemesis "Jaws". Chan's car even goes under water, just like Bond's car in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (which featured Kiel). Other contestants include an ape teamed up with Tony Danza. All I have to ask Tony is: Didn't "Going Ape" teach you not to work with primates? Jamie Farr's character is ruined because he's too involved; his sheik was far better as a cameo in the original. And Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr are totally wasted this time, disguised as cops instead of priests, and they don't even get into any trouble. Burt and Dom are dressed as soldiers; Burt is a general and Dom is a private. They pick up Jim Nabors along the way, as "Private Lyle" (guess what they're spoofing here?) and his cameo is as useless as an air conditioner in an igloo. It doesn't feel as if there is any "need" to win the race for any of the characters. You forget there is even a race at all. Man, I tell you, this is one of the worst sequels - if not the worst sequel ever, ever, ever made. Avoid it at all costs. Even as a kid I knew it was chum.
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Even after two glasses of strong wine, it is a very, very basic comedy that will please the minority of viewers at best
bob the moo23 October 2005
Having shamed his family by failing to run the original Cannonball Run, The Sheik is sent back to America by his father to restage the race with $1,000,000 of the King's money. Spreading the word brings out most of the previous competitors as well as some new racers as well as some new trouble –Don Canneloni's son (Don Don) is failing in his new business venture and the Don has sent some men to sort out his debtors, namely one Morris Fenderbaum. When the Don's men catch up with Fenderbaun they learn of the Cannonball Run and decide that they will make some money by kidnapping the Sheik during the race.

A quiet night in with a few glasses of wine meant that somehow Cannonball 2 became a viable proposition but sadly, regardless of the influence of libation, this was a pretty poor film that didn't have much in the way of entertainment value. If you are the sort of person that thinks Smokey & The Bandit 3 is the height of cinematic art then you'll probably love CR2 but for the majority of us, this is just a collection of noisy scenes, hung together with the most basic of plots and a load of stars having fun; or at least I hope they were having fun because I certainly didn't. The basic plot is used to produce a few fights, some fast cars, a little bit of cleavage and a whole load of not much else.

The comedy is of the most basic sort and the cast do seem to be having fun with all their mates but this does not make their performances any good. Reynolds just sleeps through it in the way he always does, while anyone hoping that Dom DeLuise will be good for laughs deserve everything they get in life. Martin and Davis Jr seem happy for the paycheck but really you get the feeling that they are crying inside. Likewise Savalas and MacLaine are much better than this, while Rocco, Silva etc all deserve a damn good kicking for this mockery of their most famous roles. Elam, Danza, Farr, Chan and Kiel all fill the screen but at least Montalban and McClure are good value (although that may be less to do with their ability and more to do with Star Trek 2 and the Simpsons spoof respectively).

Overall a very, very basic comedy that does very little worth seeking out. The stars all appear to be enjoying themselves and it is really just as well that somebody is because the majority of viewers won't be. In its defence though, if you're watching this film then what did you expect – although that doesn't really excuse any of this nonsense.
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Still funny. Quit ya belly-aching everyone and relax.
Mmyers200328 October 2002
This film was good to watch and was still funny. Ok its not the best film in the world but i still found it funny and many still do. The chimp was cool and so were the rest of the cast. It was also a bonus to see Richard Kiel in the film (hes the big 7'2" tall man who pushed 4 men along the floor in the fight scene) Watch it everyone and just Relax. Overall I'd give it 7 out of 10
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What a waste.
Warren Hawkes9 April 1999
Once again Hal Needham brings together a half respectable cast like in the first Cannonball movie, but again forgot to bring a script. The mad-cap lunacy is still here, as are the cheap gags and stunts, but now it seems strange that all of this actually worked in the first movie, because it sure doesn't here. I found Burt and Dom laughing at their own jokes more than I did. It's no wonder Reynolds' career took a dive around this time if he was starring in films as dire as this.

The usual suspects are here while a few have (sensibly) dropped out of the race. Catherine Bach and Susan Anton are attractive enough, but don't quite cut it like Adrienne Barbeau and Co. did, and all they had to do was smile and flash their t**s once in a while. Richard Kiel is an unusual partner for Jackie Chan, but the little and large pairing works well. Chan also helped by bringing along his own stuntmen for the fight scenes, and it shows. Shirley MacLaine seems oddly at home with her trashy lines, while Telly Savalas fittingly over does things but is ultimately wasted in the movie, the same could be said for most of the cast. Frank Sinatra's inter-cut scenes are sickeningly shoddy and make the film appear as amateurish as it undeniably is.

If you did like the first Cannonball Run, (and there are a few!) you'll undoubtedly be disappointed with this outing, while those who didn't enjoy the first movie will no doubt detest the sequel.
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Maybe most don't get this one?
wannasurf23 June 2009
This movie is a perfect example of guilty pleasure. Sure, it is not well written (or is it?). It isn't well acted (or was it?). My point, this movie was a literal "winkathon". In other words, it was meant to be corny, goofy, silly, and down right fun to watch. That being said, go back and watch it again and you will see my point. Where did a (current) 4.X rating come from? All I can figure that is comes from votes from clueless suburbans, or maybe teens that don't realize how iconic this movie is, or how this movie was one of the last blasts of the drive-in culture of America. Sure, it's not Citizen Kane...but should merit an easy 6 on cast names alone.

That said, what really makes this movie great is the talent in it! It may be the best collection of screen legends and icon ever assembled. The point in time when this movie was made allowed this phenomenon to be possible. In 1984, most of these actors were slightly past their peak, but still in the acting this may explain the ability to cast all of them (without a billion dollar budget). Try to replicate this today with an equivalent assortment of actors, and it would not be possible.

What makes this A-list super-fest even more golden is the fact that nearly every major player in this picture is now gone, or well up in years. Think of this movie as a video history of screen legends, or even a vague record of the car culture of the 70's and the phenomenon the actual Brock Yates cross country races were.

But if you are too young to know who these actors are, know nothing about the real Cannonball races, and don't appreciate drive-in type cinema/comedy, skip this one (rather than give it an unfair vote). Do that for me, and I won't give movies like Twilight or Lord of the Rings a 2.
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Basically a retread of the first movie with a stupid kidnapping plot.
Aaron137528 December 2009
It was not all bad, but to completely honest I thought "Speed Zone" was a better sequel to the "Cannonball Run" than this movie was as this movie was almost the exact same movie only with inferior parts to it. Throw in a unfunny kidnapping plot for the only real difference in the movie and you have your sequel that came out three years after the original. That is another sad thing about this sequel, it came out long after the first one and they still went in exactly the same way. Burt Reynolds, Dom Delouise, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin are back along with a few others from the original. In though are a lot more B ranking actors. Roger Moore out, Richard Kiel in (the guy who played the villain Jaws in "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker"). Adrien Barbeau out and two chicks I do not know in. Farrah Fawcett out and two others I do not care for in. Jim Nabors and Tony Danza in, which is definitely not a good thing. Ambulance that was a great idea out and for some reason a military car and uniforms in. That one made no sense they would have been better off just using the ambulance again. The plot is the same, race across the country, the only difference being the guys trying to catch the sheik character to hold him for ransom and this does not stay original as it basically sets up another brawl like that found at the last part of the first movie. After this fight though the race just about is over with no fanfare. Just a pointless sequel, that has a few humorous moments, the best being the scene with Tim Conway and Don Knotts.
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A very low point in Burt's career
LeRoyMarko29 March 2001
First, I must admit with great shame that I've seen this movie at least fifteen times. But it's back when I was a teenager. At the time, I felt like this one was a sure classic. Times change. Thank god! This is a very stupid movie with tasteless humor and bad acting. A lot of cameos by famous stars didn't save the movie. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. appear in this one, so is Telly Savalas, Jackie Chan, Tony Danza, Henry Silva and Frank Sinatra. I guess the only interesting aspect is the concept of the race itself. It would be great to be part of one of those trek!

I give it 4 out 10. Watch it on TV but don't pay for the rental.
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Very Dumb
Theo Robertson12 October 2005
Despite being a very silly film I did think the original CANNONBALL RUN did have several amusing moments . Unfortunately this sequel takes all the bad points of the original and modifies aspects of its own that make it a far lesser film

One aspect is the whole feel of the movie .The original was produced as a straightforward road movie similar to THE GUMBALL RALLY whilst here we see post referential lines and parodies of other movies like THE GODFATHER and SOME LIKE IT HOT which makes it resemble something more akin to HOT SHOTS and Repossessed while still retaining bits that are almost identical to the first one . For instance did we really need another set piece battle involving Jackie Chan and a bunch of bikers ?

CANNONBALL RUN 2 does have a very funny scene where a bogus nun whispers into Dean Martin's ear who gives a shocked expression . He turns to Sammy Davis Jnr and whispers what was said . Sammy's jaw drops . " You are sick " . I genuinely thought that was amusing . Oh and we get the final silver screen appearance of old blue eyes though strangely I couldn't help thinking that someone edited this via another film . Perhaps Joe Pesci might consider that this wasn't a fitting swan song for Sinatra and he might do another film after LETHAL WEAPON 4 , certainly Sinatra deserved better as his last cinema role
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Golden Harvest bankrolled this one? Part two.
Joseph P. Ulibas20 June 2004
Cannonball Run II (1984) was made after the surprisingly successful first film. But the movie going audience wasn't ready for another film like the first one. This time Burt and company are back with another race with a cast of even more desperate-for-work-actors. This time the cast looks like a line up at Lake Tahoe. Another race, another bunch of washed up's and has beens hamming up the joint.

Bad movie with very few laughs. The magic has ran out and the film stank up the box office. Sadly, no more Cannonball films featuring the once sucessful Dom De Luise/Burt Reynolds team. Most of the film's "stars" faded into obscurity after this one did it's best impression of "Little Boy". Ka-boom!! If it wasn't for Jackie Chan, Golden Harvest would have fallen apart. Because not only did this one sank like the Bismarck but the other production Megaforce did equally bad as well. Leave well enough alone.

Bad movie, nothing worth watching.


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A Shakespearean tragedy...
Lestyr7 July 1999
This film was a true tragedy, but not the story itself. The fact was, this film had at least ten different actors who have all carried the lead role in some other movies, and they wasted every last one of them. How many other movies do you get Jackie Chan co-starred with Dean Martin, or for that matter Telly Savalas with Tony Danza? How could they waste such a varied and diverse cast? None of the characters is the least bit interesting, there is no scene which is even remotely funny, and it has no plot at all. None whatsoever. If poorly done foreign accents, an occasional car crash, and a scene shot inside a Vegas casino are your idea of humor (and if you have recently taken in a large quantity of controlled substance) this film is for you. Otherwise, marvel at the cast listings, and the supreme waste of human potential that is this movie.
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Like being rogered to death by giant wasps.
Quag729 June 2006
I wouldn't even bother commenting on the execrable cesspool of a film if its very existence didn't offend me.

I hated this film. Hated it to a degree that I cannot even find the words to express myself. This is literally (and I do mean literally; this is not hyperbole) the low point of western civilization since the Spanish Inquisition.

I enjoy a goofy Saturday afternoon or late night insomnia movie like anyone. I even enjoy bad movies if they are bad in a charming or kitschy way.

What really makes this movie offense and vulgar is the sense of smug satisfaction of the giant ensemble cast.

One of the worst feelings you can experience is embarrassment for another person, and this movie is, from beginning to end, a combination of feeling embarrassed for everyone involved coupled with insult and outrage.

The idea that someone would find this worth watching is insulting. The idea that such a thing as this movie should even exist on a roll of film somewhere is offensive. I will have trouble sleeping knowing that somewhere within one thousand miles of me, some unclean television sits that once showed even a split second of this film.

Quite literally, you, who are reading this comment, could have made a better film if I handed you a home video camera and shoved you out into the desert, then kneecapped you and left you for dead without water so that all you could film was the meager piece of ground you were capable of crawling across.

I am wounded psychologically from having to sit through the sight of Burt Reynolds, Sammy Davis, and Dom DeLuise in drag.

I could go cast member by cast member here, each of whom should be ashamed of themselves to this day and should be made to atone for their sins before a public tribunal of fire and pitchforks and angry mobs.

All of my political principles go out the door when it comes to this movie - I want to see someone hanged, publicly and brutally, for bringing this abomination of a film into existence. I want to go Jacques deMolay on the whole cast. Forget dreading Friday the 13th; we should all rue the day this film was released, instead.

I am permanently and incurably scarred by having to look at cars in this movie from the worst era for car design in the auto industry's history.

What in God's name were people thinking in the 1980s - about EVERYTHING? The Mitsubishi in particular is one of the most shameful and odious pieces of machinery I have ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. I have yet to encounter anything, for example, in the dark recesses of the internet, so thoroughly offensive as the vehicles in this miserable "film."

This is a movie about a race; the least they could have done is found some decent cars rather than relying on the miserable, unclean, blasphemous detritus of the era. The cars and Burt Reynold's mustache in this film are an affront to God and humanity. Each should be punished severely and swiftly. I want to hear someone scream.

This is a movie full of people very amused with themselves with zero regard for the audience. The contempt for the audience is palpable. Not a single shred of effort was made - this is Burt and Dom partying on someone else's dollar, and the film itself equates to abuse and trauma. Not a single idea here is new - simian (literally) humor, dressing people up in drag, stereotypes, and a bunch of unlikely and trite crashes and disasters evoke nothing so much as Stalin era gulags and syphilis experiments.

I hate this movie. Hate everything about it. Hate its presumptuousness, hate every actor who appeared for appearing in it. The entire acting career of everyone involved here should be completely discredited simply by virtue of appearing in this film. I want to see people kicked out of SAG, blacklists, exile, and angry mobs rampaging through the streets of Beverly Hills or Malibu or wherever these people live. I want to see tribunals and fire and primitive religious symbols and hooded men with axes.

I will never be the same again, and I curse the day I saw this film.

I have seen many movies, and this, I have to say, is the worst movie ever made. I am an enthusiastic and radical opponent of censorship but I make an exception for this witless, charmless, unfunny, vacuous disgrace of a film. Every copy in existence should be hunted down and burned, and any note of its existence should be wiped out of film guides and so on under penalty of death. When this campaign ends, we should start history over with Year 1. History should be rewritten, exactly as it happened, minus the existence of this film. Penalties should be doled out. We are talking stretch racks and iron maidens and bamboo under fingernails.

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The Tires Get Knifed Early On.
tfrizzell16 January 2004
Most of the all-star cast from the original return for this high-adrenaline dud as once again we follow Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise (and love interests Marilu Henner and Shirley MacLaine) as they try to win a cross-country race. It is amazing that so many likable performers could be together for such an utterly terrible motion picture. This is a rehash of its predecessor and it amazes me that the first would make enough money to even warrant another installment. I guess everyone wanted to see Burt Reynolds fail on the silver screen in the early-1980s. Turkey (0 stars out of 5).
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Pure Cinematic Genius
ultraman00725 November 2006
Truly one of the greatest American films of the 20th Century. Superior comedic timing, wit, intelligence, chemistry-- a poignant social commentary on the conspicuous consumption of the mid-1980s. Hilarity only surpassed by its taut direction, superior pacing and production value, the likes of which had been unseen since Battleship Potemkin or 2001.

The editing on this masterpiece (by William Gordean, famous for his genre-defining work on Tank Girl-- yes, that William Gordean) exceeds brilliance. How did they get it to look like Frank Sinatra was really in those scenes? How? How? Magic, my friend. Hollywood Magic.

To think that in 1984 this film was overlooked by the Academy for the likes of trivial, petulant "movies" like The Killing Fields and Amadeus is the greatest tragedy in cinematic history. Shame on you, Oscar. Shame. On. You.
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Not funny at all
tomimt17 September 2007
There's a word for a movie like this: cashing. Really, you'd have to be a huge fan on Burt Reynolds, if you'd actually think, that this movie is good or even remotely funny.

The "story" starts with sheik, who want's to be the fastest sheik in the world. So his son finances another Cannonball Run in order to show, that his family indeed is the fastest. And some hilarity ensues. Not.

The film is loaded with good actors, who make a comeback from the first film, but really nothing can safe this film from itself, as it lacks coherent plot and funny jokes. It is just poorly together knitted pile of jokes, which probably were rejected from the first film.

As I can't think of anything positive to say about this film, I'll just stop here. Condisder my point given.
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"Run" from this one....
Mister-69 October 1999
The original "Cannonball Run" was okay, but had some bad points.

"Cannonball Run II" is worse and is all bad points.

No one seems to care in this movie: it's just biding time between lame-brained crashes and stupid sight gags. Reynolds and the others should be ashamed.

Yeah, ashamed all the way to the bank.

There is not one truly funny moment in this unnecessary sequel. None. From beginning to end. Just desperation.

I finally had to look away. My head hurt and tears were welling up in my eyes. I had been taken advantage of by another sequel.

When will I ever learn?

No stars. Sorry, Dom: even you were boring.
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Danza Vs Orangutan
cutterccbaxter24 February 2005
In the future when film scholars ponder whether Tony Danza was a better actor than say, an orangutan, they may come across "Cannonball Run II" and feel great delight. The reason being that "Cannonball Run II" features scenes in which they can compare and contrast the thespian skills of both Danza and orangutan. For my money the orangutan wins easily. Beyond the Danza versus orangutan intrigue the film may fail to generate much interest for them. While the large cast seems to be having a blast hamming it up on the open road, the end result is that this movie is pure road kill for viewers. I've been in car accidents that are more fun than this flick.
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i don't know why people hate this movie
jaws!20 June 1999
i grew-up on watching this movie. i saw this one before i saw the first one. the first one is good,but i like this one better. cannonball run II,is a very funny movie. i think only laid-back people like these type of movies. i have watched this movie since the late 80's. i never really get tired of it. it's maybe one of my favorite movies of all time! the cast is one of the best if not (THE) best cast ever in a movie. i think the monkey is the funniest thing in this movie. but others are funny too. i give cannonball run II ***1/2 out of ****
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Burt at his worst.
jrs-820 July 2001
"Cannonball Run II" is an awful film. With "Stroker Ace" and "City Heat" he hit the trifecta of movie duds. Why Burt chose to make this film is beyond me. I imagine the money was good and the chance to work with all his friends was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, he forgot to put a product on the screen for his legion of fans that would even be considered passable. It's not.

And where is the race? Much of it is done with animation showing cars on a map. You make a movie about a car race and forget to film the race?And a real kicker is a cameo by Frank Sinatra. He sits in an office supposedly talking to Burt and Dom DeLuise but it is obvious that Frank filmed his scenes separately and Burt and Dom were added later. And what in the world was Shirley MacLaine thinking in taking this as her first role after winning an Oscar for "Terms of Endearment?"

Sadly Burt would never really recover from the string of duds he made in the 80's (and there were many)though he did deliver in "Boogie Nights." Too bad his fans can't take this film, along with the aforementioned "Stroker Ace", "City Heat", "Malone", "Stick", and several others and burn them forever. It's best to remember the Burt of the mid to late 70's.
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Woah ! Not as bad it may look or seem !
smjblessing17 August 2010
As in my previous review of Cannonball Run Part 1 I said that it was a very laid back film and didn't get exciting till the very end. Another thing I forgot to mention is that the Cannonball Run films feature so many different famous actors and actresses you need to have a good balance of screen time for each of them. In the first one the film focused way too much on Bert Reynolds and Dom DeLouise's characters and towards the end they seem to become not as important anymore. Before I saw Cannonball Run Part 2 I thought I was in for really bad movie simply based on IMDb's rating of a 4.1. But I was surprised when I watched and saw that this one is actually better than the first.

Cannonball Run 2 follows the Arabian prince as seen in the first one. His father is upset with him for not winning the Cannonball Race last year. When he finds out that there is no Cannonball race this year, is father tells him to start his own. For this race instead of riving cross-country to California, its now Connecticut. But not all races are fun and games, the Cannonballers still have to dodge the police and now gangsters who are after the race's prize money of a million dollars, which ends up getting stolen. So, buckle up and see Cannonball Run 2.

This one is a lot better than the first. You get to see more characters and the focus isn't on just two of them like in Part 1, but is balanced so you see all of them. Now, don't get me wrong, like Part 1, this sequel too, should've had a better race with car chases, which aren't really in any of the Cannonball Run films. And when there are action scenes in Part 2, they're better than in Part 1. There are a lot of better stunts in this one. Now people say some this film is poor writing or done poorly, well its a a comedy and action adventure film. What do you expect ? When comedy and action combine you're not going to see people getting shot or people dying ? I recommend this more than the first one. The only miss is that Roger Moore didn't return for this one.
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The first was great, the second bombed
saint40523 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I bought The Cannonball run a while ago and I realized how much of a little gem I just bought for my DVD collection. When I found out about The Cannonball Run II, I was thrilled. I quickly rushed out and rented a copy. I was happy to see the whole cast came came including a few new people like Richard Kiel and Telly Savalas. During the opening, I liked opening with the Shiek,seeing his old self. Then I was reintroduced with the original cast one by one. The movie seemed to trail on till the race began and I'm saying to myself, well so far this film stinks! One lame joke after another! We are soon introduced to the nuns, the most pointless and stupid characters in the entire film. The nuns aren't even needed, they're just there for set decoration. Then The Shiek gets kidnapped by goons working for a villain named Don Don, a spoof to the classic Godfather. When I keep telling myself, this film stinks, the most stupid joke gets brought up. The whole cast goes and asks for help from Frank Sinatra, thee Frank Sinatra! Now the racers have to stop racing, go find Don Don, and save the only racer who has the money to award the winning racer. Then there's the big fight scene. Men fall down, things go boom, Don Don acts like a gay, and here's a treat you see the wire' s used on the goons Richard Kiel is throwing around! Wow bad scene! Then The sheik is rescued and their off again now with Sanatra racing. Spoilers ahead: then at the end of this putrid film the money is rewarded to a monkey! A monkey of all things, wow bad twist!I already wasted my good money and mind while watching this trash, don't waste yours on this. Stick with the first one, the only good one.
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cheesy fun, don't expect too much
celcius20 December 2002
I'm not sure what people were expecting to see when taking in this movie. I totally expected a fun peice of fluff with some action and car chases mixed in. That's what I got. Sure, you'll laugh at yourself for laughing at some of the jokes, but try not to be ashamed of it! I thought Shirley MacLaine, and Marilu Henner were most charming, and the cast in general has great comedic chemistry. If you have a funny bone, you will have a good time with this. 7/10
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Utterly Terrible
gjack3317 February 2001
Quite possibly the lowest point in Burts Career...The First was equally terrible..But seeing as it was made at the peak of reynolds career...It made a lot of money....This on the other was made when His career was on the downhill and people were understandably sick of his Road movies. So it was a Flop....Surprise Surprise.

Admittedly This looks like Nothing more than a Bad home movie with all of Burts friends and colleagues involved...Oh yes..Even the Rat pack turn up...Geez they must have needed the Money.

This Film has maybe one or Two laughs in it....(Funny How richard Kiel and telly savalas who have made plenty of bad movies in their career show up)....the car stunts are absolutely terrible.....The actors are all lousy...and the film has no story whatsoever

Oh Yes...Jim nabors..a Close friend of Burts shows up...Cant leave any friends out can we burt.... Jamie farr who has never done anything good outside of MASH is the absolute Pits...He tries His hardest to be Funny and clearly seems to be having a Good time playing the Sheik...Trouble is,we arent having any fun watching him.

And Dom deluise....Well Americans seem to think he is Funny...Well he Aint...Sorry to disappoint ya. The whole film is a Joke in itself...Made purely to try and rise Burts Career...and of course, as a big Home movie to all the Actors involved.

Of course, someone should have told them that the only people who enjoy home movies are the people who were there...Which counts a Hell of a lot of people out....including myself.
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