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A staple through the belly beats a knife any day!
Poseidon-318 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
An example of the slightly racy, slightly tacky, slightly entertaining TV films that were popular in the mid-80's, this one concerns a serial killer, picking off the models of a nudie calendar, starting with January. Skerritt plays the laid-back cop on the case who has to navigate the world of Hugh Hefner knockoff Culp and his assistant Parkins along with their corral of shapely beauties. There is no shortage of suspects with little mini-dramas going on with somewhat slimy photographers Thicke and Gwynne, shady emcee Morse or even Skerritt's neglected wife Bosson. As the killer works his way through the calendar, Skerritt becomes embroiled in the life of model Stone, whose month is fast approaching. She makes no secret of her interest in him, and he can't help but find her striking, though he is devoted to Bosson. As the case progresses, Skeritt and his assistants Beltran and Gallardo continue to experience the decadent surroundings of Culp's lifestyle while trying to piece together the mystery. Skerritt deftly underplays his character in the laconic style that he's known for. Stone gives what could have been an extended audition for her later character in "Basic Instinct" as she creates an air of flirtatious mystery and retains a blasé attitude to the killings going on around her. Culp is well-cast as the aging playboy, though see him briefly don a speedo could give some viewers pause! Parkins' role couldn't be more thankless, though she's very attractive and classy throughout. Morse gets a rare opportunity to play drama and does fine. Bosson makes a nice companion to Skerritt. Beltran, later to gain cult status with Trekkers for his role in "Star Trek: Voyager" is hunk-a-licious here. Christian appears briefly as one of the murder victims. The year this was made, "Dynasty" was on the way to being the number-one-rated show on TV, so big hair, sequins and conspicuous consumption were the rules of the day. This lends some of the scenes a heavy dollop of camp hilarity, notably in the party sequences and modeling sessions. This being a TV-movie, the photos and photo sessions all have far more clothing involved than would have been in evidence in a real men's magazine. It's an agreeable time-filler that may make some viewers feel nostalgic for the ostentatious 80's while making other segments of the viewing audience either amused or repulsed.
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What a great movie!
c5rta7 August 2002
This movie was on lifetime movie networks and is a clever, kinky tale of murders at a fashion shoot. check it out for sharon stone's early perfomance as a model being stalked by a psycho killer who is also offing her friends. Tom Skerrit plays the detective on the hunt for the killer before he gets to Stone. A clever whodunit, not too bad for a tv movie.
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Not Very Good, But Not Terrible
Doris Bell (jabell)19 January 2006
I just got this movie on Netflix; I found it by looking for Tom Skerritt movies. I feel that he's an actor who should have made it bigger than he did. He did a credible job in the role. Barbara Bosson was fine as his wife, and I liked the pre-Voyager Robert Beltran as his partner (but do detectives dress like that while on duty?). I had recently seen Knight Moves, and Daniel Baldwin was extremely annoying as Skerritt's partner; Beltran's character was much better written. I've been a fan of Barbara Parkins' since Mephisto Waltz, so it was nice to see her again; she's still as gorgeous as ever. Sharon Stone is drop-dead gorgeous here. I can't recommend this movie unless you're a fan of the actors, but, if you have it, it is watchable.
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Not the best, nor the worst
kahfess30 December 2005
I picked this movie up off a sale bin at my local store. It basically is a movie about calender girls that pose in the nude, getting killed and the search for that killer. As usual you have a cop caught up in a whirl-wind of confussion and mystery (not to mention his own family and a wife that isn't completely sure she likes her husband hanging out with these thin, very seductive girls.) My copy of the movie isn't of the greatest production quality and the picture is poor. I gave the movie a 5 out of a possible 10 because it is a little slow in places. I have seen worse, so on a good rainy day, it's one of those movies you can pop in and watch while doing something else.
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Robert J. Maxwell10 June 2002
I watched this because I had a hunch it might be pretty good. Sometimes TV movies have a certain zinginess to them, a sort of "what the hell" quality that's generated, I've always suspected, by the unusually low budgets, That is, if your investment is small enough, you don't have to worry so much about producing a blockbuster. Add to it that this cast was interesting. Tom Skerrit may or may not have much acting range, but he's reliable in the way that Cary Grant and Michael Caine have been reliable. They don't always give first-rate performances but they never torpedo a production they appear in, and Skerrit has that same quality. Then there is Sharon Stone, youthful and full of fresh open-faced beauty, and not so evidently full of herself as she later became. And Robert Morse! I was curious to see his gap-toothed person in a dramatic role. The story, involving the sequential knocking off of "Playmates of the Month" or whatever they call them here. The film unfortunately did not live up to its promise. I suppose I'd forgotten that there must be a script. It's awful. There's no suspense to speak of. The dialogue is dull. Conflict, either intra- or interpersonal, is minimal. We don't know about the murdered models, so we don't care about them. (Except the momentary thought -- "What a waste.") At least the movie is not laden with cliches -- one or two car chases, a vehicular fireball -- but not much of that, perhaps because the writers didn't bother to put much effort into cranking up the action. Watch it if you want. I doubt that you'll get much out of it.
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Average who-dunnit
helpless_dancer4 February 2000
The police investigate the murder of a couple of models who work for the same agency. The killer is bumping off the girls according to the name of the month they go by, so the cops stake out the next girl in line. There are some good suspects, but no one they can pin the deaths on until they get just the break they need. Nothing special in this one; sort of a low budget film.
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Enjoyable made-for-TV thriller
Woodyanders7 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Millionaire playboy Richard Trainor (well played by Robert Culp) publishes a racy calendar that inadvertently acts as a sick map for a serial killer who starts butchering all the lovely models who posed for said calendar in chronological order. It's up to weary, but shrewd and dedicated detective Lt. Dan Stoner (the always excellent Tom Skerritt) to nab the wacko. Director William A. Graham, working from a compact script by Scott Swanton and Gregory S. Dinallo, neatly evokes the glitzy world of the models, generates several effective moments of real tension, and keeps the engrossing story moving along at a steady pace. The sound acting from a capable cast rates as another definite asset, with especially praiseworthy work from a pre-stardom Sharon Stone as the perky Cassie Bascomb, Barbara Bosson as Dan's loyal wife Nancy, Robert Beltran as amiable cop Mooney, Pat Corley as Dan's huffy superior Tony, Robert Morse as smarmy emcee Nat Corley, Alan Thicke as charming photographer Alan Conti, and Michael C. Gwynne as creepy stalker Stark. Rip Taylor has a funny cameo as himself while the ever-gorgeous Claudia Christian pops up briefly as one of the victims. Such oh-so-80's trappings as break dancing and strenuous slow motion provide a certain gaudy'n'groovy period appeal. Both Robert Steadman's polished cinematography and Brad Fiedel's funky throbbing score are up to par. A nifty little teleflick.
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Not a Bad Television Mystery
gavin694215 February 2013
Millionaire Richard Trainor (Robert Culp) is celebrating the fact that his new calendar featuring twelve nude woman is a huge success. However the party is ruined when Miss January is pushed off a building and later on that night Miss February is knifed to death.

If you want to see Alan Thicke as a glamor photographer, Tom Skerritt as a cop (not surprisingly) and a young Sharon Stone, this is the film for you. Skerritt (who plays the oddly-named Detective Stoner) must find out who is killing the calendar girls... and you might keep guessing until the end! The film is made or television, so it is pretty tame. No nudity (despite the plot's description) and fairly mild violence. They found ways to stab and murder women without it being too messy, and this is no more racy than the average episode of "Murder She Wrote".
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Even by 80s television standards, Calendar Girl Murders is pretty weak.
bensonmum223 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One by one, the models featured in a calendar are being murdered. Lieutenant Dan Stoner (Tom Skerritt) is put in charge of the investigation. He immediately strikes up a friendship with former model Cassie Bascomb (Sharon Stone), who seems to have a stalker. Is the stalker the killer? Or, is it someone more closely associated with the calendar?

Even by 80s television standards, Calendar Girl Murders is pretty weak. As was customary at this time, the filmmakers would have you believe the movie is more scandalous than it is with models from a nudie calendar as a backdrop. But honestly, these buttoned-up women have more in common with the Amish than calendar models. A lot of the movie plays out like a standard 70s/80s cop show. I could easily see this as an episode of Charlie's Angels or Vegas. And what could have been a good ending is ruined. There should have been tension and suspense in the final scenes. Instead, it feels rushed. In short, Calendar Girl Murders is just lame. The only real positive I can come up with is some of the acting. Considering how young she was, I thought Stone did a nice job. And Skerritt gives the professional performance you would expect and manages to rise above his lackluster surroundings.

Finally, I look at Calendar Girl Murders as a wasted opportunity. The makings of a decent film are buried here somewhere. Beautiful women, an unknown killer, red herrings, the calendar backdrop, and a twist at the end – sounds like the makings of a giallo to me. In the right hands and without the constraints of TV, I could see Calendar Girl Murders being an entertaining film.
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