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Alternate Versions

Television version restored massacre in a diner missing from video release. John Goodman appears only in the television version.
In the Anchor Bay uncut release, they omitted a line in the telephone booth scene after the grandfather is killed, leaving the little girl behind. The original line was a relative on the other end saying, "Jesus, Fred! What have you've been eating Mexican food, again?"
The 2011 Image Entertainment DVD features the 88 minute theatrical version.
The TV network version, in addition to the gore scenes edited out, has about 20 minutes of footage not shown in the video version with a number of scenes added some of which include:
  • Lauren talking to her neighbor on the steps inside the apartment building with the woman's son Justin.

  • Lauren talking to her boyfriend (John Heard) about her being pregnant and later showing them in bed together.

  • Captain Bosch discovering his wife's dead body with another policeman in knee-deep water near a sewer runoff pipe.

  • Additional moments in the scene of the diner massacare with two bums running from the creatures, which is aired at the end of the movie in the video version not in the network version.

The Anchor Bay release is the complete, uncut version. It runs 96 minutes and contains all the above-mentioned television scenes.

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