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The reason Mia Farrow wears sunglasses most of the film is that Woody Allen did not feel she could pass herself as a tough Italian "broad", so he had her wear the sunglasses most of the film to hide her eyes, making her seem more sultry and mysterious. The only time she removes the sunglasses is when her character is supposed to be more vulnerable.
According to Eric Lax's book, this movie is one of Woody Allen's favorite films which are (in order): Match Point (2005), The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), Stardust Memories (1980), Broadway Danny Rose (1984), and Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993).
Actors Danny Aiello, Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone were considered for the role of Lou Canova. Apparently, Woody Allen initially offered the part to Stallone. In the end, Nick Apollo Forte was cast.
Dissatisfied with the original take of the scene, director Woody Allen re-shot the scene in which Danny Rose tries to sell acts to Phil Chomsky, re-casting comedian and singer David I. Kissel in the role of the owner of "Weinstein's Majestic Bungalow Colony". Kissel persistently called it "Mrs. Weinberg's Bungalow Colony" during filming, and Allen, exasperated, asked the actor why he kept saying this. Kissel explained that his wife always bought a brand of kosher chopped liver called "Mrs. Weinberg's Chopped Liver," and he kept thinking of that. Allen, amused, but ever the perfectionist, taped the words "Weinstein's Majestic Bungalow Colony" to the top of a filing cabinet in the office. As you view this scene, early in the film, you will notice that Dave Kissel faces away from the camera as he says those words, and speaks with his back to the camera: he is reading the words "Weinstein's Majestic Bungalow Colony" off that "crib sheet" on the filing cabinet.
Debut performance in a filmed production for actor Nick Apollo Forte. The film remains [to date, June 2013] his first, final and only ever appearance in a feature film.
Woody Allen's manager and producer, Jack Rollins, was the inspiration for the Danny Rose character. Rollins appears in the movie as himself.
About three years after this movie was made and released, a XXX adult movie spoofed the film's title in 1987, it being called Broadway Fanny Rose (1987).
Most of the movie's undisclosed flashback time-frame can be established as being the era of the late 1960s, and around the year of 1969, due to a reference made about the moon landing.
After Manhattan (1979), this movie was the second Woody Allen film to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Allen's next four pictures would also debut there.
Final Woody Allen film where regular Allen art director / production designer Mel Bourne acted as either.
Third of thirteen cinema movie collaborations of actress Mia Farrow and actor-writer-director Woody Allen.
The movie makes mention of Weinstein's Majestic Bungalow Colony resort in the Catskills (Catskill Mountains). This is where Woody Allen got his start in show-business performing magic tricks there at sixteen years of age.
Actress Mia Farrow wore padding under her clothes so as to appear larger.
The deli owner who informs Danny Rose about the fate of one the characters in the movie was really the co-owner of the legendary Carnegie Deli where the scene was shot. He was a retired comic and actor who retained his SAG card named Leo Steiner. He was only cast after the actors Woody Allen brought to the location were inadequate.
The film screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1984.
Actor Danny Aiello appeared in the movie uncredited.
The Carnegie Delicatessen Restaurant was shut down for two working days for the shooting of the film's scenes there.
The thirteenth feature film directed by Woody Allen.
In the film, it is touted that a sandwich be named after Danny Rose (Woody Allen). Its type and filling is suggested to be cream cheese on bagel with marinara sauce. In real life, after the movie was made and released, the Carnegie Delicatessen Restaurant, which was a setting in the picture, owner Leo Steiner, who appeared as himself in the film, created a "Danny Rose" sandwich. Its filling includes corned beef, pastrami and coleslaw and it comes in a special doggy bag. "Danny Rose" and comic strip character "Dagwood" are the only fictional icons that have a sandwich named after them at the Carnegie Deli.
Steve Rossi has said that he tested for the part Lou Canova but Allen in the end didn't want the movie to be known as an "Allen and Rossi" film. The part was cast with Nick Apollo Forte.
Principal photography was completed in January 1984.


Sammy Davis Jr.:  Uncredited, as a Thanksgiving Parade's Grand Marshall.
Joe Franklin:  The New York talk show host as himself.
Etta Rollins:  The mother of Woody Allen's agent-producer Jack Rollins as a balloon bender and folder in the balloon act. The movie was her only ever appearance in a filmed production.
Milton Berle:  As himself.

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