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So funny, one of my new favorite comedies!
Kristine16 May 2008
I have heard of Bachelor Party a couple times, once on VH1's I love the 80's and also in Clerks 2 there was a small reference. The weird thing is, I'm more used to a dramatic Tom Hanks, other than Big and A League of Their Own, I've never seen him in a raw comedy movie, so it was a little weird to think of Tom Hanks as this very funny male lead in a movie. But I decided to go ahead and give the movie a look, I have to tell you, I haven't laughed so hard and so out loud in a movie like this in a long time. Then I check out the rating on IMDb, 5.7?! Are you kidding me?! This movie is just so beyond funny, I know that it is cliché'd eighties, but come on! I just couldn't believe that anyone else would not find this to be a funny film. If you're telling me you did not find Brad to be funny, you have got to get your funny bone checked because Bachelor Party is non stop laughs from beginning to end.

Rick is about to get married to beautiful Debbie, his friends who live to party are throwing him the biggest bachelor party they can have. Debbie's rich and snobby family definitely don't want Rick to be apart of their lives, so Debbie's dad will do anything, including her ex-boyfriend, Cole, who wants her back, to split them up. But the bachelor party night has arrived, and things are going more crazy than the boys have expected.

Bachelor Party is seriously funny, it's predictable and silly, especially the end, but it's all in good fun. This is perfect 80's humor, it's the humor I miss and I'm sure others do too, because it's raunchy but doesn't over do it and just has fun with the audience. This cast looked like they had an ultimate blast and Tom Hanks was just brilliant, his character could be a jerk, but such a great guy at the same time, so he's real and likable. This is just a funny movie that I would recommend, it's a lot of fun and the rating on IMDb is just too harsh. Come on, let's get this rating up.

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A great comedy that deserves more credit
tenohtwo31 March 2004
Tom Hanks' career began in comedy, and this film is a shining example of his comedic talents. Hanks delivers a satisfying and enjoyable performance as groom-to-be Rick Gassko, and his supporting cast couldn't have been better selected. Many of the film's co-stars had worked with Hanks in the past, most notably on TV's Bosom Buddies. The chemistry is apparent here, as the actors are all very comfortable in their roles, as the dialogue is executed with a smooth, yet expedient wit. The jokes all work in this film - outlandish as some of them may be. There is never a dull moment in Bachelor Party, as each scene is well-constructed to deliver an inevitable laugh, without the premeditated one-liners that seem so forced in today's trash comedies. The events of the film were based on Producer Bob Israel's real life bachelor party experience, and the realism of the story can be felt in the film, as the viewer rarely has to suspend disbelief. This movie can best be appreciated by the movie fan who enjoys witty, smirk-inducing comedies such as Porky's, Animal House, Police Academy, Summer School, and Weekend At Bernie's.
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nursenicki200228 February 2006
First of all, if you are thinking that this will be some wonderful, well thought out, well crafted artwork starring Tom Hanks, put the movie down and back away from the rack. Now flash back to 1984, when movies were inane and entertaining--solely for entertaining!!! As far as raunchy 80's humor goes, you won't find anything better that Bachelor Party. Yes, the humor is predictable. Yes, the sight gags are predictable. But this movie does it better than anyone else in it's genre (that would be raunchy comedy). Good girl falls for bad boy, plan to get married, but first the guys must be guys. "Let's have a party with liquor and drugs and guns and hookers and cops!" and they do. Don't ask for more than this movie can deliver, yet appreciate it for what it is!
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Great to spend time with
Valery9 March 2004
I've read, someone has written "not worth of watching". That's all blah-blah-blah. I looked it through this evening, and I can't even say how many times I've already seen it. None of the modern US comedies could be compared to "Bachelor Party". They are all uninteresting and pure in humour. It makes me think how free were american movie-makers in 80's - they could do and allowed to say everything they wanted. I'm not American and the modern comedies for teens I watch now forced me to believe that as a genre comedy is dead in US. That's why I advise you to watch this movie, old but full of jokes about sex, crazy parties and true love, that means keeping promises.
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Tom Hanks greatest work
R_Jentsch13 June 2004
I think this is one of the funniest movies in the history of comedy. Tom Hanks was a phenomenal comedian at one point in his career, and I would watch this over any of his other movies (even Mazes & Monsters). I don't know what I can say about this movie other than as long as you don't try to take it seriously, it will leave you in stitches for 2 hours, and if you are going to plan a bachelor party, this is your handbook.

The general plot line is Tom Hanks is a blue collar worker (school bus driver for a Catholic School) as are most of his friends, but he falls in love with the rich girl, whose parent's can't stand there daughter dating an uneducated slob. Many of you will say that this plot has been seen numerous times, but this was the original comedy that did it, and did it best. If you haven't seen this movie, take the time to watch it, you don't know what you have been missing.
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Works as an amusing time-passer thanks to a likable debut performance by Tom Hanks
MovieAddict201629 April 2005
"Bachelor Party" is very much like other films of its genre except that it is one of Tom Hanks' very early efforts and, as a result, is more fondly remembered than it probably would be without Hanks.

Yes, before Hanks turned into Forrest Gump and an Oscar-winning heavyweight actor, he desperately starred in a 1984 teen sex comedy not unlike "Porky's," "The Last American Virgin" or "American Pie." "Splash" had been a success by now so the marketers could rely upon his newly-created status to promote "Bachelor Party," and it paid off -- this movie was an unexpected hit when it came out (albeit a small one).

Tom Hanks is a fine actor but I have to say that he had a certain charm about his acting that made many mediocre '80s comedies -- including "Turner and Hooch," "The 'burbs" and of course "Bachelor Party" -- immensely likable despite their flaws.

Yes, this is a crude, lewd, rude movie but it has its fair share of embarrassing moments, laugh-out-loud segments and cheesy (but fun) segments. Good entertainment for a Friday or Saturday night, and a good glimpse at a much younger, thinner, more comedic (and slapstick) Tom Hanks before he got all weepy-eyed and serious on us.
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Tom Hanks in 'funny' shocker!
DaveW-314 April 2000
Bachelor Party has few redeeming features, but it does have one big one: it's funny. Tom Hanks is about to get married, and his friends throw him one big bachelor party. Naked women, large amounts of drinking and a donkey getting high all follow.

Of course, someone wants to ruin the fun, in the form of Hank's bride-to-be father. Naturally, all of his plans to ruin the party are foiled by the motley crew.

Most of the gags in Bachelor Party are tasteless, but that's half of the fun. Not really recommended to devout Christians, but those with open minds will either find this film infectiously silly, or just stupid. It's a nice reminder of what film makers could get away with in the 80's, though. American Pie, it's nearest competitor, is too glossy and slick to be a proper Hollywood soft porn flick. It also has too much of a heart. Bachelor Party just piles on the dirtiness, and throws in a moral at the end, which is the way all 'Porky's' copies should be made (although Party is more fun than Porkys.)

(Comedy, 1984)
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An early comedy favorite from the 1980's.
Lucien Lessard13 July 2007
When a goofy Care-Free bus driver named Rick (Two Time Oscar-Winner:Tom Hanks), who decides to get married with a rich nice young woman named Debbie (Tawny Kitaen). Rick's friends (Adrian Zmed, William Tepper, Barry Diamond, Gary Grossman, Gradford Bancroft & Michael Dudikoff) decides to give Rick, an wild all-out Bachelor Party. While Rick's nemesis, a scumbag named Cole (Robert Prescott) tries to ruined the party of Rick and also trying to framed him as well. Since he's still crazy about his ex-girlfriend:Debbie.

Directed by Neal Isreal (Suft Ninjas) made an amusing comedy, which it was in the heights of Tom Hanks' career. Which he had another hit in 1984, which it was "Splash". Hanks is fun, so is the entire cast. This has some memorable funny scenes and clever gags as well. This has becomes an Camp Classic. Fans of his early work, should enjoy this as well.

DVD has an fine anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer and an good-Dolby Digital 4.0 Surround Sound. DVD also vintage behind the scenes vignettes and short interviews with the actors as well. Fans of wild 1980's sex comedies will have a blast. (****/*****).
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One of Tom Hanks' Best !
aesgaard414 April 2001
There is a lot of funny stuff in this movie as Tom Hanks plays part straight man and part traffic cop to the insanity that happens around him as a simple bachelor party swells and then degrades into a bacchanalic revelry. Let this movie serve as warning to anyone even THINKING of throwing a party as this seems to confirm Murphy's Law: If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will. The movie has a great soundtrack and Adran Zmed really wails on "Little Demon" as the craziness occurs around him. Hanks' character, no matter how nuts he seems to act, turns out to be quite, sensitive and reserved as he hides in a corner and finally retreats to a back room as his buddies keep having the fun, but they keep dragging him back into it. For my tastes, Tawni Kitaen, now or then, is not much of a beauty, but Wendi Jo Sperber (Tom's Busom Buddies co-star) is also on hand as his sister-in-law. This movie does win the "Scary Movie" award for unnecessary sex jokes, but the scenes at the photo studio, the garage and the 3-D theatre are some of the funniest.
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Amusing silly '80's comedy.
Boba_Fett113823 November 2008
This is one of those typical silly early '80's comedies, that features lots of immature teenage type of lame humor and nudity and sex jokes.

No, this by no means is a great movie and it also is hardly the best the genre has to offer but it's a movie that simply serves its purpose and brings some good entertainment.

The movie features dozens of silly and over-the-top characters, who are the main reason why this movie is such a maintaining and silly entertaining one to watch. It features Tom Hanks in an early comical movie role and it actually is sort of a shame he doesn't do movies like this anymore, since he certainly was very talented at it. Not that I mind the movies that he does now days of course but it at the same time is also a waste of his comical talent.

The movie also tries to feature some more serious elements, that concentrated on what it means to be married. Not that this works out horrible for the movie but it of course is also distracting a bit from what the movie is really truly about; simple immature comedy. Further more there is very little story actually and it simply features on the events during and around a bachelor party.

The movie is so silly, simplistic and immature that you just can't help being entertained by it all. No matter how bad and cheesy it all gets, you can't help laughing at this movie. Some comical moments are just plain great.

A real enjoyable silly '80's comedy, starring a young Tom Hanks.

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even for a dumb movie this is pretty dumb
trappjl12 May 2003
While I can appreciate the fun 80s movie vibe trying to be achieved in Bachelor Party, it just doesn't cut. The movie is more loud and obnoxious then funny, and while the cast is allowed to over act, they over act just a little too much. Sorry Tom but this character and plot device just aren't good enough.
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Awful Movie Experience
gcd7013 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Heaven save us from such absolute tripe as this completely pathetic college boys/sex 'comedy' about the allegedly sacred male rite, the "Bachelor Party". Rick has just got himself engaged to the horror of all his pals, so they decide that before he loses his freedom forever that he should be sent off in style. Needless to say that this includes plenty of alcohol, drugs and the occasional naked female.

It's appalling to think that Tom Hanks had to start out so low before making a name for himself as a truly fine actor. As for the rest of the cast (including Adrian Zmed and Tawny Kitaen), they progressed just as far as their collective talents would take them, nowhere.

As for Bob Israel's story (adapted to the screen by Neal Israel and Pat Proft), it isn't enough to describe it as bad taste. Even the foul comedy is foul, and the camp humour just isn't funny. Only one slightly humorous scene comes of this movie, involving a group of Asian gents who finally get some 'Bonzai'.

Please spare yourself this awful movie experience. Bring back "Revenge of the Nerds" if we must. Anything but this!

Friday, June 9, 1995, Video
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Crude journey into the mind of jock-mentality
tomgillespie200210 June 2011
Man-child bus driver Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks) surprises his friends when he announces he is going to get married to his girlfriend Debbie (Tawny Kitaen), much to their horror. In his honour, they plan to throw the greatest bachelor party in history. Worried that Rick will be unfaithful, Debbie and her friends leave their own bridal shower to go to a strip club, and then to crash the bachelor party. Rick must resist his temptations, and deal with a psychotically jealous ex-boyfriend (Robert Prescott), a transvestite hooker, a mentally unstable school friend, and a coked-up donkey.

When I watched this I really felt in the mood for a bit of 80's cheese. The sex/teen comedies that came out in that decade were hugely successful, and were usually funny in a guilty way. Films such as Porky's and Fast Times At Ridgemont High managed to balance gross-out humour, coming-of-age, and an odd vein of sweetness to good effect. Bachelor Party, however, is an unfunny, offensive and appallingly crude journey into the mind of jock-mentality.

90 minutes of a group of middle-aged men with bad haircuts and even worse fashion sense grope and drink to excess does not a good film make. Apparently the idea of the film came from the director and the majority of the crew attending a similar bachelor party. I couldn't imagine a more nightmarish prospect. Apart from the odd funny line - "Gentlemen, start your boners!" - this is desperately devoid of ideas and inspiration. And Tom Hanks' character is one of the most annoying in cinema history. He plays tennis with his fiancé and his future in-laws and repeatedly hits the ball out of the court laughing like a child. Debbie's father hates him, and we're supposed to think he's a stuffy old man. If I had a daughter that was considering marrying someone like Rick Gassko, I'd throttle the both of them in their sleep.
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1984 was a very good year
jerrilynnbthomas19 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
My boyfriend took me to see Bachelor Party during my senior year in high school. It was the most fun I had in a long time.

I was scanning Encore an hour ago and came across Bachelor Party. I immediately turned to it. I was curious to find out what it was rated on IMDb since it is one of my all time favorite movies. How can it be just 5.8?

Bachelor Party has everything you need in a crazy 80's movies. The hilarious scene with the female strippers who show up at the Bachelorette Party. The bathroom scene where one of the friends of the groom tells him that he's met his soul mate only to find out the hooker who serviced him is a man so he jumps into the shower to scrub his privates. How about the scene with the hot dog bun at the male stripper club?

Don't even get me started on the donkey? Bachelor Party is a movie that satisfies every time. It never gets old.
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No Party.
phillafella17 May 2003
BACHELOR PARTY stars Tom Hanks in an early role as a school bus driver who is about to get married, so his friends make sure that he goes out in style by throwing him the ultimate bachelor party. This movie has a few funny bits, but it is flawed by too much nudity and crazy and cheesy performances from supporting actors including Michael Dudikoff in a pre-martial arts role as one of Hanks' friends. A somewhat disappointing film from one of the most promising actors of the 80's.

2 out of 5
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Tom Hanks' Big Break.
tfrizzell26 June 2002
Disgusting and really perverted film that does entertain when all is said and done. The difference in this film and dozens of other tasteless films from the mid-1980s is the performance of then-newcomer Tom Hanks. Hanks' enthusiasm and screen persona are very apparent here. Does this make the film good? Well to be honest not really. It is still a film that does not really stand out among others in the genre, but it is still nice to look back and see how much Hanks has grown as a performer over the years. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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A Classic That Just Didn't Work For Me
Michael_Elliott9 May 2010
Bachelor Party (1984)

** (out of 4)

A man (Tom Hanks) announces to his buddies that he's going to get married in a week so obviously they decide to throw him a bachelor party (as well as try to talk him out of it). This is yet another post NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE flick where it's dumb, obnoxious, stupid and it doesn't care. As you'd expect, the R-rating is certainly reached for and achieved through a variety of profane language, silly sexual situations and of course plenty of nudity. The movie gets off to a good start but I thought it slowly got out of control with some of the side plots and in the end I really didn't find it as funny as many do. It's clear many consider this a classic of 80s comedies but I personally wouldn't go that far. I think the biggest problem I had with the film were the characters. I can't say I enjoyed any of them nor did I find any of them funny. Sure, there are a few laughs here and there but for the most part I was sitting there rather bored and just waiting for the film to end. Which is pretty much another problem since this thing clocks in at nearly 110-minutes, which is way too long. I think the main reason to tune into this thing would be for the young Hanks who you'd never tell by watching this that he would end up winning two Oscars. I guess the same thing could be said for Sean Penn in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH but then again you could strike this up as their talent for being able to play characters like these. I think Hanks gets to show off some of his comic timing and he certainly has a few funny bits playing the smart jerk. I thought some of the best moments happened early on when he's going after his future father-in-law who hates him. The rest of the cast were pretty bland to me but then again I think most of this has to do with the screenplay and not their performances. The film is very hit and miss in terms of laughs but to me most of them were misses. When the bachelor party finally happens it too is somewhat of a letdown as it really doesn't appear to be very fun.
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Your basic 80's sex comedy, but this one has Tom Hanks.
Aaron13753 March 2010
Yes, this one stars Tom Hanks, and from looking at the cast not to many other people I have heard of except for Tawnee Kitane. However, I thought this film was a laugh riot and enjoyed every minute of it. The plot is simple enough. An about to be married man is about to embark on the greatest send off party ever the bachelor party. Things are not so cut and dry though as the female comes from a wealthy family and she has an ex boyfriend who is a bit of a prick too that constantly tries to throw a monkey wrench into the works during the course of the movie. The father of the bride to be also tries to stir the pot a bit too. Well the party starts out rather slowly as the dirty movie has been censored and things are looking rather dull until one of Hanks' buddies finally comes through with the hookers and all bets are off. Drugs, nudity, and donkeys are all the rage!!! Yes, this movie is crazy and your basic sex comedy of the 1980's, but it is also one of the better ones of the era. I like it a lot more than Tom Cruise's "Risky Business" as that one takes itself to seriously at times while this one stays light and funny all the way through to the climatic battle in the movie theater where a gal gets punched in the face and thinks it is the 3-d.
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very bad movie
Addivv27 February 2003
hmmm... this is probably the worst movie I have ever seen. I don't understand why it has such a relatively high rating. Maybe some people think it funny because it is so bad... but even that is not possible with this 'movie' in my opinion. The best I can say about it is that it is a continuous stream of VERY silly jokes. Don't watch this!
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So bad it's PITIFUL.
gridoon6 September 1999
This movie is so bad that it made me want to cry. It's about as funny as a plane crash with no survivors. But it's not only completely unfunny: it's also moronic and offensive. For two hours you're watching retards behaving like three-year-olds. The sexist and racist jokes are just plain pitiful. And the scene where Hanks' girlfriend forgives him for lying to her and smiles sweetly is excruciating. I gave this "comedy" 1/10, a grade I've never used before. A pitiful movie. BLECCH.
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The worst piece of crap I ever wasted time on
hamster-925 March 2006
This movie was beyond awful. It felt like watching small children being tortured.

Now... I've seen a couple of bad movies, but this one rises to a new level. The acting was crap. Everyone knows that... But the realism of this piece of crap was amazing. None of this could NEVER have happened. Nothing. No one is this shallow. No one so stupid.

The script seemed like it was written by a 6-year old with at fascination for tits.

I rate this movie the worst movie I have ever seen to this date;

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Crude but fun
preppy-37 September 2001
Likable, stupid, crude and very funny movie about Tom Hanks having a bachelor party before he marries beautiful Tawny Kitaen. Naturally, things go barreling out of control. It's incredibly tasteless (although somewhat tame compared to today's movies), silly and full of female (and male!) nudity...but damned if I wasn't laughing! Most of the humor comes from Tom Hanks who's (I assuming) ad-libbing his lines left and right. Very 80s in terms of clothes and hair. Brainless but fun. A perfect example of an R-rated 1980s sex comedy that would get an NC-17 rating today. Also interesting to see Hanks pre-stardom. Turn off your brain and enjoy!
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This is a Bachelor Party
DKosty1231 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this film, I noticed a lot of raunchy humor, & this film is really one of a young Tom Hanks better early efforts. Because of it's R rating & some pretty soft core near porn it will not be work Hanks is remembered for.

This film is a better film than most would give it credit for. The film sets a decent pace, employs some classic comedy techniques & overall when you watch it, you get the feeling the cast & crew actually had fun making the film & it spills over onto the screen.

In a way, this film is the most like it's title. This is an adult bachelor party with all the raunchy that any adult party could have. There is a sequence near the end in a theater which borrows it's setting from some earlier comedy films but puts a different spin upon theater reality. Once in a while, this sequence shows up in some places as an example of a great movie comedy sequence as it is that good.

Critics were too snooty to give this film much of anything positive because it is not a film for the kiddies, but even though some of the gags fall flat depending on the viewer, there are enough gags that hit the target that this is a pretty indecently delicious piece of entertainment. It is faster paced than PORKY'S but done with a different style.
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A painful overacting shouting contest
jimbo-53-18651118 March 2017
Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks) is getting married to his partner Debbie Thompson (Tawny Kitaen). As a last hurrah, his friends decide to make his last few days as a bachelor a memorable occasion by throwing a 'bachelor party' for Rick, but predictability things get out of hand.

To criticise a film like Bachelor Party for being lewd and crude is probably a little unfair; after all these things can work in a film as long what you're seeing is funny, but very little actually works in this film.

The script is rather shaky and at times a lot of the plot elements seem unlikely or hard to believe; I found it difficult to understand why someone like Debbie would want to marry someone like Rick in the first place? What exactly does she see in him? OK, he has some likable qualities, but that aside I found it hard to believe that any respectable woman would want to be with him and nothing that we witness gives us any reason to believe in their romance. There is also a sub-plot involving another guy trying to sabotage Rick and Debbie's relationship which seldom raises any laughs and is just plain stupid. He spends his whole time trying to make Rick look bad when Rick is seemingly perfectly capable of doing this himself which, to me, seemed like a lot of wasted effort.

You know what though, this is a film so therefore I can genuinely roll with the story, and perhaps suspend some disbelief for how the story unfolds, but what really grates here is that the film is generally unfunny as a whole. There are no real jokes or gags in the film and what we're left with are a lot of gross-out scenes with all of the actors shouting at each other in some kind of embarrassing 'overacting contest'. There are a couple of minor chuckles in this film, but these moments are drowned out by the director's own indulgence and excess. As well as being irritating, many of the characters are unlikeable making this film hard to tolerate over its 100 minute running time. I think one of the biggest missteps here was portraying one of Rick's friends as being a depressed man who hates his marriage - this was presumably intended to be funny, but this character has no dimension or depth and as a result he comes across as being a whiny annoying jerk (like all of the other characters).

The failures in this film can be attributed to both writer and director; the script is generic and weak, filled with one dimensional characters who are given nothing to work with. Likewise the director is also to blame for allowing all of the actors to embarrass themselves in what is nothing more than a painful exercise in overacting and shouting with very little spark or imagination. It's a horrid, humourless, indulgent piece from start to finish.
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