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7 Jan. 1986
Junior Executive
Samantha has made the cheerleader team. To pay for the outfits required, she takes a job as Angela's assistant. When she realizes this means she is missing out on all the after school activities, she tries to get fired.
14 Jan. 1986
Educating Tony
Tony enrolls a course from Angela in which she teaches people how to make a successful commercial. Offended by Tony's commercial, in which women are degraded, they get into a fight.
21 Jan. 1986
Gotta Dance
Tony pushes Samantha to be a ballerina, but this has severe influence on her social life. Meanwhile, Angela takes up her practice on playing the cello, much to Mona's distress.
28 Jan. 1986
The Babysitter
When Angela has to attend a PTA meeting, Samantha is assigned to babysit on Jonathan. What promised to be a quiet night turns into a chaos when she receives a visit from Chad McCann, the most popular guy of school she has a crush on.
11 Feb. 1986
Jonathan Plays Cupid
Afraid that Tony will leave one day, Jonathan sets up an anonymous Valentine's Day date between Tony and Angela, in the hopes of them getting married.
18 Feb. 1986
When Worlds Collide
Tony and Angela worry when it turns out his poker night and a visit from her sophisticated friend Emily fall at the same time. To their surprise, Emily and his low-class poker buddy Eddie fall in love with each other.
25 Feb. 1986
Losers and Other Strangers
Angela has been nominated for a prestigious advertising award, but loses to Shirley. Meanwhile, Tony enters a bowling competitions and wins. Back at home, this causes tension between the two.
4 Mar. 1986
Tony for President
Angela signs up Tony in an election to become the president of the Parents Association. Their opponent, Joanne Parker, is desperate to win and tries to ruin their image.
18 Mar. 1986
Not with My Client You Don't
Angela is assigned to contract a powerful man and has to entertain his daughter, Genevieve Pescher. Genevieve has only one desire: sleeping with Tony.
25 Mar. 1986
Angela's New Best Friend
When she is left by her husband, Angela's snobby and manipulative neighbor Diane Wilmington invites herself to stay at her place.
1 Apr. 1986
There's No Business Like Shoe Business
Mona advices one of her employees Norman, an unhappy shoe salesman, to do in life what he really wants. The next thing she finds out is that he left his wife for Hollywood.
8 Apr. 1986
The Unnatural
Tony is visited by Josh Bradley, an old baseball friend. As soon as they meet, the never ending competition between them continues.
6 May 1986
The Anniversary Show
It has been two years since the Micelli's moved in with Angela. While celebrating, Tony suffers a burst appendix. Before going into surgery, he tells Angela he loves her.
13 May 1986
Charmed Lives
Angela travels to San Fransisco to shoot a commercial. There, the competition between Joyce, who is set to star, and Lauren, a photographer, stir when Lauren is accidentally chosen for the lead.
23 Sep. 1986
Angela Gets Fired: Part 1
Because she is enjoying a vacation in Mexico, Angela misses the meeting for an important account and gets fired.
30 Sep. 1986
Angela Gets Fired: Part 2
Angela starts looking for a new job, but has trouble finding something she is suited for the best. When she settles for a job as a copywriter, Tony and Mona encourage her to start her own company.
21 Oct. 1986
Daddy's Little Montague Girl
When her best friend Marci applies for a highly expensive private school, Samantha wants to apply as well. This gladdens Angela, but worries Tony.
28 Oct. 1986
Mona's Limo
Tony and especially Mona stretch Angela's theory you must spend money to make it in business, while she wines client Ping in San Francisco, by celebrating the account in advance. They also fall for a limo company's sales pitch to lease for $1,000 a month. Angela failed and wants to economize. Tony and even Mona try to make the limo earn its keep. That works poorly, until Ping unsuspectingly rents it, driven by Mona.
4 Nov. 1986
The Hickey
Sam has a date with a guy whom every girl wants. The next day she's acting very strangely. Tony discovers that she has a hickey. When she says it's not a big deal and that she has another date with the guy, Tony grounds her. Angela and Mona tell him that he should talk to her. He does but she refuses to see Tony's side. She then sneaks out for her date.
11 Nov. 1986
Wedding Bells?
Tony and Angela are both asked as paranymphs at a wedding of common friends. The romantic atmosphere and table conversation with other wedding guests stir dreams of marrying themselves and make them take stock of mutual feelings as Tony's curious housekeeper position is challenged and defended.
18 Nov. 1986
Jonathan the Gymnast
Jonathan brings home more straight AAs, yet a teacher writes in a letter an extracurricular activity should broaden his perspective. Tony convinces Angela that the only way to avoid a nerd label is joining a sports team, accepted only if he coaches personally, and the boy picks gymnastics. The training goes great, while Angela drives secretary Mona nuts with workaholic zeal for her new agency. Jonathan takes a painfully excessive risk, yet Angela blames Tony for his shoulder dislocation until Mona explains the parental example pressure syndrome.
25 Nov. 1986
Semi-Private Lives
Geoffrey Wells gets Angela to agree to a weekend in Maine, so Tony digs up his dusty black book and finds an eager date, Tanya Stromball. When bad map reading made the Maine voyagers return, Tony feels crammed and says he'll take her to their native Brooklyn, but stops in a fancy inn. Coincidentally, Anela and Geoffrey end up there too, next door, well, balcony.
2 Dec. 1986
Forgive Me, Tony
Tony gets a visit from Callahan, a horrible chap he constantly fought with in Brooklyn. To his amazement, the fiend is now a priest, but as soon as they start teasing again things get out of hand, even literally: hard-handed. Tony gets commandeered by the bishop to help out in a home as father Callahan left parish service, feeling he obviously remained a sinful scoundrel. Tony tries to mend that feeling as well as the dinner.
9 Dec. 1986
Spud Micelli
Tony nor Angela would admit it, but they're competitive enough about mini-golf to sneakily practice in secret after she won their first try and agreed to a rematch. Tony is puzzled when Sam squanders her chances on the basketball school team to spare a hunky kid, but Angela's sob-story changes her mind. Now Sam fears she lost the boy.
16 Dec. 1986
The Christmas Card
Tony prepared a wonderful Christmas goose dinner, but Angela accepts to join Geoofrey's family's catered dinner. Geoffrey also scares Tony from giving Angela his hand-made gift by buying her diamond earrings. Tony lies to have none of his own baseball cards left to avoid it being snapped up by Dr. Doyle Ferguson. Angela feels restoring that part of his past is the right gift for Tony. The scumbag dealer she buys it from actually bids on Tony's, tempting to pay his own 'worthy' gift for her.

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