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Season 6

19 Sep. 1989
In Search of Tony
A client offers Angela a weekend trip to Jamaica, with the whole household. Tony's careless sense of relaxation contrasting with ever-serious Angela leads to a bitter contest and separation 'to have fun' in which she goes overboard, ultimately being rescued from drowning during a nightly skinny-dip. After a talent-contest, they reconcile and consider the possibility of a future marriage.
26 Sep. 1989
Life's a Ditch
Tony welcomes a visit from Sam's Brooklyn-neighborhood-buddy Charlie Briscoe. When he learns she has left school and home, he calls her mother, but when rudely told 'keep her!' he refuses. Sam scolds that disloyal hypocrisy, which even Trish rebukes as he's her dream-parent. After a dog-food photo-shoot at the bower-home, agent Trish Carlin comes up with an alternative, yet Charlie seems uninterested.
3 Oct. 1989
In Your Dreams
Emotional blackmails suckers Tony into house-sitting for Mrs. Rossini and her cat Fiorello during a heatwave in Brooklyn during her mini-cruise. Tony enjoys catching up with his noisy blue-collar mates, especially Dennis and his ever-pregnant wife. Angela pays Tony a surprise visit and has a nightmare about leading such a housewife life without prospects.
10 Oct. 1989
Sam's Novel Romance
While Tony and Angela bicker who 'gave Same the love for literature', the only things that gets her and airheads like Bonnie to read non-obligatory books is hunky book club lecturing teaching assistant Ethan. Tony gets wind of Sam's latest flame being 'much older' and tricks him to review a 'first edition at home. Neither Micelli expected Ethan to bring his wife.
24 Oct. 1989
Tony and the Professor
Tony cancels a date with Joan, a woman whom he meets at a bar. She later reappears as his professor in class, and Tony grows convinced that she now has a vendetta against him.
31 Oct. 1989
Mother and Child Disunion
After a soirée Tony help host masterly, Richard Braden invites Angela's firm to merge with his much large one. Only Mona is against, but her bluff 'or I quit' is called. The row grows so bitter even Tony advises to give up collaborating. Once working for Braden, Angela starts doubting the wisdom of handing over control. Mona fails to get another job but increases the pressure by becoming Braden's coffee lady and stir outside the cups.
7 Nov. 1989
Sam Can Manage
Tony's neighbor-boy Al started an instrumental rock-band with his Brooklyn friends Billy, Greer and Dale. Sam joins as singer and manager. Tony tags tags along, convinced they may need adult protection, only to witness his brat being the worst shark in Eddie's bar.
14 Nov. 1989
Supermom Burnout
Between his study, domestic and paternal duties, overworked Tony is risking a burn-out. Tired of smoothing the endless bickering at home, he joins Dr. Berl's family therapy, against Brooklyn tradition. However the conclusion is Jonathan and Sam's bickering is normal 'sibling' friction, only Tony needs more sessions. He ends up in a group for 'super-moms'.
21 Nov. 1989
Sex, Lies and Exercise Tape
Attending a gym, Angela meets less prudish girls, who openly get her talking and thinking about hunky men, like Ernie who works out there, or Tony. Now at home to, she ponders and recalls the fat high-school experience root cause of her romantic shyness. Should she start dating Tony, or still declare him fair game for others?
28 Nov. 1989
To Tony, with Love
Tony dreaded Dr. Purcell's aptitude test, but his results offer a wide choice. He wants to major in business and start start his own firm. For easy marks, he takes Sam's suggestion, primary class observation. However the mean old teacher Bunch forces him to take over, even straightaway. Despite a disastrous, unprepared first class, Tony soldiers on and gets the taste of teaching.
5 Dec. 1989
The World Accordion to Jonathan
Jonathan hoped, after failing any athletic selection, to cats off his total nerd image by joining the school orchestra. Alas, the accordion he picked is even less popular then nerds. Tony however convinces him perseverance can pay off by invoking the happy example of his Brooklyn friend Bobby Governale, who accepts to tutor Jonathan. The two become inseparable, and end up pushing even Tony away for allegedly 'discrimating accordion players like everybody else'.
12 Dec. 1989
Gambling Jag
The kids shout a Vegas holiday for overworked Angela, who takes Tony and Mona along. Mona scores as temptress but loses big time against dangerous casino shark Jason. Will help rescue her or drag the others down with her?
2 Jan. 1990
Sam Accelerates
Tony's proud paternal delight over Sam being admitted to her high-school's acceleration program soon gives way to gloom once he realizes that probably means she'll leave home for college a year early too. Sam's own enthusiasm weakens as she realizes how dad feels and that she'll have to leave her friends.
9 Jan. 1990
Tony Kills
Tony's joy over success at the tennis court pales when his opponent, neighbor Ed Hartwell, dies just after a defeat, so Tony feels guilty, despite reassurances from father Marconi. When Ed's twin brother Fred turns up to settle the inheritance, Tony and Angela bend over backwards to 'make up', which seems to suit Fred all too well.
16 Jan. 1990
Dear Landlord
After the Bowers acquire a nearby house as investment, Tony fixes it up and makes sure it gets rented to foxy Michelle, even at mate's rates. She proves a rather bothersome client, but Tony's support only wavers when she shows interest in other men.
23 Jan. 1990
Mona and Walter and Sam and Eric
Everyone adores Sam's boy-friend Eric and encourages him to bring over his lonely, dependent grandfather, Walter. The old man's arrival however stirs rude hostility from Mona, who actually stood him up at the altar. Weird loyalty logic yields matching moves.
30 Jan. 1990
Micelli's Marauders
Angela asks Tony to coach her volleyball team, but soon regrets it as he becomes too motivated.
6 Feb. 1990
Her Father's Daughter
Sam thinks her winter break to Fort Lauderdale can't get worse when Tony decides to chaperon, until she gets into a fight with Bonnie over inviting some boys over. Meanwhile, Jonathan gets stood up on a date.
13 Feb. 1990
Take Me Back to the Ballgame
Angela tries to contract a famous baseball player, but Tony feels that he is more in love with making money than with the game itself, and much to Angela's anger, tries to scare him away.
20 Feb. 1990
I Dream of Genealogy
Sam triumphs having tracked down for a college project Tony's maternal grandpa Antonio Romano, who arrives from Palermo fro a short visit. Tony comes to terms with the lovable scrooge. But then e photograph proves Sam 'found' the wrong Tony senior.
27 Feb. 1990
Couple Trouble
When circumstances bring Tony to accompany Angela on a date as substitute, they meet an enviably less restrained couple, Brad and Jane, who are picking a wedding date and can barely believe such a handsome pair didn't graduate from cohabitation to physical love in years. However a dance-floor partner switch reveals a shocking relational drawback to such impulsive natures.
13 Mar. 1990
Operation Mona
After Mona's adjacent apartment burns down through her own fault, she acts meanly ingrate, over-stretching even Angela's patience after turning down an offered bungalow of her own as a 'ploy to dump ma', leading to an unprecedented break. She milks a mild respiratory affectation grossly, yet Tony remains alert enough to have her hospitalized for a potentially serious complaint. There she acts atypically, even neglecting hot Dr. Anderson. The reason has to do with the late Robert Robinson.
27 Mar. 1990
Road Scholar
Tony takes Sam along on a tour of suitable 'nearby' colleges, but none will do for the brat, who set her mind on Tate, all the way in California. When a Tate recruiter drops by, it's clear her extracurricular void is a no-go. He does however recommend a logical, academically valid alternative, only it's Tony's college, just what she dreads in terms of social life.
10 Apr. 1990
Beautician Heal Thyself
Tony is proud as a peacock when Al Rossini, who just graduated from beautician school, follows his advice by starting his own parlor. Tony comes help out, but finds it's not easy to coach the rudely outspoken knave to flatter rather then chase clients.
1 May 1990
Sit Down and Be Counted
Tony and Angela must delay their night at the movies when aspiring script writer Hank Sloan drops by, the official who wisely mistrust the family's data as filled is by mythomaniac Mona. As she responds to every question with a memory, we get lost of flashbacks, mainly to accidental 'romance'.
8 May 1990
The All-Nighter
Tony and a few classmates rent a hotel room to study for a class final. Most leave at the end of the night, but Tony and Kathleen remain. They try to study more, but end up in bed together. Angela finds out and is upset.

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