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Season 4

22 Sep. 1987
Frankie and Tony Are Lovers
The Bowers and Micelli's return to Brooklyn to help Mrs. Rossini at a fair. Tony allows himself to be auctioned, and is 'bought' by Frankie, an old flame. Angela is bummed, and realizes that she loves Tony.
29 Sep. 1987
Big Girl on Campus
Samantha lies to her father in order to go out with a college guy. While she realizes that this guy - Mason - is a major geek, Tony finds out the truth on Sam's whereabouts and makes a scene. He later tries to apologize by bringing Mason back home.
6 Oct. 1987
There Goes the Bride
Tony and Angela set their friends Lyle and Christy up on a blind date. They quickly realize that they would be a terrible couple, and are shocked when they are told that Lyle and Christy are engaged to each other.
13 Oct. 1987
A Trip to the Principal
When Jonathan has the possibility to skip a grade in school, he has trouble fitting in with his new classmates. Pressured by his mother to become popular, he starts hanging out with a tough crowd.
27 Oct. 1987
New Kid in Town
Samantha is crushed that she does not have a date for the school prom. Tony, meanwhile, meets Jesse in the supermarket and thinks that he is perfect for his daughter. Samantha, however, can't stand him.
3 Nov. 1987
Two on a Billboard
Tony spends 48 hours on a billboard to promote a campaign. Through this, he is offered a major job in Washington, which he quickly refuses. This confuses Angela, who wonders why Tony isn't even considering it.
10 Nov. 1987
A Farewell to Nick
When Tony tells Samantha that her grandfather Nick Milano has died, he is surprised at how mildly she is taking it. However, it soon becomes clear that she has more trouble dealing with his death than he initially thought.
17 Nov. 1987
Hell on Wheels
When Tony is accidentally injured twice due to Angela, she - out of guilt - decides to take care of him. Tony, however, is unsatisfied with Angela's household and hires a nurse, who turns out to be even worse.
24 Nov. 1987
A Fishy Tale
Mrs. Rossini is crushed when her husband leaves her. Angela persuades Tony to help her, and reluctantly takes over her fish market. This turns out to be more work than initially thought.
1 Dec. 1987
Car and Driver
Even though she doesn't have a driver's license, Samantha secretly takes her father's car for a drive and crashes it. She then lets Jesse take the blame.
8 Dec. 1987
Just Mona and Me
Angela's latest possible client Max becomes a close friend of the family, and Mona even considers giving up her bachelorette lifestyle to be with him. Then, one day, he breaks off contact, and leaves Tony to deliver Angela and Mona the bad news.
15 Dec. 1987
Yellow Submarine
Tony and Samantha both get jobs at a local diner that serves as a hang-out spot for the high school cool crowd. After a quarrel with one of the customers, Tony is fired... by Samantha.
5 Jan. 1988
Another Single Parent
Tony befriends Kelly, the widowed mother of the girl that Samantha is babysitting for. After a conversation with the girl, Angela finds out that Kelly is lying about her past.
12 Jan. 1988
All in the Famiglia
Tony's traditional family from Italy is coming for a visit. Angela tries her hardest to impress its members, until the aunt demands that she will marry Tony's cousin Maurizio.
19 Jan. 1988
Steady as She Goes
Tony is upset when he finds out that Samantha has gone steady with Jesse. Samantha, meanwhile, feels even worse for not having her father's approval.
2 Feb. 1988
Tony and the Dreamtones
Tony rejoins his high school doo-wop band, even though he clearly remembers the constant fighting with the other members. The heat soon returns when Tony wants to add Angela as a member of the band.
9 Feb. 1988
The Matriculator
While trying to persuade Samantha to enroll college after high school, Tony decides to enter university himself. However, the admission test proves to be more difficult than thought.
1 Mar. 1988
Three Teens and a Tony
Mason temporarily moves in with Tony when he is bullied away by his fellow students. The same night, Jesse cancels a date with Samantha. She decides to go out with Mason, and kisses him.
15 Mar. 1988
Housekeepers Unite
When other housekeepers of the neighborhood find out how much Tony is earning, they go on a strike until they are given a higher salary. Oddly, Angela encourages Tony to join them, until she learns the downsides about this.
22 Mar. 1988
Model Daughter
To pay off her debts, Samantha convinces Tony, against his better judgment, to allow her to take a modeling job at Angela's advertisement agency. Soon, she becomes a successful model, with a higher salary than her own father.
29 Mar. 1988
Marry Me, Mona
Mona rejects a marriage proposal of Max Muldoon; then changes her mind when Max's ex-wife Suzanne shows up, asking him to get back with her. Angela, unaware of Mona's motives, meanwhile wonders why her mother is suddenly so eager to marry.
3 May 1988
Prom Night II
As soon as Angela hears that Samantha will go to prom with Jesse, she relives a childhood trauma, and does her best to make prom as perfect as possible for Samantha. Sam, however, is fed up with all the preparations, and calls the prom off.
10 May 1988
Sleep Talk, Sweet Talk
A few days before her birthday, Angela starts calling for Tony romantically in her sleep. Tony overhears this, and suspects that Angela is in love with her.
17 May 1988
The Two Tonys
Tony runs into an old girlfriend who has married another man named Tony, who turns out to have lived in Micelli's shadow ever since. To help and boost his ego, Tony (Micelli) organizes a pool match which he intends to lose, but there is one problem: he can't stand the other Tony.

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