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17 Mar. 2014
The Thomas Way
Thomas and Duck have to take Harold for repairs. Thomas thinks it would be nice show Harold some sights, but Duck is determined to carry out the job "the Great Western way" which means taking the most direct and prompt route.
18 Mar. 2014
Bill or Ben?
Bill and Ben play a cunning trick on Connor the new streamlined engine.
5 Jul. 2014
Away from the Sea
A new engine named Porter arrives at the docks and Salty, who is suffering from engine problems, fears he has come to take his job.
6 Nov. 2014
The Smelly Kipper
James is ordered to take the "Flying Kipper" train and ends up getting covered in smelly fish.
21 Nov. 2014
No More Mr Nice Engine
Diesel tries to show Hiro how troublesome trucks can be, but ends up spoiling the Fat Controller's trousers - twice.
5 Nov. 2014
Gone Fishing
Bill and Ben tease Harvey about his hook and say he must be going fishing. However, Harvey knows being a crane has its advantages which he proves when he derails some flatbeds and is able to clear up his own mess.
7 Nov. 2014
Thomas' Shortcut
To beat Bertie in a race, Thomas tries to find a shortcut. Unfortunately, he ends up causing confusion and delay when he comes off the rails.
6 Jul. 2014
The Afternoon Tea Express
Stephen is given the job of being the Afternoon Tea Express for Ulfstead Castle. He is not very fast and gets the other engines to give him a push to speed him up. Unfortunately, Spencer pushes him too fast.
4 Nov. 2014
Flatbeds of Fear
After hearing an eerie noise at the docks, Salty tells Thomas that it's the Flatbeds of Fear looking for an engine to couple up to. The word spreads and soon Henry and Emily hear the spooky noise and are running scared.
4 Nov. 2014
Disappearing Diesels
Diesel gets all the other diesels to hide from Paxton who thinks they've all disappeared. Diesel gets carried away and takes the joke a bit too far, but despite this, Paxton still helps him when he runs out of fuel.
4 Sep. 2014
Thomas the Quarry Engine
Thomas decides to pull a heavy train of extremely troublesome trucks without a back engine. He later regrets his decision when he runs into trouble on a hill.
10 Sep. 2014
Missing Gator
Percy is missing Gator terribly and tries to focus on his work instead of thinking about his absent friend. Percy learns that sometimes thinking about Gator can have it plus sides.
18 Dec. 2014
Long Lost Friend
Gator is back on Sodor in time for Christmas, but he has a lot of trouble trying to reunite with his old friend, Percy.
18 Dec. 2014
Last Train for Christmas
It's Christmas Eve and the snow is covering the tracks. Can the engines pull together and clear the lines before the last train for Christmas passes through?
17 Dec. 2014
Duncan the Humbug
It's Christmas on Sodor and all the engine are to be given a new coat of paint. Duncan will only get his new coat of paint if he can go a whole day without complaining. Will he succeed?
17 Dec. 2014
The Perfect Gift
Percy tries to find the perfect Christmas gift for Reg the scrapyard crane.

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