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20 Feb. 2012
Race to the Rescue
Flynn has had his road wheels fixed, but is worried about using them after Charlie calls him a "big, red wobble on wheels".
21 Feb. 2012
Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
Thomas asks Den and Dart to fix Ol' Wheezy the log loader. Individually, they fail, but eventually Thomas realises that Den and Dart need to work together to successfully fix Ol' Wheezy.
22 Feb. 2012
Express Coming Through
Thomas is given the job of pulling the express, but it is too heavy for him. Not wanting to admit defeat to Gordon, Thomas leaves some of the carriages around the island, leaving the important passengers stranded.
23 Feb. 2012
Percy and the Monster of Brendam
Percy attempts to find "The Monster of Brendam".
24 Feb. 2012
Ho Ho Snowman
Charlie tries to show Henry that snow can be fun.
27 Feb. 2012
Flash Bang Wallop!
A photographer is to take pictures of the engines for a book and Thomas wants to get into more photographs than Gordon.
28 Feb. 2012
Thomas and the Rubbish Train
Thomas has to help Whiff take a train of rubbish to the waste dump, but wants to stay clean so that he can take the Duchess of Boxford to have tea with Lady Hatt.
29 Feb. 2012
Thomas Toots the Crows
Thomas promises to act as a scarecrow for Farmer McColl, but does not do a very good job.
1 Mar. 2012
Bust My Buffers!
Gordon the grand engine bashes into some trucks at the Docks - and his buffer falls off! All engines must have a buffer and so Gordon is given a yellow and black Diesel buffer. Gordon is horrified!
2 Mar. 2012
Percy and the Calliope
Percy tries to fix an old calliope so that it isn't scrapped.
5 Mar. 2012
Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
Thomas tries to show a famous composer the sounds of Sodor, but his engine friends keep getting in the way.
6 Mar. 2012
Salty's Surprise
Edward tries to find Salty a suitable Christmas present.
8 Mar. 2012
Emily's Winter Party Special
Emily thinks that if she finds the Fat Controller's hat, she will be given the privilege of pulling the presents train.
9 Mar. 2012
Muddy Matters
James learns that it is more important to be a really useful engine than a really clean one while delivering Farmer McColl's sheep to the farmer's fair.
12 Mar. 2012
Whiff's Wish
Whiff wants to be grand like Spencer and takes on other engines' jobs instead of doing his own.
13 Mar. 2012
Welcome Stafford
Spencer is given the special job of taking new electric shunting engine Stafford around the Island of Sodor, but he refuses to listen to warning about Stafford's battery.
14 Mar. 2012
Don't Bother Victor!
Peter Sam is put in charge for the day and is told not to bother Victor with little things. When engines start breaking down, Peter Sam tries to fix them himself instead of fetching Victor.
15 Mar. 2012
Happy Birthday Sir!
It's the Fat Controller's birthday and Thomas and Winston have a surprise for him.
25 Dec. 2012
The Christmas Tree Express
Toby and Rheneas attempt to find the perfect Christmas tree for the Blue Mountain Quarry on Misty Island.

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