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Skiff and the Mermaid

Skiff is so desperate to find a mermaid, that he sails off with the Fat Controller and they drift out to sea.


9 Jan. 2008
Thomas and the Billboard
A photographer arrives to photograph the engines for a billboard. However, Diesel accidentally blocks Thomas.
9 Feb. 2008
Steady Eddie
Edward has to deliver a waterwheel to the waterworks at Great Waterton. He ignores advice and takes the waterwheel on the bumpy tracks where he thinks more people will be able to see the magnificent wheel.
3 Sep. 2008
Rosie's Funfair Special
The funfair has arrived on Sodor and Rosie is hoping gets the job of delivering it. Instead The Fat Controller asks Emily. Disappointed, Rosie decides that she can 'help' Emily, who has a lot of other jobs, by taking the funfair alone.
4 Sep. 2008
Mountain Marvel
Peter Sam stumbles across a statue of legendary engines, Proteus, which he attempts to keep secret from the other engines.
5 Sep. 2008
Henry Gets It Wrong
Henry tries to save the wishing tree, but he doesn't realise that the specialist woodsmen want to save the tree, not chop it down.
8 Nov. 2008
Heave Ho Thomas!
Thomas refuses to accept help from the big, new American engine called Hank, but soon runs into trouble.
9 Sep. 2008
Toby's Special Surprise
Toby becomes determined to find something special on the island, just like his friends, so that The Fat Controller will think that he too is special. But Toby spends so much time searching for something special that he runs out of coal.
10 Sep. 2008
Excellent Emily
Emily is declared "excellent" by The Fat Controller and it goes straight to her head. When she is given an important job to do, she comes across a series of tricky situations, and finds herself up to her buffers in sticky mud.
27 Dec. 2008
The Party Surprise
Freddie takes it upon himself to move the children's winter holiday party to the wharf so that Colin the Crane can be included in the fun.
27 Dec. 2008
Saved You!
When a Sodor fireman is to be presented with a medal for bravery, Thomas decides to be a hero too. He tries to prove himself but causes havoc and disaster wherever he goes.
13 Sep. 2008
Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
It's the Percival twins' birthday and Mr Percival has got them a Hot Air Balloon ride as a treat. When Duncan learns this, he is upset as he already has his birthday flag fixed on his cab ready to take the twins for a special birthday ride.
6 Dec. 2008
James Works It Out
James refuses to take Hector's advice and gets his train stuck in a snow drift.
17 Sep. 2008
Tram Trouble
It is the first Great Waterton Festival and Toby is to lead the parade. Thomas is delighted for his friend. When The Fat Controller introduces Thomas to Flora, a new steam tram, and tells them that she is to lead the parade with Toby, Thomas is worried.
15 Nov. 2008
Don't Go Back
Thomas and Diesel cause havoc at the quarry by racing backwards.
18 Sep. 2008
Gordon Takes a Shortcut
Gordon is a very proud engine and thinks he knows the Sodor railway better than any other engine. When taking a short cut in order to get to the docks first, he gets lost and won't ask for directions from the other engines.
29 Nov. 2008
The Man in the Hills
Thomas tries to find the "Man in the Hills" on the day of Mr. Percival's birthday.
23 Sep. 2008
Thomas Puts the Brakes On
Thomas has been given the job of delivering specially made blocks for the rebuilding of the Sodor River Bridge. When his brakes start to fail, his friends offer to help. However, Thomas is too proud to accept!
15 Nov. 2008
Percy and the Bandstand
Percy is instructed by The Fat Controller to take Lady Hatt to her surprise party. However, when Percy tells her he is taking her on a special trip, she tells Percy where she wants to go.
25 Sep. 2008
Push Me, Pull You
Skarloey causes havoc while delivering a puppet show special after refusing help from his best friend, Rheneas.
2 Nov. 2008
Best Friends
When Thomas is given the job of pulling a brass band, a job his best friend Percy wants, Thomas decides to keep it secret.

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