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12 Nov. 2005
Fergus Breaks the Rules
Diesel tells Fergus that the Fat Controller wants him to work at the Smelter's Yard instead of the Cement Works. Believing Devious Diesel's story, Fergus goes to the scary Smelter's Yard and ends up running away.
3 Sep. 2005
Percy and the Oil Painting
Percy takes an artist around Sodor to give him inspiration for his painting titled 'The Spirit of Sodor.' Unfortunately, the artist doesn't think any of the places Percy show him are very special.
6 Sep. 2005
Thomas and the Rainbow
A new coach temporarily replaces Henrietta while she is at the works.
11 Sep. 2005
Thomas' Milkshake Muddle
Thomas is disappointed when the other engines get to take children to the seaside and he has to collect ingredients for cakes and ice-creams. On top of that, Thomas has a need for speed after Emily calls him a slow coach.
17 Sep. 2005
Molly's Special Special
The new engine, Molly, is feeling sad because she doesn't think the job she is doing is special. Thomas tries his best to make Molly's train of empty trucks special.
17 Sep. 2005
Respect for Gordon
Gordon's firebox begins to act up and the engines begin to tease him. Gordon gets annoyed and demands more respect from the others.
10 Sep. 2005
Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
Thomas is given the job of taking the Fat Controller, his wife and his visiting mother for a birthday picnic, but his ideas for picnic spots do not work out.
24 Sep. 2005
Tuneful Toots
Rusty's double-noted call is scorned by neighbors but enjoyed by visitors, like the brass band preparing for a concert on his line. But in his eagerness to show them around, he gets them stranded over a bridge, without anyone knowing.
1 Oct. 2005
Thomas and the Toy Shop
Thomas is glum when he is asked to do jobs other than deliver toys and children to the toy-store's winter grand opening, but is determined to try to do it all when Henry and the other given the two jobs have trouble.
1 Oct. 2005
Rheneas and the Dinosaur
Rheneas' and Skarloey's friendship is put to the test when, eager to transport a stegosaurus-skeleton, Skarloey almost loses them the job by working over-eagerly and Rheneas proves himself and tries to carry the weight alone.
8 Oct. 2005
Thomas and the New Engine
Thomas sees Neville, a new steam engine, with 'Arry and Bert, and starts a rumour that they are friends. The engines get so wrapped-up avoiding Neville that Thomas forgets to warn him about a broken bridge.
8 Oct. 2005
Toby Feels Left Out
The engines are all getting repaints for the grand opening of a museum - all except Toby, who is now under the belief that he is being put in the museum.
16 Oct. 2005
Thomas Tries His Best
Thomas is worried that if he waits too long for Farmer McColl and his chickens, he will not make it in time to see the carnival. When he finally leaves, he goes very fast with the chickens.
15 Oct. 2005
The Magic Lamp
Peter Sam thinks Skarloey's story about Proteus and his magic lamp is rubbish, until he actually encounters some of the clues from the story.
29 Oct. 2005
Thomas and the Statue
When a statue to represent the Sodor Railway arrives, Thomas thinks it is of himself, and his newly-enlarged ego aggravates the other engines.
4 Nov. 2005
Henry and the Flagpole
Salty accidentally runs over the flagpole that Henry was supposed to deliver. And if he cannot find a replacement, they might cut down his favourite tree to use instead.
29 Oct. 2005
Emily Knows Best
Emily wants to prove to Toby that she is fit to be a queen by telling Percy of an easier route. But it might just worsen her reputation, since Mavis is now headed straight for Percy.
18 Sep. 2005
Thomas' Day Off
Dennis, the new diesel engine who claims to need help with many tasks, is lazy and angry when Thomas doesn't end up doing all the work for him with his free time. But he gets a new outlook on his work hard way when he derails himself.
5 Nov. 2005
Thomas' New Trucks
Thomas and James are both given new sets of trucks, and they have a competition on who can keep their trucks clean the longest. But Thomas' trucks want to be dirty.
5 Nov. 2005
Duncan and the Old Mine
Duncan is desperate for adventure, so he heads down a disused track. It leads to a mineshaft, and he accidentally knocks its roof down as he enters, trapping himself.
12 Nov. 2005
Bold and Brave
Diesel warns Thomas of the "Curse of the Cliffs", just before he is supposed to cross the cliff. But Diesel has also scared Ben with a story that turned out false.
19 Nov. 2005
Skarloey the Brave
Skarloey runs away when some trucks rampage down the incline. He wants to prove that he can be brave, so he gets himself pulled up the steep incline.
26 Nov. 2005
Saving Edward
Edward starts to wheeze steam when he works, and fears that the Fat Controller will scrap him. Thomas tries to cover for him, but might just worsen the situation.
26 Nov. 2005
Thomas and the Golden Eagle
Thomas sacrifices his chances to see one of Sodor's most rarest birds to help Percy when he breaks down after offering to do Thomas' work as well as his own.
3 Dec. 2005
Keeping Up with James
The Fat Controller is going to choose a reliable engine to pull the Presents Train, and James does not think working with Edward will get him to finish first. Instead, he rushes and lowers his chance.
3 Dec. 2005
Flour Power
Thomas has to work with Diesel on Halloween, and he is up to his old tricks. But later, at the flour mill, Thomas gets him back with his own spook.

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