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Season 8

4 Sep. 2004
Thomas and the Tuba
Thomas has to transport a brass band to Lady Hatt's birthday party, but he leaves the tuba player behind. Soon, Thomas is racing around the island trying to find him.
1 Aug. 2004
Percy's New Whistle
Percy is feeling overjoyed about his new whistle. He whistles loudly to the other engines which he thinks is harmless fun. It turns out to cause confusion and delay.
4 Oct. 2004
Thomas to the Rescue
Thomas is feeling worried because Diesel says that The Fat Controller wants to scrap all the steam engines in favour of diesel engines. But the next day, all the diesels are given bad oil and Thomas is the only engine available to help.
5 Sep. 2004
Henry & the Wishing Tree
Henry goes to an old tree to wish for a chance to pull the express. He learns to be careful what he wishes for when he realises that pulling coaches is very different to pulling freight trucks.
15 Aug. 2004
James Gets a New Coat
When James gets repainted he claims he both looks great and is great. Instead of going to the docks for work the next day with Percy, he goes by the canal to look at his own reflection, and around the island so he'll be seen.
15 Aug. 2004
Thomas Saves the Day
Annie and Clarabel always help Thomas cross a difficult bend. When the coaches are at the works, Thomas needs to gain confidence in himself to cross the bend himself. He needs this confidence in order to save a new station from some runaway trucks.
22 Aug. 2004
Percy's Big Mistake
Percy is worried he will be scrapped after misinterpreting a conversation between the Fat Controller and his driver.
22 Aug. 2004
Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
Thomas refuses to listen to bossy Emily and goes off without his snowplough.
29 Aug. 2004
Don't Tell Thomas
The engines decide to show their appreciation to Thomas by throwing a surprise party. But they are having a hard time keeping the secret from him.
29 Aug. 2004
Emily's New Route
Emily is desperate to keep her flour route after hearing that the Black Loch run has a monster in the lake; the trucks, however, give her a hard time.
5 Sep. 2004
Thomas and the Firework Display
Thomas is jealous when James gets to pick up the fireworks collection for the Halloween festival, so teases him when he's sent to help him when he breaks down. But neither knows how to make it to the festival in time like they want to.
5 Sep. 2004
Gordon Takes Charge
With winter too bad for buses, Percy is asked to deliver passengers but is out of practice. Gordon feels too good to coach and proves an impatient teacher, but then sees an excuse to display his skill and how great he thinks he is.
11 Sep. 2004
Spic and Span
A railway inspector is coming, and all the engines are determined to win the Cleanest Engine Award. Thomas and Percy find this difficult to do.
12 Sep. 2004
Edward the Great
When the Duke and Dutchess' private engine Spencer learns he beat Gordon's record, he claims to be better than any Sodor engine. The engines all want to race him, but James and Gordon have no faith in Edward, who is the only one free.
19 Sep. 2004
Squeak, Rattle and Roll
Gordon worries that he will be scrapped due to the squeaking and rattling he makes. He tries to hide this from the Fat Controller, but has to take him on a run.
19 Sep. 2004
Thomas and the Circus
Thomas is so honored to pull the circus-train that he is hesitant to ask for help in handling the heavy weight even after being offered it.
26 Sep. 2004
Thomas Gets It Right
Thomas is cross about having to go slowly with his load of eggs. He decides to go fast after all, but pays with some eggs that got broken when he did.
26 Sep. 2004
As Good as Gordon
Emily wants to prove that she can be as fast as Gordon. She tries to do as much work as he can, but it is too much for her and she runs out of water.
2 Oct. 2004
Thomas ignores Arthur's advice and tries to take all of his fish trucks at once, but he ends up colliding with Salty.
30 Oct. 2004
Emily's Adventure
Emily has to make her way past the storm damage obstacles to deliver wood for Farmer McColl. Crossly, she bosses her friends about to speed things up, which does not work.
10 Oct. 2004
Thomas and Emily are not scared to go to the Other Railway. However, 'Arry and Bert want to have some fun and decide to spook the steam engines, but accidentally spook themselves.
9 Oct. 2004
You Can Do It, Toby!
When Gordon, helped up his least-favorite hill by Edward, sees Toby putting all his strength into climbing, he gives him much scorn and insults, which Toby takes to heart. But the next day, Toby must replace Edward as Gordon's back-engine.
15 Oct. 2004
James Goes Too Far
James takes too much pride in delivering an important load of coal, and ignores the others who need help. Salty has a word with him, and teaches him kindness.
16 Oct. 2004
Chickens to School
Thomas takes on three jobs that take their toll and tire him out. He refuses help from Emily, but winds up mixing up all of his jobs.
14 Oct. 2006
Too Hot for Thomas
Thomas is disappointed to be taking ice cream ingredients rather than children. He gets into scrapes on the way, but does not realise this job is important, too.
22 Oct. 2004
Percy and the Magic Carpet
Salty tells Percy that the red carpet he is delivering is magical. The others refuse to believe this, but Percy thinks it is magic that is making it float up.

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