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Season 10

3 Sep. 2006
Follow That Flour
Thomas decides to play hide-and-seek with James's flour truck, but the door falls open, and all the flour spills and leaves a trail behind him.
2 Sep. 2006
A Smooth Ride
Sir Handel returns to the narrow gauge railway, but he keeps shaking when he travels up hill. Can Sir Handel hide is problem or will the Thin Controller send him back to the quarry where bumpy engines belong?
9 Sep. 2006
Thomas and the Jet Plane
Jeremy the Jet Plane boasts to Thomas about being able to fly and see everything at once, making Thomas wish he was a jet plane, too.
10 Sep. 2006
Percy and the Funfair
All of the engines are given fun and important jobs when a circus comes to town. However, Percy is given the boring job of delivering coal and decides to try and help his friends with their jobs.
16 Sep. 2006
The Green Controller
While the Fat Controller is ill, Percy is given the job of giving the other engines their jobs for the day, but gets into a muddle.
16 Sep. 2006
Duncan Drops a Clanger
Duncan has to take a big bell to be polished, but ends up losing it. Can he find it in time for country fair?
Thomas' Tricky Tree
'Tis the season for holiday cheer! Ride through a winter wonderland with Thomas on a special Christmas tree delivery. Join Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crew as they build a sleigh of their own to make it to the school Christmas Carol Concert in time. See Fireman Sam and his friends get into the holiday spirit with the most exciting Christmas lights in all of Pontypandy. Finally, enjoy the snowfall with Barney as he teaches Baby Bop that winter is a wonderful time for fun even when it's cold outside.
4 Nov. 2006
Toby's Afternoon Off
Toby wants to spend his afternoon off at Farmer McColl's farm to see the animals, but he is given three jobs that his friends cannot help him with.
It's Good to Be Gordon
Gordon, close to setting a new record, uses up the coal that Henry needs, thinking it will make him faster. But Gordon feels guilty seeing Henry struggling later.
Seeing the Sights
Thomas is determined to show the tourists as many sights as possible, but he goes so quickly that he leaves behind passengers at all the stops.
7 Oct. 2006
Fearless Freddie
Fearless Freddie returns to the narrow gauge railway after many years away. Skarloey and Rheneas decide to race the old engine, but Freddie tricks them which swiftly leads to trouble for Rheneas.
Toby's New Shed
Thomas offers to help repair Toby's holey roof, but he is not aware that Toby liked the holes, for the birds would build their nests and keep him company.
Big Strong Henry
Henry wants to prove he is as strong as Gordon by pulling as many trucks as possible, but he only gets in a wreck and proves he is sillier.
Sticky Toffee Thomas
Thomas spends too much time daydreaming about what he will wear to a costume party that he winds up taking a tanker full of toffee, and soon crashes it by mistake.
Which Way Now?
Rusty rushes the workmen putting up signs in order to meet the Fat Controller. However, because they were rushed, all the signs point in the wrong directions.
Thomas and the Shooting Star
When a shooting star is due to appear and the power company's generator breaks, Thomas takes longer routes to still see the star. But it gets too late and dark, and he gets lost.
29 Oct. 2006
Edward Strikes Out
A new crane called Rocky arrives on the island. Edward thinks that the new crane is "new-fangled nonsense" and can't be really useful. Will Edward be proved wrong after Gordon has a nasty accident?
Topped Off Thomas
As Thomas races Spencer, he blows the Fat Controller's top hat away. To make up for it, he tries to chase the wind as it carries it across the Island.
Wharf and Peace
After Skarloey is startled at the Wharf, he is convinced that he is a "scaredy engine". He spends the day sulking, but shows bravery by not even trying.
Thomas' Frosty Friend
Thomas sees the children surrounding a giant snowman balloon, but the wind causes it to blow away, and its cords get caught on Thomas' buffers, making him wonder why it won't stop following him.
Emily and the Special Coaches
Emily is collecting Gordon's new coaches, but she gets into a fight with Diesel on the way. So Diesel steals the coaches and makes Emily chase him down.
11 Nov. 2006
Thomas and the Colours
Thomas wants to take the Sodor football team to their big match against the mainland. Unfortunately for Thomas, James has that job. Thomas tries to put James off the important job, but it doesn't work.
Thomas and the Birthday Mail
Thomas is frustrated when a new tank engine named Rosie follows him around. But as he tries to avoid her, he takes a route that is about to be hit by a landslide.
18 Nov. 2006
Duncan's Bluff
Duncan plays a trick on James and lands the big, red engine in a spot of bother.
Missing Trucks
Rheneas tries to surprise his sad friend Skarloey by taking his trucks for him. But he leaves them alone for too long, and they go missing, making Skarloey sadder.
Thomas and the Treasure
Thomas is determined to find the treasure that Salty spoke of, despite the other engines ridiculing him. But, he chooses to skip his job in order to search.
James the Second Best
James is jealous of Edward when he is chosen for a poster instead of him. Determined to be as good as Edward, he winds up working too hard and wrecks Edward's poster.
Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out
Thomas decides to cheer Skarloey up by taking him on a tour of the Island. None of the sights surprise him, though. And, Thomas does not pay attention to the old coupling on Skarloey's flatbed truck, or the steepness of Gordon's Hill.

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