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Skiff and the Mermaid

Skiff is so desperate to find a mermaid, that he sails off with the Fat Controller and they drift out to sea.

Season 20

21 Oct. 2016
Sidney Sings
Sidney is a very forgetful diesel engine who decides to make up a song to help him remember a very important job.
6 Sep. 2016
Toby's New Friend
Philip tries to befriend Toby the Tram Engine, thinking he is a diesel boxcab like himself. Unfortunately, young Philip and old Toby don't seem to like the same things.
7 Sep. 2016
Henry Gets the Express
Henry is given the job of pulling the express. Meanwhile, Gordon is reassigned to Henry's goods trains and he doesn't like it one bit.
21 Oct. 2016
Diesel and the Ducklings
Rough and tough Diesel shows that he's really a big softie when it comes to fluffy little ducklings.
9 Sep. 2016
Bradford the Brake Van
Bradford is a very strict brakevan who abides by all the railway rules and regulations. As a result, the engines of Sodor find him very difficult to work with.
15 Dec. 2016
The Railcar and the Coaches
Daisy upsets Annie and Clarabel and the two coaches learn that two wrongs do not make a right.
24 Oct. 2016
Over the Hill
When Glynn comes to work at Ulfstead Castle, Stephen is jealous and challenges the old Coffeepot Engine to a race.
16 Dec. 2016
Love Me Tender
Donald and Douglas have a falling out and Douglas gets left stranded in the snow without his tender. When he realises what has happened, Donald sets off to rescue his brother.
16 Dec. 2016
Letters to Santa
Old rivals Percy and Harold the Helicopter have to work together to get the children's letters to Santa to the North Pole on time.
23 Jan. 2017
Mike's Whistle
Duck's whistle is making funny noises and Mike and the other engines make fun of Duck.
16 Jan. 2017
All in Vain
James is tasked with taking the Mayor and Sir Topham Hatt to a ball.
24 Oct. 2016
The Christmas Coffeepot
Marion discovers what she thinks is a talking Christmas tree, but it turns out to be Glynn the Coffeepot Engine who is restored and sent to work at Ulfstead Castle in time for the Earl's Christmas Party.
15 Dec. 2016
Saving Time
Samson causes confusion and delay by hauling more trucks than he can handle.
5 Dec. 2016
Mucking About
The Sodor Construction Company is working and Max and Monty cause trouble.
5 Dec. 2016
Cautious Connor
Connor breaks a coupling rod and decides that he goes too fast so he goes slowly.
14 Nov. 2016
Ryan and Daisy
Daisy and Ryan are given extra duties, but Daisy is not happy about it and tricks Ryan into doing all her extra jobs.
16 Jan. 2017
Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks
It's a very a hot day on Sodor and the tracks on Thomas' Branch Line are buckling.
14 Nov. 2016
Pouty James
After some complaints, the Fat Controller takes away boastful James' coaches until he can improve his attitude. With some help from his friends, James is able to change his ways.
21 Nov. 2016
Blown Away
Skiff the Railboat gets blown away during a fierce storm and still manages to save Duck, Oliver and Toad from a nasty accident involving a fallen tree.
21 Nov. 2016
The Way She Does It
Daisy lets her imagination run away with her when the Fat Controller gives her a very special job.
29 Jan. 2017
Engine of the Future
An extraordinary new rail-zeppelin called Hugo arrives on Sodor and the engines worry that they are going to be replaced.
27 Nov. 2016
Henry in the Dark
Henry is accidentally painted with luminous paint and his friends think he is a ghost engine.
4 Dec. 2016
The Missing Breakdown Train
Judy and Jerome, the breakdown train, are bored of sitting in the yard so try some different surroundings. Unfortunately, when Daisy derails, no-one knows where the breakdown train is.
29 Jan. 2017
Hugo and the Airship
Hugo is convinced that he belongs in the sky when he spots an airship that looks just like him.
4 Dec. 2016
Three Steam Engines Gruff
Thomas, Percy and Toby think that there's a troll under the bridge by the watermill.
5 Feb. 2017
Skiff and the Mermaid
Skiff is so desperate to find a mermaid, that he sails off with the Fat Controller and they drift out to sea.
30 Jan. 2017
Useful Railway
Rex is tasked with taking wool trains.
23 Jan. 2017
Tit for Tat
Two men (The Rev. W. Awdry and The Teddy Boston), are visiting Sodor. Bert at first likes the visitors until the splash mud on him with their car.

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