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13 Jan. 1985
Djinn, No Chaser
Mental patient Danny Squires tells his unseen psychiatrist the story of how his wife Connie purchased an old lamp, rubbed it, and brought an ill-tempered genie into their lives.
20 Jan. 1985
All a Clone by the Telephone
The life of failed TV screenwriter Leon is taken over by a voice that emanates from inside his answering machine.
27 Jan. 1985
In the Cards
Soft-hearted Catherine makes a living as a tarot card reader but faces a crisis of conscience in the process.
3 Feb. 1985
Anniversary Dinner
Henry and Elinor Colander are preparing to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a special dinner. Hiker Sybil has just broken up with her boyfriend, so they invite her to join them.
10 Feb. 1985
Snip, Snip
Warlock Abe North and hairdresser Anne MacColl do battle over a winning lottery ticket.
17 Feb. 1985
Answer Me
Commercial actress Joan Matlin is constantly annoyed by the sound of a ringing phone coming from the apartment next door.
24 Feb. 1985
The Tear Collector
A young woman who can't stop crying meets a mysterious man who collects tears.
5 May 1985
The Madness Room
A wealthy couple finds an extra room in their house with the help of a Ouija board.
12 May 1985
If the Shoes Fit...
Gubernatorial candidate Bo Gumbs fervently believes that politics is nothing more than entertainment, and he shows his true colors graphically during his campaign.
19 May 1985
Two young hecklers goad once-great circus magician Kharma into reviving his legendary wireless levitation trick, which he abandoned years ago because it went horribly wrong.
26 May 1985
It All Comes Out in the Wash
Unsavory real estate developer Carl Gropper pays Chinese laundry man Chow Ting to perform an expensive special service: washing away all of Gropper's sins.
9 Jun. 1985
Bigalow's Last Smoke
Chain smoker Frank Bigalow is imprisoned in a simulacrum of his apartment, then forced to quit smoking and punished each time he lights up.
16 Jun. 1985
Grandma's Last Wish
Given one last wish to enliven her days before she is moved into the Tranquil Gardens retirement home, elderly Grandma sees to it that her self-centered family finds out what it's like to grow old.
4 Aug. 1985
The False Prophet
A young woman depends on an astrology machine to help her make all her decisions.
26 Sep. 1985
The Impressionist
Nightclub impressionist Spiffy Remo is blackmailed into helping the government establish communication with Hoffgosh, a seemingly hostile alien who holds the secret to nuclear fusion.
6 Oct. 1985
A CEO working himself to death receives an offer of a special service designed to keep him alive.
13 Oct. 1985
Ring Around the Redhead
Death Row inmate Billy Malone tells a journalist of how he survived an earthquake and found a portal to another dimension. Out of that portal popped young Keena, whose ensuing relationship with Billy seals his fate.
20 Oct. 1985
Parlour Floor Front
After Linda, a landlady, speaks to her tenant, Mars Gillis, who she wants to move out of the parlour floor front apartment, bad things start happening all over the apartment she and her husband live in, and suspect it's Mars's voodoo.
27 Oct. 1985
Halloween Candy
Nasty old Mr Killup uses Halloween to taunt kids. This year, he's in for a surprise, from which even his long-suffering son Michael cannot save him.
3 Nov. 1985
The Satanic Piano
Struggling composer Pete Bancroft is contacted by strange Wilson Farber, who has invented a piano that can read minds and may be able to help Bancroft in his career.
10 Nov. 1985
The Devil's Advocate
A hate-filled host of a radio call-in shows discovers where his anger and cynicism leads.
17 Nov. 1985
Distant Signals
Mr. Smith is a cult follower of the failed 60's TV show MAX PARADISE and approaches Hollywood studio executives about recreating it, despite the reluctance of its now-alcoholic leading man Van Conway.
24 Nov. 1985
The Trouble with Mary Jane
Mrs. Nugent enlists the aid of bumbling occult students Jack and Nora Mills to exorcise Aisha Candisha, the demon who is possessing her now-goat-footed daughter Mary Jane. The price? Fifty thousand dollars.
1 Dec. 1985
Ursa Minor
Richard and Joan's birthday gift for their daughter Susie is a large stuffed teddy bear ... or is it?
8 Dec. 1985
Effect and Cause
Artist Kate Collins is afraid to recycle her old canvasses by painting over them because she thinks doing so is bad karma. She soon learns that she has the power to change reality.
22 Dec. 1985
Monsters in My Room
Biff doesn't understand children well and winds up at odds with his new wife Helen's young son Timmy, whose life is already complicated by the monsters that Timmy finds in his bedroom.

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