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Season 3

28 Sep. 1986
The Circus
Newspaperman Bragg debunks charlatans as a way of "staying sane." His latest quarry is the obscure circus of Dr. Nis. When Bragg visits, Dr. Nis tries to prove its authenticity.
5 Oct. 1986
I Can't Help Saying Goodbye
Asthmatic Max Smith is dating Libby and plans to marry her, until he learns that her sister Karen appears to be able to make people die by touching their faces and saying goodbye.
12 Oct. 1986
The Bitterest Pill
When an undeserving couple win the lottery, they're rude to their inventor friend and they ridicule his invention, which happens to be superior intellect pills. Too lazy to clean up the spilled pills, they leave their son to the task.
19 Oct. 1986
Florence Bravo
Dr. David McCall is cheating on his emotionally unstable wife Emily, who is visited by the specter of Florence Bravo, who murdered her own adulterous husband.
26 Oct. 1986
The Geezenstacks
Sam Hummel notices eerie parallels between events in the life of his own family, and events in the lives of his daughter Audrey's dolls, the Geezenstacks.
2 Nov. 1986
Black Widows
On her wedding night, a young bride learns a secret about the women in her family.
9 Nov. 1986
Arrogant art "dealer" Harte buys an expensive 16th century tempera painting from an art fence, then lands in a Court of Inquisition to face judgment for his act.
16 Nov. 1986
A Serpent's Tooth
Disappointed with her unappreciative children, Pearl King enlists the aid of a serpent's tooth talisman that has potent powers and produces instant results.
23 Nov. 1986
Baker's Dozen
Elderly cookie baker Ruby Cuzzins teams up with ad exec Henry Hogan to profit from her baking skills with a plan that includes greed, spousal abuse, and voodoo.
30 Nov. 1986
Deliver Us from Goodness
Julian Cantrell's bid for mayor in an Alabama town is undermined by his saintly wife Valeria's miraculous behavior. So she decides to change her ways and break the Ten Commandments in order to help Julian get elected.
29 Dec. 1986
Seasons of Belief
On Christmas Eve, a father ends his two children's boredom by holding them spellbound with a scary story about a fearsome beast known as the Grither.
18 Jan. 1987
Miss May Dusa
Jimmy James is playing his saxophone in the New York City subway when he meets an enigmatic woman named May Dusa, who claims to suffer amnesia and to have caused several accidental deaths.
25 Jan. 1987
The Milkman Cometh
Ruth Cooley is curious as to the reason why her husband Garry leaves unusual written requests in their mailbox for the mail carrier to fulfill.
1 Feb. 1987
My Ghostwriter - The Vampire
Hack horror writer Peter Prentice receives an offer from Vampire Count Jeffrey Draco: nine hundred years of authentic vampire stories to use as material - in exchange for sanctuary in Peter's home.
18 Feb. 1987
My Own Place
A young man gets a great deal on a New York apartment, then discovers he has a mysterious roommate.
15 Feb. 1987
Red Leader
A corrupt business man is offered a top position in Hell by the devil.
22 Feb. 1987
Everybody Needs a Little Love
A divorced man dotes upon a mannequin.
1 Mar. 1987
Auld Acquaintances
Two accused witches covet a talisman for its powers but can't have it all the time. So they agree to take turns keeping it for one year at a time... through the centuries.
8 Mar. 1987
The Social Climber
A shoemaker's assistant discovers that he can live other people's lives by putting on their shoes.
3 Mar. 1987
The Swap
In the Louisiana bayou, loathsome-looking Bubba is the son of an infamous conjure woman. His wife Annabelle is cheating on him with their handsome handyman Claude. But Bubba has a solution to the problem.
10 May 1987
Let the Games Begin
Harry Carson suffers a heart attack and dies in a hotel room, prompting an angel and a devil to battle each other for possession of Harry's soul.
17 May 1987
The Enormous Radio
A new radio lets a couple overhear their neighbors' private conversations.

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