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Season 2

14 Sep. 1985
Snorkitis Is Nothing to Sneeze At/The Whole Toot and Nothing But...
Snorkitis strikes the Snorks - Can Gallilio come up with a cure? / Will Tooter get held back a year for failing speech class?
21 Sep. 1985
Chickens of the Sea/Never Cry Wolf-Fish
A Salt shortage comes to Snorkland - can the Mega Snork help? / The flying fish only happen once a year - and Dimmy and the gang are going to watch.
28 Sep. 1985
A Hard Day's Snork/Learn to Love Your Snork
Tooter's music becomes popular - but someone else has more sinister plans. / Daffney's sculpture of Casey proves beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
5 Oct. 1985
Allstar's Freshwater Adventure/Dr. Strangesnork
Rough water brings a new friend to Snorkland - Lucky. / Snorkland is introduced to the evil Dr. Strangesnork and his plan to take over Snorkland.
12 Oct. 1985
It's Just a Matter of Slime/Water Friends For?
Allstar confronts discrimination when Kelp Helpers are rejected ice stream. / Daffney and Casey buy tickets to two events - can they do both?
19 Oct. 1985
Junior's Octopuppy/The Shape of Snorks to Come
Allstar explains to his Uncle Gallio about the time when Occy was Junior's pet octopus. / A seaquake sends Junior fifty years into the future.
2 Nov. 1985
Gills Just Wanna Have Fun/Guess What's Coming to Dinner!
Dr. Strangesnork attempts to flatten Snorkland using a wave machine. / A Snork Eater disappoints his parents because he is a vegetarian.
9 Nov. 1985
A Sign of the Tides/The Littlest Mermaid
King Neptune loses his powerful golden shell that turns tides. / During a sea storm, Dimmy discovers a mermaid and Dr. Strangesnork has plans for her.
16 Nov. 1985
I Squid You Not/The Backwards Snork
Occy and Allstar have a fight and Occy runs away from home - and is captured by Slugwart. / The Snorks encounter the mysterious Backward Snork.

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