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Season 4

24 Oct. 1988
Daffney's Not So Great Escape/Willie's Best Fiend
It's up to Daffney to save everyone when the gang is captured. / Junior is supposed to babysit Willie, who is off befriending a Snork Eater.
25 Oct. 1988
Day of the Juniors/Dr. Strangsnork's Bomb
Junior wants more money - so he uses a magic formula - / Dr. Strangesnork is forced to use his most sinister weapon - the Skunkfish.
26 Oct. 1988
A Starfish is Born/Ooze Got the Snorks
While stargazing, Casey notices a falling star with her telescope. Bigweed and Lil Seaweed release the Horrible Ooze.
27 Oct. 1988
The Silly Snorkasaurus/Who's Who?
Allstar finds Snorky as an egg in the forgotten sea. / Allstar and Spike the Snorkeater get their minds switched in Gallio's machine.
28 Oct. 1988
Battle of the Gadgets/Little Lord Occy
It's the battle of the gadgets between Bigweed, Lil' Seaweed and the Snorks. / Is Occy really a member of the Snorks of Eel Hampton?
31 Oct. 1988
Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush/The Boo Lagoon
Will Junior's ruby kelp win the science contest - or a big fat wallet? / Baby Smallstar goes on adventure all of her own - into the Boo Lagoon.
1 Nov. 1988
How the Snork was Won/In Junior's Image
The Story of how the Snorks came to Snorktown - American history, Snork style. / Junior meets his debonaire double, Ditto.
2 Nov. 1988
Bigweed's army attacks Snorktown - but Speeder the robot Snork will protect the Snorks.
3 Nov. 1988
Summer and Snork
Tallula Bankfish the famous actor is in town for the school play and Daffney gets to be her understudy.
4 Nov. 1988
Allstar's Odyssey
Allstar tells the story of the ancient Greek Snorks and the Golden Fleece - but will the myth become real for Allstar?
8 Nov. 1988
In Greed We Trust
Granpa Snork tries to teach Junior not to be too greedy - but will Junior have to learn the hard way?
21 Nov. 1988
Snork Ahoy
When a pirate ship appears, adventure comes calling Allstar.
22 Nov. 1988
The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze
Daffney wants to be like the circus Snork Terrific Tessy, the beautiful lady on the flying trapeze.
23 Nov. 1988
Oh Brother!
Gallio's brother Dr. Strangesnork is after him - and we finally get to learn why he dislikes him so.
24 Nov. 1988
The Story Circle
Famous stories come to life in the Snorks Story Circle.
25 Nov. 1988
I'll Be Senior
Grandpa Snork is a little down in the dumps - can the Snork gang cheer him up?
30 Nov. 1988
Wish or Wish Out
Just rub the pearl and make your wish - can it really be that simple?
2 Dec. 1988
My Dinner with Allstar
What will the magic genie bring Bigweed and Allstar? Trouble?

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