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April Fool’S Day at 30: The Cast Reflects on the Cult Classic Horror Comedy

Creating a slasher movie in 1986 wasn’t a monumental feat, as the horror genre had seen its fair share of cinematic killers over the years, but it was a culmination of many elements that made April Fool’s Day one of the best of its era. With a focused and experienced director at the helm, a clever script filled with laughs and unexpected thrills, and an affable ensemble of actors who were infectiously likeable and endlessly talented, April Fool’s Day is an underappreciated gem and is truly unlike any other genre film of its, or any, time.

Written by Danilo Bach and directed by Fred Walton, April Fool’s Day follows a group of college students—Kit (Amy Steel), Rob (Ken Olandt), Nikki (Deborah Goodrich), Chaz (Clayton Rohner), Arch (Tom Wilson), Harvey (Jay Baker), Skip (Griffin O’Neal), and Nan (Leah Pinsent)—who head out to their pal Muffy
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The Horror Show (1989) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott

The Horror Show (1989)

Written by: Alan Smithee, Allyn Warner, Leslie Bohem

Directed by: James Isaac, David Blyth

Cast: Lance Henriksen (Detective Lucas McCarthy), Brion James (Max Jenke), Rita Taggart (Donna McCarthy), Dedee Pfeiffer (Bonnie McCarthy), Aron Eisenberg (Scott McCarthy), Thom Bray (Peter Campbell), Matt Clark (Dr. Tower), Terry Alexander (Casey)

Some films aren’t served very well by their titles. A name is just a name, but then again, first impressions can seal the deal. I didn’t see The Horror Show until about a week ago. My cursor has been looming over it in my Netfix queue for quite some time. The title is so ambiguous, that it could be anything. The key word is anything, and I will see anything with Lance Henriksen in it. He’s become the stuff of legends. He’s one of the few character actors that have
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Scream Factory Announces Handful of Upcoming Titles Featuring Vampires, Spader and Punks!

As if we weren’t excited enough about Scream Factory‘s upcoming lineup of titles making their Bluray debuts, the gang at Sf have decided to make horror fans’ mouths water even more, with a handful of announcements regarding even More upcoming titles set to be unleashed in the near future. Not only do we get an update on the final release date on Sf’s Vault Of Horror/Tales From The Crypt double feature, but it’s official that Voh will be the uncut version!

Personally, I’m a fan of most of the films in the announcements, so obviously I’ll be jumping at them when they hit. The amount of times I watched Once Bitten as a kid is in the triple digit amount, so the announcement of the Love At First Bite/Once Bitten double is enough to make me smile from ear to ear. I
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The (Not So) Secret TV Past of George Clooney: The Golden Girls, Street Hawk, The Facts of Life and More

The (Not So) Secret TV Past of George Clooney: The Golden Girls, Street Hawk, The Facts of Life and More
George Clooney, Oscar winner. George Clooney, The Facts of Life star. They are the same person. Your favorite A-List actors weren't always on the top of the heap. Let's explore the (not so) secret TV past of your favorite stars. Clooney's first film appearance was in 1982 as an extra in And They're Off. Following his big screen debut, he hit TV with roles Riptide and Street Hawk. In 1984 he booked E/R, not to be confused with the breakout drama ER, and continued his guest starring spree, hopping around everywhere from The Golden Girls to Murder, She Wrote. Series regular and recurring roles came around, Bodies of Evidence, Sisters and Roseanne being a few of them, but everybody recalls Clooney's defining TV...
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'Murder, She Wrote' remake? Why not 'Diagnosis Murder' and 'Jake and the Fatman' too?

The news that NBC is planning a remake/reboot of "Murder, She Wrote" starring Oscar winner Octavia Spencer unleashed waves of snark online Thursday (Oct. 24). It's the latest example of TV networks and studios turning to old properties in the hopes that a new audience will take to them.

Leaving aside the question of whether such reboots actually work -- recent history shows a lot more misses than hits -- the "Murder, She Wrote" news got us thinking: If we were profit-hungry TV executives, what other shows might be ripe for a 21st-century update? Some ideas, and the networks that would call them home:

"Diagnosis Murder" (ABC): As with the CBS original, a renowned physician moonlights as a police consultant and often ends up working with his detective son. Dick Van Dyke and his real-life son Barry starred the first time around; the reboot would reunite on-screen father and
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Some In Some Out in This Casting Update for X-men: Days Of Future Past

The news is coming in fast and furious for the casting for X-Men: Days of Future Past and there is a lot of speculation for who will be cast to return to the X-Men family and reprise their roles from earlier movies, and who will be cast as new characters we haven’t seen on the big screen yet. First let’s start with the new girl.

Fan Bingbing (Double Exposure) has joined the elite group per the announcement from director, Bryan Singer, via twitter. You can see her picture on the bottom row, second from the right. She has been cast to play Blink (according to Deadline).

3 #Oscars, 6 #GoldenGlobes, 1 #BAFTA, 2 #Emmys, 2 #Tonys, 5 #Oliviers, 1 #Ceaser – Now let’s blow s**t up! #Xmen…

Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) March 15, 2013

Now for the people you won’t be seeing in X-Men: Days of Future Past. According to Digital Spy,
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Feminist Friday: Phil Gingrey Picks Up the Doofus Flag

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This Week in Ladybits

Do your ladybits feel supremely annoyed this week? I can’t blame them. Our old pal Paul Ryan signed on to co-sponsor the so-called Sanctity of Human Life Act again. Among other things, this bill would allow rapists to sue for parental rights.

The only abortion clinic in the entire 48,430-square-mile state of Mississippi is in real danger of closing.

A bill in Wyoming would ban abortions after six weeks.

The Commonwealth of Virginia will still be the Commonwealth of State-Mandated Unnecessary Ultrasounds, but did narrowly narrowly narrowly vote down a ban on abortions. Trap laws are staying in place, though. Wonkette hears there have been some attempts at shady dealings behind that.

And Rachel Maddow covered the inspiring and scary story of the people who are risking their lives to re-open a women’s health clinic that provides abortion services in Wichita,
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‘X-Men: First Class’ blows away standard superhero films

X-Men: First Class

Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz

2011, USA

Bryan Singer’s X-Men (2000) was arguably the moment where comic book movies grew up and is largely responsible for the endless slew of adaptations that siege our multiplexes year after year. Certainly his 2003 follow up X2: Mutants United showed a level of maturity and austere charm that the genre is rarely afforded and is hailed to this day by most sane people as possibly the finest graphic novel film of all time. It’s a shame, then, that Singer handed the reigns over to the amicable but far less talented Brett Ratner (Red Dragon, Rush Hour) for the finale The Last Stand, which turned out to be a fun but ultimately muddled and unsatisfying end to a stellar series.

Five years later and Singer is back. Some may lament him being reduced to producer detail
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Ray Wise Joins X-Men: First Class

Just when you thought it’s over, here we are with X-Men: First Class update!

Twin Peaks star, Ray Wise revealed that he’ll be playing the Secretary of State in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming prequel.

Wise said “he’ll be going to shoot in a couple weeks and that that he thinks his role might require a bit of special effects.” Anyone interested?

You already remember the official synopsis, but still, little reminder of “the epic beginning of the X-Men saga.

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known.

In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto
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Ray Wise Joins X-men: First Class

And here I thought we were done with all the X-Men: First Class casting news. It turns out that’s not the case as Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) tells IGN that he’ll be playing the Secretary of State in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming prequel. Wise says he’ll be going to shoot in a couple weeks and that that he thinks his role might require a bit of special effects. Wise can be seen on TV this week in a special Twin Peaks-homage episode of USA Network’s Psych.

Hit the jump for a full cast breakdown along with the official synopsis. X-Men: First Class is set to open on June 3, 2011.

Here’s how the casting currently stacks up:

James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier Michael Fassbender as Magneto Bill Milner as Young Magneto Nicholas Hoult as Beast Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique Morgan Lily
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Acclaimed TV Series Creator, Stephen J. Cannell Passes Away at 68!

Omg! I was so saddened to hear this news this afternoon. One of the greatest television creators, Stephen J. Cannell, has passed away today at 68 due to complications associated with melanoma. Here is a statement his family made to the press:

“Aside from being a legendary television producer and prolific writer, Stephen was also a devoted husband, loving father and grandfather, and a loyal friend. Mr. Cannell is survived by his high school sweetheart and wife of 46 years, Marcia, their three children, Tawnia, Chelsea and Cody and three grandchildren. Stephen was the pillar of strength within his family and he touched everyone he met. He will be most deeply missed. The family asks that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the American Cancer Society or The International Dyslexia Association. Details regarding his memorial service will be released.”

Cannell was renowned for his creations of shows like 21 Jump Street,
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Stephen J. Cannell dies; creator of 'The Rockford Files,' '21 Jump Street'

  • Pop2it
Stephen J. Cannell, a prolific TV producer and writer who created "The Rockford Files," "The A-Team," "21 Jump Street" and more, has died.

Cannell, 69, died Thursday night (Sept. 30) at his home in Pasadena, Calif., the AP reports. He had been fighting melanoma for some time.

"With profound sadness, we have to announce that our dear friend and colleague, Stephen Cannell, has lost a brave fight against cancer," a statement on Cannell's website reads. "He will be missed beyond measure by the Cannell Team and all of us who had the privilege and the plain good luck to know and work with him. Through the legacy of his body of work, with which he was able to entertain and enrich the lives of millions of viewers and thousands of readers, he will always be with us, living on in our hearts and minds, with fond memories forever."

Cannell overcame dyslexia to become
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'A-Team' producer Stephen J. Cannell dies

'A-Team' producer Stephen J. Cannell dies
Stephen J. Cannell, the indefatigable writer-creator-producer who was among TV's most prolific suppliers of primetime programming, died Thursday of melanoma at his home in Pasadena. He was 69.

His credits are so numerous that it is nearly impossible to tabulate all his work, which ranged from writing episodes of "Ironside" in 1970 to a producer credit on this year's feature "The A-Team," based on the 1980s series Cannell co-created and executive produced.

By intelligent count, he wrote or co-wrote more than 300 TV scripts and produced or executive-produced more than 520 episodes.

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of my great friend and mentor Stephen J. Cannell," said Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. Television. "His extraordinary talents both as a writer and an industry leader made him, deservedly, enormously successful in the entertainment business, but it was his character, generosity, kindness and humanity that separate him from all others. The industry and
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Norma Shearer’s Riptide, Katharine Hepburn’s Song Of Love, John Ford, Cary Grant: Warner Archives

The Norma Shearer-Robert Montgomery-Herbert Marshall melodrama Riptide (1934); a remastered version of None But the Lonely Heart (1944), which earned Cary Grant his second and last Best Actor Academy Award nomination and veteran stage player Ethel Barrymore her only Oscar; and the biopic Song of Love (1947), starring Katharine Hepburn (as Clara Wieck), Paul Henreid (as Robert Schumann), and Robert Walker (as Johannes Brahms) are among the seven latest additions to the Warner Archives’ DVDs. The other four movies are: Between Two Worlds (1944), the worlds being those of the living and the dead, with John Garfield, Paul Henreid, and Eleanor Parker; John Ford‘s Flesh (1932), starring Wallace Beery, Ricardo Cortez, and Karen Morley; the film noir Crack-Up (1946), with Pat O’Brien and Claire Trevor; and The Conquerors (1932), Rko’s attempt to repeat the success of its Oscar-winning Cimarron, starring the earlier film’s leading man, Richard Dix, and Ann Harding.
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A-Team Trailer! Need I say more Foo?

For those of you who are here I am sure you know what you are about to see. For those of you who have no idea what this movie is, well “i Pity the Fool!”. The A-Team is a classic in the most classic way possible. The TV show that ran for an awesome 5 years during the 80s is held close to lots of fans. With this newest reincarnation of a classic, we can only imagine what they will do to our precious baby.

Here is a brief synopsis for you fools! (this is via wikipedia)

The A-Team is an American action adventure television series about a fictional group of ex-United States Army Special Forces who work as soldiers of fortune while being on the run from the military for a “crime they didn’t commit”. The A-Team was created by writers and producers Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell
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Happy Birthday to 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' star Gil Birmingham!

Today, The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Gil Birmingham has turned 43. Born on July 13, 1966, Birmingham began his career in acting when he was about twenty years old - where he starred as police officer in an episode of Riptide. Ever since, Birmingham has appeared in more than a dozen television series (including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, The Wild Thornberrys, V.I.P., Oz, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Veronica Mars, 10 Items Or Less, and Nip/Tuck). Before appearing as Billy Black in 2008's Twilight, Birmingham also did quite a few films as well. Birmingham's earliest film was House II: The Second Story, and he has sinced appeared in films such as Gentle Ben, Gentle Ben 2: Danger On The Mountain, DreamKeeper, Love's Long Journey, Le Jaguar, The Doe Boy, Skins, End Of The Spear, Night At The Museum, Cosmic Radio, Turok: Son Of Stone, and California Indian. Since Twilight, Birmingham
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