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29 Jan. 1985
Curse of the Mary Aberdeen
A man who is supposed to be dead for eighteen years, hires the Riptide boys to find the Mary Aberdeen "before it kills again". Things get even more spooky when it turns out this boat is actually Cody's Riptide.
5 Mar. 1985
Polly Want an Explanation
The Riptide agency, a wannabe-FBI agent, trouble prone con man Mack McPherson and his parrot all get in trouble with organised crime after McPherson writes an incriminating article about a mobster
12 Mar. 1985
The Twisted Cross
A woman hires the guys to help her see her son whom her ex husband refuses to let her. They learn that the father is teaching his son to be a Nazi. The man runs some kind facility for boys so they need to someone in and they send Dooley. They learn that the man is planning something so they go to another group of Nazis who know the man and find out what they know.
19 Mar. 1985
Fuzzy Vision
After the Riptide breaks down, the boys end up in a weird little town where a woman who can see into the future is suspected of murder and everybody thinks Cody is the infamous and very unpopular Jake Tyler.
14 May 1985
Harmony and Grits
A seminar about harmony and communucation leads -apart from a fistfight and a bunch of arguments- to a concerned wife who's afraid her husband is having an affair. From there on, things get a lot worse for the Riptide agency.
1 Oct. 1985
Wipe Out
A so-called accident that took the life of a young surfer in 1964, causes repercussions today.
22 Oct. 1985
Thirty-Six Hours 'til Dawn
Luitenant Quinlan and his superiors hire the Riptide Agency to pick up a female witness, ready to testify against her crooked husband. All goes well until Nick and the woman are ambushed, while Buzz and Cody are running a decoy. With the Mimi full of bullet holes, the two are forced to land in the middle of a deserted mountain spot, waiting for their either their rescue or their demise.
29 Oct. 1985
Does Not Compute
When somebody is using computers to destroy the reputation of a congressman with controversial ideas, our private investigators decide to help out by putting Buzz in a computer war with this unknown adversary.
12 Nov. 1985
Who Really Watches the Sunset?
A reporter who only has six months to live, hires the Riptide Agency to find out who killed her.
19 Nov. 1985
Still Goin' Steady
A major security Corporation buys out the Riptide Agency and adds the trio to their staff list. Soon however, Buzz, Nick and Cody discover that the reason for the takeover isn't what they thought it was.
10 Dec. 1985
Requiem for Icarus
Nick reaquaints with an old buddy who he hasn't seen or heard from in five years. It becomes all more importent for the team once they find out he is both suicidal and deeply involved in a smuggling operation.
17 Dec. 1985
Home for Christmas
Nick spends his Christmas arranging the funeral of a dead soldier. But when the wrong body is shipped, he and the team quickly uncover the dark circumstances behind his death.

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