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20 Jan. 1985
Play It Again, Punky
Punky helps her piano teacher get into the music business.
27 Jan. 1985
Henry Falls in Love: Part 1
Henry is reunited with a woman he planned to marry in 1941; when Pearl Harbor was attacked, he enlisted in the Merchant Marines and did not see her again until now.
3 Feb. 1985
Henry Falls in Love: Part 2
Punky runs away when he learns that when Henry and Maggie are to be married, she'll be sent to boarding school in Europe.
10 Feb. 1985
My Aged Valentine
After getting in trouble for slugging a boy at school, Punky dreams of life 80 years into the future where everyone has found love except for her.
17 Feb. 1985
I Love You, Brandon
Henry scolds Brandon for eating several valuable stamps. After that, Punky takes him on a walk, where he is hit by a car. He is rushed to the veterinary hospital, where his prognosis is grim.
24 Feb. 1985
Punky Brewster's Workout
Henry purchases a video camera for his photo studio and firmly warns Punky that she is not to touch it under any circumstances. However, while he's away, she and her friends make an exercise tape and think he won't know it - until the camera breaks.
3 Mar. 1985
Gals and Dolls
Punky, Cherie, and Margaux all want a highly sought-after doll, but Henry can only find one of them at the toy store.
31 Mar. 1985
Fenster Hall: Part 1
Punky catches a boy breaking into her room and stealing from her. Henry takes the boy to Fenster Hall where Mike Fulton, one of the workers there, tries to bond with him.
31 Mar. 1985
Fenster Hall: Part 2
T.C.'s criminal mentor, Blade, sends him back to Fenster Hall to steal the money from the upcoming benefit auction.
15 Sep. 1985
The K.O. Kid
When Punky bears the brunt of the school bully's aggression, she asks professional boxer Marvin Hagler for advice on self-defense.
22 Sep. 1985
Punky's Treehouse
Punky wants to build a tree house behind her apartment building, but she has trouble getting people to help her.
29 Sep. 1985
Cheaters Never Win
Punky and Allen cheat on their geography test.
6 Oct. 1985
Baby Buddies, Inc.
With Mrs. Johnson's assistance, Punky and Cherie go into the babysitting business. A woman leaves her baby with them, but when the three of them take it out for a stroll, they return home with another infant.
13 Oct. 1985
Tap Your Troubles Away
The children enroll in a tap dancing class taught by Jersey Janet, a former Broadway dancer. Punky is not very good, and she quits the class when her skills do not improve.
20 Oct. 1985
The Perils of Punky: Part 1
Punky and the gang go on a camping trip. When the children get lost in a cave, Punky tells a ghost story about an evil spirit who threatens the lake.
20 Oct. 1985
The Perils of Punky: Part 2
The children do battle with an evil spirit, when the ghost of an Indian princess appears to tell Punky that it must be fought with love.
27 Oct. 1985
Just Say No
Punky and Cherie are admitted into a clique, only to find that they use drugs and want them to do so.
10 Nov. 1985
The Search
Punky has something in common with her teacher, Mike Fulton: they were both abandoned by their mothers. They work together to try and find the whereabouts of their respective families.
17 Nov. 1985
Love Thy Neighbor
On Halloween, Punky raises the ire of Mrs. Peevey, a cantankerous old woman who lives in the building, simply by trying to be her friend.
24 Nov. 1985
The Gift
Punky befriends the school janitor who, in spite of her learning disability, is a gifted violin player.
1 Dec. 1985
Milk Does a Body Good
Punky and Cherie learn that a girl who moved into the building recently was kidnapped by her divorced father, and they are both living in the building under assumed names.
15 Dec. 1985
Christmas Shoplifting
During the Christmas shopping season, Punky sees a friend shoplifting merchandise and decides to steal a present she can't afford for Henry. She regrets this when she accidentally switches bags with Mike, who ends up in prison.

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