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4 Jan. 1984
All You Need Is Love
The staff of a Manhattan arraignment court is surprised by the arrival of a maverick young judge named Harry Stone; his first ruling, that a feuding couple should go to dinner with the attorneys, results in a fight breaking out that injures Dan.
11 Jan. 1984
Santa Goes Downtown
Harry must deal with an old man who believes he's the real Santa Claus, and a pair of volatile teenage runaways.
18 Jan. 1984
The Former Harry Stone
An office bet over what Harry's true age is leads to the discovery that he has a criminal record.
1 Feb. 1984
Welcome Back, Momma
Harry's "missing" Mother and a beauty pageant operator appear in court.
8 Feb. 1984
The Eye of the Beholder
Bull feels misunderstood and quits in anger; a blind shoplifter awaiting trial keeps trying to give his police handler the slip.
15 Feb. 1984
Death Threat
A rock is thrown through the courtroom window, with a death threat in Harry's name.
22 Feb. 1984
Once in Love with Harry
A smitten prostitute waits for Harry in his chambers.
29 Feb. 1984
Quadrangle of Love
Dan and Bull are at odds over the same woman; Harry throws his cap into the ring when he realizes the woman has a spare ticket for a Mel Torme concert.
7 Mar. 1984
Wonder Drugs
Lana starts acting crazy after overdosing on some medications.
14 Mar. 1984
Some Like It Hot
A Russian immigrant threatens to set himself and the courtroom on fire.
21 Mar. 1984
Harry and the Rock Star
Harry's relationship with a rock star leads to the courtroom being overrun by her fans.
28 Mar. 1984
Bull's Baby
Bull is a walking zombie at work, and the court staff finds that he has been taking care of a baby for a neighbor who has apparently abandoned him.
31 May 1984
Hi Honey, I'm Home
A woman must choose between her two husbands, one of whom was thought killed in Vietnam.
27 Sep. 1984
The Nun
A young novice nun decides to leave her convent after becoming smitten with Harry.
4 Oct. 1984
Daddy for the Defense
Bright young public defender Christine Sullivan finds out she still has a lot to learn after her first day in Harry's court, while Harry ends up throwing her overprotective father in jail for insulting him.
18 Oct. 1984
Billie and the Cat
On her first day, Public Defender Billie Young takes an aggressive stand in defense of her client against a powerful corporation, a stand that leads to her being jailed for contempt.
25 Oct. 1984
Pick a Number
A humble man with a $3 million lottery ticket wants Harry to give it away to the most worthy person.
1 Nov. 1984
The Computer Kid
A school-aged computer whiz hacks into the school district's database and takes their permanent records hostage.
8 Nov. 1984
Bull Gets a Kid
Bull takes part in a foster-father program for underprivileged kids and shows his adoptive son, Andy, around the courtroom. But Billie discovers that Andy is really a girl in disguise. Dan pleads with Mac to give up his baseball tickets to land a date with a sports fan.
15 Nov. 1984
Harry on Trial
Harry's nemesis, Judge Willard, has him tried before the Judicial Review Board on charges of unprofessional behavior.
22 Nov. 1984
Harry and the Madam
Harry experiences an unusual chemistry with a charismatic madam whose brothel has been raided, and wrestles with his conscience about whether to admit her diary into evidence; Bull takes exception to Mac's family tradition of fattening a live turkey in preparation for Thanksgiving.
29 Nov. 1984
Inside Harry Stone
Harry is struck down in the middle of session by crippling stomach pains, but stubbornly refuses medical treatment.
6 Dec. 1984
The Blizzard
A blizzard traps the gang inside the courthouse without supplies, and an electrical failure traps Dan in an elevator with a gay man who finds him very attractive.
13 Dec. 1984
Take My Wife, Please
Mac marries a woman he met in Viet Nam and Harry refuses to ignore his duties despite the loss of his sight.

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