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Season 12

21 Sep. 1995
At night hansom Billy Blake escapes the arriving police by a rope from a sky scraper's roof carrying a bloody knife. Jessica chats with hairdresser Jimmy Neiman at Antoinette's and when he's off to a Nancy Rainburn TV demonstration his brand new fiancée, manicure Diane, when NYPD Lieutenant Sam Kriley asks the guest list of the party where museum board member Agnes Frasier, probably because she returned unexpectedly early, was stabbed with her own kitchen knife, wondering if it's the work of the brilliant burglar who struck seven times in as many weeks using keys, ...
28 Sep. 1995
A Quaking in Aspen
A woman lures a man who's clobbered by another. Laney Sherman Boswell tells her lawyer Terry Folger it's time for her next divorce, it was never a real marriage anyway as they spent only a few hours a year together; Sheriff Milo Pike tells them hubbie Grant Boswell just had a spectacular fatal sports car accident. When Jessica visits Laney in Aspen, Colorado a months later, even the sheriff admits the promising clues probably won't come to a court case, Folger is about to get the 5,000,000 life-insurance paid out, possibly doubled, half goes to his niece Nancy Boswell...
5 Oct. 1995
The Secret of Gila Junction
When Jessica's friend Norma asks her to come to sleepy Gila Junction, Arizona, Jessica is roped into helping Norma investigate a possible conspiracy while a rumored treasure may have led to a murder.
12 Oct. 1995
Big Easy Murder
For the fourth time in three months, a man is murdered by machete in New Orleans, Lousiania, with as calling card a rooster foot, a voodoo talisman. Victim Jim Nash was an intern reporter at the Daily News, a colleague of Tom McCray and Cynthia Broussard (daughter of Emily), who believed the voodoo was just a colorful cover for a turf war over restaurant control. Jim was supposed to pick up Jessica from the airport and help her with some local research on voodoo and crime. She stays with senator Brent Renwyck, whose club is in financial trouble even before it opens, ...
19 Oct. 1995
Home Care
In Cabot Cove to cheer up her old friend Maggie, but it turns out that her private nurse Lila had a long string of elderly patients who died of poison. When Maggie dies and Lila is found holding a syringe of strychnine, she is arrested.
2 Nov. 1995
Nan's Ghost
Part 1 of 2. Jessica arrives in Ireland to visit her friend Eileen just as local police find the body of Nan Conroy, a local girl who disappeared last year. Also arriving is am American who wants to turn Eileen's castle into an Americanized first-class hotel, a move Eileen's son Ian opposes. But does Rory's secret mission or the possible illegal sale of ancient treasures have anything to do with the subsequent murder?
9 Nov. 1995
Nan's Ghost
Part 2 of 2. In Ireland, Jessica has been trapped in a hidden chamber. Rory and Eileen find her, but Ian is still trying to arrange financing to save the castle and Andrea and her lawyer/lover Lafferty plan to move forward with turning the castle into a hotel, Peter Franklin is arrested for Nader's murder, and Rory still has not connected with his mysterious source. But another murder raises more questions and Jessica is running out of time.
16 Nov. 1995
Shooting in Rome
In Rome to revise a script loosely based on one of her books, Jessica finds a star and director at each other's throats, a producer running out of money, and a rash of thefts. But when a stunt gone wrong leaves a stunt man dead, Jessica must find the person responsible.
23 Nov. 1995
Deadly Bidding
In NYC, Jessica wants to bid on an Arthur Conan Doyle manuscript for the library. But at the same auction, several bidders want an Angus Neville painting that hides a stolen Degas -- Neville wants it back enough to steal it, and someone wants it enough to kill for it.
30 Nov. 1995
Frozen Stiff
Gary & Larry's Frozen Stuff accountant Kyle is found dead, an apparent suicide. Shortly thereafter, $750,000 earmarked for Jessica's Literacy Fund is found missing. It's up to Jessica to prove that Kyle was murdered and find the killer.
14 Dec. 1995
Unwilling Witness
When prosecutor Annette Rayburn, a real bulldog bitch, takes on Logan Investment, not only the board members who face serious litigation have reason to panic, one even disappears. Among the many worried clients is Jessica, who bought a few shares in a mutual fund for a 10 year-old relative. To her utter surprise she finds herself subpoenaed and threatened with contempt of court charges unless she confesses a conversation she never had, or rather only held the horn 8 silent seconds. When she finds whom the call from Logan was really for, it turns out to be a murder ...
4 Jan. 1996
Kendo Killing
In Osaka, Japan, Jessica's writer friend Miko is being pressured by her family to drop her American boyfriend Rick and marry motorcycle heir Koji. When Jessica discovers a plot to kill Rick and rushes to the kendo to warn him, she discovers the police have found a body, but it's Koji rather than Rick whose murder Jessica must solve.
7 Jan. 1996
Death Goes Double Platinum
Desi Ortega and his Latin group have a single climbing the charts until Max Daniels wants to own the group. When Daniels' assistant turns up dead, has someone in the group struck back?
11 Jan. 1996
Murder in Tempo
To save Cabot Wood from a developer, Seth has organized and financially backed a benefit concert. When the lead bad-boy singer turns up dead and his bandmate from Cabot Cove is arrested, the concert -- and the wood -- are finished as well unless Jessica can find the real killer.
1 Feb. 1996
The Dark Side of the Door
Jessica's friend Erin is haunted by being kidnapped as a child, and when Erin reads a novel with a story too close for coincidence, Jessica makes a shocking revelation.
8 Feb. 1996
Murder Among Friends
The sleazy, adulterous producer of a hit TV show featuring an ensemble cast of twentysomethings is about to kill off one of the characters when she is found dead in her office.
15 Feb. 1996
Something Foul in Flappieville
Darren's Pound Dog show is threatened with cancellation until he promises a character based on one of Jessica's characters. But as the various people involved want part of the merchandising rights, Darren winds up promising benefits he can't deliver. And when one of them winds up dead, Darren is arrested for murder.
25 Feb. 1996
Track of a Soldier
On vacation in the Tetons, Jessica encounters jewel thieves and a man from her Army vet host's past.
28 Mar. 1996
Evidence of Malice
Manufacturer Fred Berrigan, whose shoe factory in Cabot Cove has problems and scheming involving him, his wife Meg, employees George Parkins and Wendy Arnold and businessman Craig Haber, is nasty, especially to deputy Andy Broom, who owes him money, when nearly arrested by sheriff Mort Metzger for drunk driving. The quiet Leverett Boggs is found strangulated at home with a cord just like one Jessica notices to be cut off in the marina. Deputy Broom bought a house from his high school nemesis Berrigan for his bride Patty, but finds expensive hidden costs. Next day Andy...
4 Apr. 1996
Southern Double-Cross
In Australia, Jessica may be the legal owner of a valley that the sheepherders and miners are arguing over, and may be the cause of the disappearance of Jessica's lawyer.
28 Apr. 1996
Race to Death
Shortly before a sailing race which can qualify for the world cup in New Zealand, captain Ned Larkin is knocked down in the Cabot Cove marina, wounded in the leg by a masked man, and his boat Free Spirit damaged, according to him by millionaire industrialist Kyle Kimball, captain of the Buccaneer. Jessica is embarrassed, given her sailing ignorance, to be asked as honorary commodore of the prestigious ocean race. Kimball's presumed skipper (crew chief) Steve Gantry gets cash from him and reports Larkin was difficult. Kimball's ex Anne, Larkin's daughter, now ...
5 May 1996
What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Johnny is engaged to Seth's niece Amy but enrages Les by visiting Sherri. When Johnny is the victim of a motorcycle accident, Amy insists that it was murder.
12 May 1996
Mrs. Parker's Revenge
A switched packet of amateur-written stories involves Jessica in an international plot to steal a biological-weapon virus.
19 May 1996
Death by Demographics
In a plot somewhat reminiscent of "WKRP in Cincinnati," a San Francisco radio-station owner decides to convert the station's classical format to rock and roll. He keeps one announcer who's an expert on classical music, and casts him in a dog-and-pony show where the old guy verbally spars with a young colleague who is an expert on rock ... all this to get a younger audience for the station. The experiment seems to be working fine with audiences, but tensions rise at the station and soon the new program director is disemboweled by a stab wound by his own fireplace poker...

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