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15 Jan. 1988
Love at First Sight
Crockett and new bride Caitlin trade barbs as he goes undercover in the singles scene looking for a serial killer.
22 Jan. 1988
A Rock and a Hard Place
Newly married Crockett gets entangled with Caitlin's record companies executives.
5 Feb. 1988
The Cows of October
Miami Vice is on the trail of bull semen to help the Dept. of Agriculture stop a threat to the meat supply.
12 Feb. 1988
Vote of Confidence
The department raids of a train of prostitutes and Johns and finds one of the candidates for governor on board, literally with his pants down.
19 Feb. 1988
Baseballs of Death
Crockett and Tubbs are investigating the murders of prostitutes which appears to be the work of a sadist. They discover that the killer is a Chilean police official. They try to arrest him but someone from the government gets him out. It's obvious that the government man and the Chilean have something going on. So they try to find out what it is.
26 Feb. 1988
Indian Wars
Castillo goes under cover as a drug lord to break up another operation, but things are complicated by a group of paramilitary Indian tribe members who want to stop the ring and restore honor to their tribe which has been caught up by ring leader's greed. To further complicate matters, the tribe and the drug lord are about to cross war paths.
4 Mar. 1988
Honor Among Thieves?
While under cover to bust a drug lord, Crockett and Tubbs are caught in the middle of a DEA agent and the director of homicide wanting to bust a sudden show of 100% pure cocaine being found injected into the dead bodies of kidnapped teenage girls, and the drug lord enraged over the killings which are drawing unwanted attention from the police. Things go from bad to life-threatening worse when a shocking twist puts Crockett in an awkward situation.
11 Mar. 1988
Hell Hath No Fury
When a convicted rapist is released after serving just 20 months, Trudy tries to protect the victim from further torment. The entire OCB team end up getting involved, some protecting the victim and some protecting the rapist after she hires a mercenary to kill him. Needless to say Castillo is not happy about his team going outside the law.
18 Mar. 1988
Badge of Dishonor
A group of rogue cops are dealing dirty and murdering drug dealers. Things take a turn when members of the force become the next targets.
1 Apr. 1988
Blood & Roses
Gina becomes a little too close to mobster Frank Mosca in an attempt to take him down.
15 Apr. 1988
A Bullet for Crockett
While taking down a drug dealer, Crockett is shot. While he fights for his life, Tubbs tries to find the shooter. And we take a look at Crockett's life.
29 Apr. 1988
Deliver Us from Evil
Frank Hackman returns to make life hell for Crockett - in the most devastating way possible.
6 May 1988
Mirror Image
Head trauma from a massive explosion causes Crockett to believe he is his alter-ego Sonny Burnett.
4 Nov. 1988
Hostile Takeover
Crockett, as Burnett, murders and manipulates his way to the top of the crime organization he works for.
11 Nov. 1988
Redemption in Blood
Burnett begins to remember who he really is, as Tubbs and the rest of the squad decide he must be taken down.
18 Nov. 1988
Heart of Night
A conflicted Castillo protects his ex-wife from a drug lord who is trying to kill her and her new husband.
2 Dec. 1988
Bad Timing
Trying to come to grips with himself after the trouble with Burnett, Crockett takes a vacation that becomes a pursuit with three escaped convicts and their hostage.
9 Dec. 1988
Tubbs and Switek go undercover and pose as drug dealing middlemen to take down Borrasca, a very dangerous counter revolutionary who uses drug money to fight the war against communism in his country.
16 Dec. 1988
Line of Fire
A drug kingpin on trial for murder puts a million dollar contract out on a punk rocker who is the star witness for the prosecution. The FBI want Crockett and Tubbs to safe house the witness, but keeping him alive is going to be a challenge.

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