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Season 2

27 Sep. 1985
The Prodigal Son
Crockett and Tubbs travel to New York to take down a powerful Colombian cartel.
4 Oct. 1985
Whatever Works
The murder of two beat cops outside their jurisdiction immerses the team in the Santeria religion, while Crockett tries to recover his repossessed Ferrari.
18 Oct. 1985
Out Where the Buses Don't Run
Crockett and Tubbs stake out a drug dealer, an investigation that is being helped along by an ex-cop that seems to know a bit too much about the case.
25 Oct. 1985
The Dutch Oven
Trudy's old boyfriend has ties to a drug lord and enlists Crockett's help investigating him.
1 Nov. 1985
The team is investigating the murder of a comic who works at a club owned by two criminals. And a young single mother is being sought by the police cause they think she killed him and his employers for some reason are also looking for her. While conducting surveillance, they discover a man who went to see them is a friend of Crockett's. When Crockett and Tubbs goes to see him, he claims that they loaned him money to help with his business. While Crockett believes him, Tubbs thinks he's holding something back. Tubbs later does a background check on him and discovers ...
8 Nov. 1985
Junk Love
When Crockett and Tubbs bust the owner of a bordello (Miles Davis), they discover that one of his drug-addicted prostitutes is the object of a powerful drug dealer's twisted obsession.
15 Nov. 1985
Tale of the Goat
Crockett and Tubbs escort a coffin containing a criminal to his final Miami resting place ... until its learned that he has risen from the dead and has a similar zombie fate scheduled for Tubbs.
22 Nov. 1985
Castillo is forced to choose between friendship and duty when Jack Gretsky, his best friend from his days in Vietnam with the CIA, reemerges from the criminal underground complete with a Russian wife who is being pursued by the KGB.
29 Nov. 1985
Bought and Paid For
Gina's cleaning woman gets raped in Gina's home by the spoiled son of a wealthy man, who thinks he's above the law. Despite evidence being circumstantial, Gina wants to have the man arrested. Izzy steals Switek and Zito's bug van.
6 Dec. 1985
Back in the World
Crockett flashes to his role during the Saigon evacuation as he and a war correspondent uncover heroin smuggled in body bags. Ten years later in Miami the H resurfaces and so does the reporter looking for the CIA connection.
13 Dec. 1985
Phil the Shill
A British television personality who has dealings with a major cocaine dealer is targeted by Crockett and Tubbs.
10 Jan. 1986
Definitely Miami
Crockett finds out first hand about Charlie Basset as a violent drug runner with an enticing wife that Sonny just can't get out of his mind.
17 Jan. 1986
Yankee Dollar
When Crockett sees his stewardess girlfriend die from smuggling balloons of cocaine into the country, he and Tubbs go undercover to expose the ring.
24 Jan. 1986
One Way Ticket
A district attorney is killed at a wedding for getting too close to a French-Canadian drug lord that's operating in Miami. Since the victim was a close friend of the criminal's lawyer, Sonny tries to make the lawyer do something about it.
31 Jan. 1986
Little Miss Dangerous
Crocket and Tubbs visit Miami's kinky Sex World parlor when a sailor shows up murdered. The trail leads to a mysterious underage dancer Tubbs tries to straighten out - but is this more than social work?
14 Feb. 1986
Florence Italy
Set around the Miami Grand Prix, the episode starts out with a young 17 year old hooker called "Florence Italy", being picked up by one of the racers in the Grand Prix, he then races around Miami attracting the attention of Crockett and Tubbs, a chase ensues where the Porsche 906 Carrera eventually escapes Crockett and Tubbs because the young hooker had been thrown out of the passenger seat at speed and killed. The Vice cops follow up on the car and find it belongs to a Danny Tepper, Crockett and Tubbs track down Danny and question him, they feel he is telling the ...
21 Feb. 1986
French Twist
When a known terrorist comes to Miami the team tries to find him. And an Interpol operative comes to assist them. Crockett is taken with her but Tubbs thinks there's something odd about her.
7 Mar. 1986
The Fix
After Crockett and Tubbs arrests a dealer and at the bail hearing the judge sets a low bail. Crockett is curious if there's something wrong with him. So he investigates. It seems the man has a gambling problem. And now he's being told to tell his son whose the star player of his school to throw a game to settle his debts.
14 Mar. 1986
Crockett goes undercover to take down Mario Fuente (Zappa), a dealer of 'weasel dust'.
4 Apr. 1986
Free Verse
The team is assigned to protect a renowned poet who has come to the US seeking political asylum. With sexy Carmen in the mix, things get complicated.
2 May 1986
Trust Fund Pirates
A Bolivian cruise ship is attacked by pirates leading Crockett and Tubbs to enlist the help of a renegade pilot in the contraband business to solve the case.
9 May 1986
Sons and Lovers
The son of Tubbs' arch-enemy Calderone oozes to the surface with a $1 million contract on Tubbs, while Calderone's sister Angelina says Tubbs he is the father of her child.

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