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This was a Stellar Show, and it was all Bateman

Author: richard.fuller1
14 June 2002

Possibly the most underrated show since 'Frank's Place', It's Your Move was phenomenonly funny. Tricia Cast, David Garrison and Caren Kaye could all be replaced, but it was Bateman's show, through and through. The relationship between Matthew Burton, his mother, Caren Kaye, and the man who dates her who lives across the hall, David Garrison, could have in time become much more sharper and defined. Tricia Cast was Matthew's sister, Julie, and just as much a victim of his shenanigans as Garrison was. But still she was his sister and could be just as sinister as he was, yet he wasn't overly cruel to her. I always remembered one moment when Matthew was exchanging barbs with Julie, her female friend Sheila, and their dates, two football players. As Matt left, he recognized the four of them as thus, "Ladies (you think he means the two girls), . . .Sheila (obviously now implying Sheila was not a female, but the jocks were). His subtlety and their blank expressions was hilarious. Yet the funniest was the two parter Dregs of Humanity. Again, like Franks Place, It's Your Move could not be left alone and was yanked around, till the audience grew weary of trying to find it. Dregs of Humanity became the victim of that act, as two episodes near the end of the season, the ratings dropped and the first time Dregs aired, part two was deleted the following week for a special coverage, politics or something! I waited back through all the episodes and had to keep up with where the show was airing as it kept getting shuffled around until I finally found and saw part two. Even today I have to tell people what happened when they say "Do you remember a show with Jason Bateman and that guy off Married With Children? Whatever became of the Dregs of Humanity?" Then, yes, there was the burglars stealing the furniture episode too, when Matt and Norman did go on a gameshow. Too, too funny. The battle of wits in this show has not been surpassed since. It wasn't crudely offensive either.

This is a lost show. If it should ever air somewhere, try to record it and keep it. And then you can ask yourself "What happened?"

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biting humor that deserved a bigger audience

Author: kirstymd from Vancouver, WA
30 April 2001

Try to remember that this show was introduced in the era of "Cosby"... ! It's humor wasn't exactly wrapped in a pullover sweater handing out Pudding Pops. The skeleton show was where Jason Bateman and his friend Eli needed a band for the school dance, so they dressed up some lab skeletons and labelled them the Dregs of Humanity. The "group" soon had their own teenage groupies. I remember my sister and I rolling on the floor laughing until our guts hurt. I.Y.M. showcased what Jason Bateman has always done best - that smirky, know-it-all, smartass character. I'd love to see him find another show worthy of his talents.

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A fun show that was doomed from the start.

Author: mack3175 from Metairie, Louisiana
3 October 2002

This show could have lasted a little longer, only if the producers made an annoucement before each episode aired saying. "What you see in this show is just for pure laughs, and never to be copied in real life". But because they did'nt the show got cancelled quickly. A very funny show, nothing like The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Growing Pains. The star of the show was Jason Bateman playing Matthew Burton, a cool fourteen year old, living with his clueless mother(Caren Kaye) and selfish sister(Tricia Cast). Matthew was quite a scheamer, and felt he could get away with anything. That all changes when his mom starts dating Norman Lamb(David Garrison) a strugling writer. Matthew does'nt like him, and tries to think up a scheam to get rid of him. But he's in for a big surprise, when Norman proves he's just a bigger scheamer then him. Jason Bateman and David Garrison both had comic chemistry. But there charm could'nt save the show. Because the producers where afraid that kids would start copying Matthew's antics. Like some of those family shows when the kids try to pull a fast one, but they always get caught in the end. But this show was cool, because Matthew rarely got caught, only once by his mother, only twice by Norman. The show was fun to watch and it deserved a little better, then what it got.

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This show rocked!

Author: culwin
17 September 1999

See David Garrison before "Married With Children"! Wow this show was the BEST! This was my favorite show in the 80's; I wish someone would show reruns. I think it was just too clever for the critics, and the viewers. But hey what do I know, I was only 11?

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Too good for its time.

Author: tachyon_1 from Earth
29 June 2006

This was a great show. Yet it never seemed to get the viewers or popularity it deserved. It seems like a lot of copies came out later that got all the glory, yet were lesser shows. Bateman of course _was_ the show. His character was smarter and cooler than the posers. Like a lot of shows, it died an early death it did not deserve. At the time the show was on I never missed an episode. I really do not understand how Growing Pains became so huge while this masterpiece slipped into oblivion. Mind you Growing Pains was good, but not at this level. Stupid TV execs.

Oh well.

Any news of it on DVD?

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Four words on a sign on Julie's back:

Author: HLewis9 from Houston, TX
27 July 2001

I always remember the very first episode where Matthew played that trick on his witch of a big sister Julie--on her way out the door, he stuck a piece of paper to her back with four words:


That one move of Matthew's had me hooked for the entire two years.

Who could forget the "Dregs of Humanity"--especially "Bones" flopping down like he's stoned! BWA-HA-HA!!! Or Eli having his arms and legs all tied to ropes and moving them all up and down to make the band play? HEE HEE HEE!!!

Of course, the episode where Norman Lamb hired guys to rob the house and got Matthew on a game show to win the furniture was too much! Seymour Lamb--NYaaaahhhh!!! (eyes roll up in the head and collapse in a seizure!) BWA HA HA HA!!!

This show could have had a great run, but it was cancelled--too soon as usual!!!

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David Garrison and Jason Bateman are an equal match.

Author: adrian-260 from United Kingdom
4 June 2007

I think that the producers of !It's Your Move" are missing out on a great opportunity because it is still not available on DVD. If it was to be released in this format, then I would certainly buy it. Another character not very often mentioned was the janitor of the flats where they all lived. Ernie Sabella played this man, Mr Donatelli, (I think that was his name) a most revolting person who hated Mathew Burton intensely. Every time they could, they exchanged insults at an alarming rate. "So that the flies can shower" was only one of the jibes from Burton to Donatelli. This sequence still makes me laugh when ever I think about it. As everyone else says, (well, most people) it is a pity that it is no longer shown. Rather strange when other shows get constant re-runs and do not have such biting humour. I would give this show full marks, even though it first aired such a long time ago.

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Fantastic, forgotten classic

Author: Erich Rattenburg from United States
8 August 2005

I never saw this show when it was on the air (I was four years old at the time), but a coworker has this on DVD (I think it's an "unofficial" copy). Let me just say right now that this series ranks amongst the very best of all the great 80's sitcoms.

Everyone seems to be in love with the Dregs Of Humanity episodes, and for good reason. But they are all great in their own way. It's a shame that they didn't allow this series to go on.

In the end, please see this if you can. Please bug the heck out of the studios or the powers that be for this to get its long-deserved proper release. Then we can all sit back and think of what could've been had this great show been allowed to grow.

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WAY ahead of its time!

Author: Tom Hunter from NY
27 April 1999

This was an unbelieveably funny show. Unfortunately, as with most cutting edge shows, it ran into some criticism and was not allowed to reach its full potential. When they were forced to tone it down in the second season, it lost its edge. But it could very well be in the top five for premier seasons for any sitcom.

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Hilarious and too good to last

Author: mccaffreythomas from United States
3 December 2008

I was reminded of this show about 3 years ago and when I remembered it it was like recalling an amazing childhood memory. I was 11 when it premiered and immediately I was hooked. I feel like this show never needed to find itself. It immediately found its stride on the 2nd episode. Jason Bateman is so amazing in it. His character in this played a very significant part in shaping my adolescent behavior. I thought I was Matthew Burton. I have never seen a teenage character this well written. I loved him because he wasn't awkward and insecure he had everything figured out already and was always a step ahead of every adult. I also loved how it wasn't soppy. All the adults hated him because he was always outwitting them. It was amazing to see him go toe to toe with a grown man and many times come out on top. And I loved how all his lines were just hilarious and he was never at a loss with a quick insult. One great one is when Norman wants to interview the Dregs of Humanity and Matt says to him, "Norman the guys aren't interested. It's nothing personal, it's just that they find you very offensive." I like Jason Bateman now but for me he never topped this role.

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