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4 Jan. 1985
The Shooter
At the scene of a crime Hunter finds the cigarette, determines it has been "crushed" out by a foot, therefore eliminating the possibility of it being thrown out of a car window, and now believes the killer was riding a motorcycle.
11 Jan. 1985
The Garbage Man
When a parole officer is killed, the prime suspect is one of his charges. While Hunter and McCall try to find him, another parole officer is also trying to find and is going to extreme measures to find him. When Hunter finds the man, he tells Hunter that his parole suspected that another parole officer is killing other parolees so his parole officer asked him to help. So he altered his file to make it appear he's a violent criminal. Hunter thinks he knows who the killer is.
18 Jan. 1985
The Avenging Angel
Hunter gets an anonymous tip involving a man who killed his wife. After investigating and arresting the man, he is tried but the key witness against him changes his testimony; suggesting that the defendant managed to indirectly sway the testimony of the witness. When Hunter gets proof, he arrests him but a bomb goes off killing the man and later someone runs over the witness. Hunter gets a call from someone claiming to be the one who sent him the tip, claiming to also have killed the two men. It seems obvious that this guy is fixated on Hunter, even idolizes him which...
23 Mar. 1985
The Snow Queen: Part 1
McCallÂ's prime informant in the case against a drug merchant is a young cocaine supplier who's being extradited as a murder witness by a New York policeman who seems mysteriously intent on killing her.
30 Mar. 1985
The Snow Queen: Part 2
Dee Dee's in danger as she moves closer to exposing a ruthless drug dealer, while Hunter fights to keep a rogue policeman from killing a material witness.
6 Apr. 1985
The Beach Boy
The Beach Boy arrives in Los Angeles from Hawaii, picks up his luggage and heads for his car. The next day, he arrives at Eddy Marks' house and promply machine guns him down in his kitchen. Eddy's girlfriend, relaxing in the jacuzzi, hides but sees the killer.
13 Apr. 1985
Some people are being killed and just before they are killed they get a phone call from someone who utters the word "guilty". Hunter and McCall investigate and learn that the people who were killed served on a jury wherein the defendant was found guilty. Hunter and McCall trace the man and bring him in but they are told he can't speak because he was stabbed in the throat while in prison. They think he can speak but is keeping it a secret,problem is how to prove it.
20 Apr. 1985
The Last Kill
Hunter and McCall go after a contract killer who is making hits throughout the city in order to ingratiate himself with a criminal kingpin in order to kill him.
11 May 1985
Fire Man
Hunter and McCall are brought in to help solve an arson/murder case. Someone has been setting fires to empty warehouses all over the city.
18 May 1985
Hunter is looking for a sniper who is killing women who look similar. He thinks the man has military training so he goes to the base and butts heads with a sergeant. At the same an IRS man shows up at the station to talk to Hunter about a unusual deduction he made.
21 Sep. 1985
Case X
McCall goes undercover after a number of porn stars wind up dead.
28 Sep. 1985
Night of the Dragons
Hunter and McCall's investigation of a killing in Chinatown leads them to a Chinese gang leader being pursued by a police officer with a personal interest in the case.
5 Oct. 1985
The Biggest Man in Town
Hunter and McCall go undercover at an exclusive resort to find a blackmailer's killer.
19 Oct. 1985
Rich Girl
When a millionaire is nearly killed, his wife is the primary heir and prime suspect until she's murdered, prompting Hunter to go undercover to find the real killer.
26 Oct. 1985
Killer in a Halloween Mask
Hunter and McCall become involved in a string of bizarre murders when they're assigned as technical advisors for a television show.
2 Nov. 1985
Rape and Revenge: Part 1
McCall is raped by a visiting diplomat and her colleague's hands are tied when he claims diplomatic immunity.
9 Nov. 1985
Rape and Revenge: Part 2
Hunter takes matters into his own hands after his superiors refuse to fight the diplomat's claim of immunity.
16 Nov. 1985
Million Dollar Misunderstanding
A security guard turned thief loses the money he stole, and searches for it with Hunter and McCall in close pursuit.
23 Nov. 1985
The Big Fall
Hunter and McCall realize they're attracted to each other as they protect an endangered witness who's set to testify before a grand jury.
7 Dec. 1985
Waiting for Mr. Wrong
Hunter becomes involved with a beautiful model he suspects of complicity in a jewelry robbery.
14 Dec. 1985
Think Blue
Hunter helps a policeman who is framed for the murder of his wife.

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