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9 Jan. 1985
Plane Death
Between assignments, Jonathan and Mark drive to a small town to visit an old buddy of Mark's. They find the friend has disappeared and their search for clues encountering a conspiracy of silence.
16 Jan. 1985
One Winged Angels
Jonathan jeopardizes his assignment by falling in love with the very woman whose engagement to another man he's supposed to be overseeing.
23 Jan. 1985
Going Home, Going Home
God sends Mark and Jonathan back to the 1940s in order to give Mark a second chance to tell his grandfather how much he loved him.
30 Jan. 1985
As Difficult as ABC
A promising basketball player whose coach has been making sure his grades are OK so he can play, learns he has a condition that means he can't play basket ball anymore. His coach then casts him aside. He loses his scholarship and doesn't know what he's going to do because he's illiterate. Jonathan then gets him to join a special class so that he could learn to read. He gets him a job coaching kids. He's also worried about a drug dealer that's plaguing the neighborhood and has his sights set on some the kids he is coaching and wants to stop him. Jonathan tries to help ...
6 Feb. 1985
A Child of God
A woman returns to her home to reconnect with her parents but it seems her father doesn't want to see her. Because she has a child out of wedlock. She then asks them to take her child because she's not well.
20 Feb. 1985
A Match Made in Heaven
Jonathan's friend Scotty, a quadriplegic, wonders if his relationship with a woman can succeed, and while Jonathan is delighted to help Mark isn't so keen about it ... since the woman in question is his cousin Diane.
27 Feb. 1985
The Banker and the Bum
A big-hearted bum and a cold-hearted tycoon switch bodies and walk a mile in the other man's shoes.
6 Mar. 1985
The Brightest Star
Jonathan and Mark chasten a child actress whose fame is making her into a monster, fracturing her family and robbing her of her childhood.
13 Mar. 1985
An Investment in Caring
A heartless corporation plans to buy up and tear down an old neighborhood. Jonathan and Mark rally its aging residents to fight the buyout and at the same time they bring together in a common cause a lonely widow and widower.
27 Mar. 1985
The Right Thing
Jonathan and Mark help a family struggling to do the right thing with an aging parent in their home. The daughter in-law demands he be put him in a retirement home or she'll leave. Their caring teenage son is caught in the middle of the muddle.
1 May 1985
Thoroughbreds: Part 1
A young woman with a passion for horses, finds out She has cancer.
8 May 1985
Thoroughbreds: Part 2
Lizzy finds out She has cancer, and on top of it, She learns She's also pregnant. She pushes Her new husband away, even though She really loves Him. Jonathan and Mark help the new couple pull together and move forward.
18 Sep. 1985
A Song for Jason: Part 1
Jonathan and Mark become counselors at Camp Good Times, a summer camp for children with cancer, to help two cancer patients: a frightened little boy with an overprotective mother and an angry teenage athlete who may lose his leg to bone cancer.
25 Sep. 1985
A Song for Jason: Part 2
Camp Good Times is helping both Gary and Curtis in different ways, but Jason may have lost his will to keep going when his best friend is rushed to the hospital and his father still refuses to deal with Jason's illness.
2 Oct. 1985
Bless the Boys in Blue
When Mark wishes that Jonathan be a mortal cop "for just a little while", "The Boss" takes him up on his wish with the result that Jonathan must relinquish his angelic powers...which, considering the dangers of being a police officer, may not be a good idea.
23 Oct. 1985
A modern-day Hollywood retelling of the Cinderella story, only this aspiring actress Cindy wants to be accepted for who she really is and not the Eliza Doolittle her well-meaning dad wants to transform her into.
30 Oct. 1985
The Devil and Jonathan Smith
Jonathan recruits a con artist's help after Jabez Stone tricks Mark into selling his soul in order to save a little boy's life, but The Devil has another agenda - acquiring the soul of an angel.
6 Nov. 1985
Birds of a Feather
Out of fear of losing their jobs, workers at a factory ignore ground-water contamination (even though the contamination is making their children sick), and Jonathan must resort to drastic measures to force them to face the facts - but the consequences may be just as fatal to him.
13 Nov. 1985
Popcorn, Peanuts and CrackerJacks
Jonathan and Mark have to try and help a team that can never seem to win a single game and give a former baseball star the glory he once knew some 40 years ago.
20 Nov. 1985
The Smile in the Third Row
Jonathan is as skeptical as everybody else when the lead actor in a failing Broadway play claims that God is attending the show's performances, sitting in a third-row orchestra seat.
27 Nov. 1985
The Secret
Mark is the only one who can help when his friend's fifteen-year-old adopted daughter tries to find her biological mother and the unexpected uncovered truth threatens to tear the family apart completely.
4 Dec. 1985
The Monster: Part 1
The two-part episode "The Monster" concerns the intertwining plot lines of Julian Bradley, a young artist with a facial deformity treated as a local "boogeyman" by the townsfolk, and Jonathan and Mark's quadriplegic friend Scotty, now an attorney whose practice is failing (since nobody wants to hire a quadriplegic attorney) and whose marriage is also in danger of failing. When Julian meets Rachel, a blind girl, they fall in love, but an operation that may restore Rachel's sight may also destroy Julian's hopes.
11 Dec. 1985
The Monster: Part 2
Scotty must defend Julian after he is accused of assaulting Rachel....and it appears the odds are not in either man's favor.
18 Dec. 1985
The Good Doctor
Jonathan and Mark go to work at a football team. And one of the players whose worried about getting cut asks for drugs from the team doctor Dan Hickey, gives it to him. And also Hickey is very hard on his son who's a medical student and helps his father, his son takes drugs to cope. And Hickey is also taking drugs.

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