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19 Sep. 1984
Highway to Heaven: Part 1
Jonathan Smith, an angel, arrives at a retirement home to help not only the occupants but also the administrator Leslie Gordon. However, Leslie's brother Mark, a jaded and bitter former police officer, is suspicious of Jonathan.
19 Sep. 1984
Highway to Heaven: Part 2
When Mark Gordon's investigation starts getting too close, Jonathan must reveal his true identity and purpose to Mark in order to successfully complete his assignment.
26 Sep. 1984
To Touch the Moon
A terminally ill boy takes in another boy who's continually in trouble with the law in an effort to help both his mother and the troubled boy.
3 Oct. 1984
The Return of the Masked Rider
The Satan's Helpers street gang terrorizes its neighborhood, bullying a young boxer to throw the big fight. Jonathan and Mark attempt to motivate aging Western movie stars the gang has mugged to muster the courage to be the heroes they once were and stand up to the thugs.
17 Oct. 1984
Song of the Wild West
Jonathan and Mark come to a country-western bar where they provide an angelic assist to a young country singer emulating her lost mother, a former country star hoping to find her lost glory, and a widow mourning her lost husband.
24 Oct. 1984
One Fresh Batch of Lemonade: Part 1
A high school baseball star is being scouted by the pros, much to his delight and that of his father who's been coaching him, but a tragic motorcycle accident permanently shatters both their dreams and Jonathan must find a way to help the boy make lemonade from this crop of lemons.
31 Oct. 1984
One Fresh Batch of Lemonade: Part 2
To help Deke find a reason for living after his accident and shattered dreams, Jonathan enlists the aid of a gymnast who has reasons of his own to help rehabilitate Deke. In the meantime, Jonathan and Mark must find a way to reunite Deke's parents, who have also been affected by Deke's accident but in a different way.
7 Nov. 1984
A Divine Madness
A construction magnate now convinced he is King Arthur is in danger of being declared incompetent by his estranged son. Can Jonathan work a reconciliation between his royal highness and reality and especially with his son and heir to his empire?
14 Nov. 1984
Catch a Falling Star
A movie star always has the money to spend on his kids but never the time to spend with or be a real father to them, and Jonathan and Mark (who have been hired to look after the children) must show him the error of his ways before it's too late.
21 Nov. 1984
Help Wanted: Angel
An advertisement brings Jonathan and Mark to a neighborhood where an elderly scriptwriter needs an "angel" to bankroll his movie about the lonely people in his neighborhood, but making the film may mean tragedy for Mark when Jonathan receives news from higher up about a woman in the neighborhood and movie whom Mark has fallen in love with.
28 Nov. 1984
Dust Child
A former Vietnam vet learns that he has a half-American/half-Vietnamese daughter and brings her to the States to live with his family, but Jonathan and Mark must intervene when the racial prejudice she encounters from all sides, including her new family, is almost too much to bear.
12 Dec. 1984
Hotel of Dreams
Barry Rudd, an aimless young man dubbed Rudd the Dud, is given a hotel to manage by his wealthy father. Jonathan and Mark are on hand as bellhops and when not assisting Barry contend with a tyrannical boss, a bratty kid and a snooty guest.
19 Dec. 1984
Another Song for Christmas
Jonathan and Mark become involved in their own version of Dickens' classic "Christmas Carol" ... only their "Scrooge" is a heartless used car salesman.

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