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Season 4

16 Sep. 1987
Man's Best Friend: Part 1
A runaway dog helps bring together a boy in an orphanage whom nobody wants and the dog's human family, the parents of which are trying to have another child through a surrogate mother.
23 Sep. 1987
Man's Best Friend: Part 2
The orphan boy has formed an attachment to the dog, although he is going away to living with a new foster family.
30 Sep. 1987
Fight for Your Life
A young fighter must make a choice between right and wrong.
21 Oct. 1987
The People Next Door
When a black family tries to move next door to a successful doctor in an exclusive community, Jonathan and Mark must help the doctor confront a secret he's kept from everyone, including his own family.
28 Oct. 1987
I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf
During Halloween night, Jonathan helps a little boy get over his fears (and in the process get even with his older sister).
4 Nov. 1987
Playing for Keeps
Jonathan tries to mend the relationship between a comedian and his son whose a serious actor. He goes about it by getting them to work in a play. Problem is the comedian hasn't been serious in his relationship with his son carries over int the play which is a drama.
11 Nov. 1987
Amazing Man
A little boy's father has died, and now His Mother and grandfather are shielding Him from focusing on His Father's death. Now, the little Boy has a super hero figurine that He calls " Amazing Man ", and Amazing Man has become His imaginary friend. Jonathan tries to help the little boy let go of His grief about His father.
18 Nov. 1987
All the Colors of the Heart
Frank, an athlete who expects to gain his sight, must council another man who's sure to lose his.
25 Nov. 1987
Why Punish the Children?
Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment has them going to a women's prison. It seems that the inmates are not allowed any physical contact with their children. Jonathan thinks that policy should be changed but Mark doesn't at first. Jonathan tries to get the warden to change things but he's not moved until he gets a dream of not being able to be with his children. Jonathan tries to get one of the children of an inmate, who resents her mother for her actions, to see her.
2 Dec. 1987
A Dream of Wild Horses
An aging rancher gives up, and places all the responsibility on His stressed out daughter. Jonathan and Mark show up to offer support.
9 Dec. 1987
In with the 'In' Crowd
Jonathan and Mark go to a school as policemen trying to help find who is selling drugs that killed a student. Another policewoman goes undercover and she thinks she knows who the dealer is. She uses a student to get to him. When she drops him, he confronts her. When he gets rough she uses her cop skills to fend him off. Later he learns from the dealer what she is and he claims she used illegal methods to get him to help her. She was hoping that the wire she wore recorded the whole thing. Bur Mark erroneously stopped recording so she can't prove her version of what ...
23 Dec. 1987
With Love, the Claus
It's Christmas and Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment is to try and get a divorced couple who are still bickering with each other and use their son as a pawn to stop. They go to work for the father who is a lawyer. They take their son to the department store to see Santa. The Santa there really believes himself to be Santa and doesn't approve of the stores marketing policies - he goes into a rage. He gets arrested and Jonathan defends him. The department store owner tells their lawyer, the boy's mother to get him (Santa) to shut up. So parents go at it in court.
6 Jan. 1988
A Mother's Love
When four boys whose mother just died are told that they're going to become wards of the state and will be placed in different homes, they run away. Jonathan and Mark help get them together with a teacher who's about to retire and with no family.
13 Jan. 1988
Country Doctor
A small town Doctor is in bad health but he can't afford to retire and there is no one else to take his place.
20 Jan. 1988
Time in a Bottle
When a homeless man is arrested for robbery, Jonathan tries to get the man's friend, another homeless man who was a lawyer to defend him. It appears that the D.A. prosecuting the case is taking a hard line because a powerful man wants to get rid of the homeless people.
3 Feb. 1988
Back to Oakland
As part of the latest assignment, Mark returns to Oakland to become a police officer again and is reunited with his old partner, but things are not the way he left it when he finds his old beat has become a storm of racial hatred.
10 Feb. 1988
We Have Forever: Part 1
When his former wife passes away, Jonathan hopes that he'll be released from his duties to be reunited with her in Heaven, but "The Boss" wants him to stay on Earth. When Jonathan becomes so enraged at "The Boss" that he refuses to obey, he is stripped of his angelic powers and turned into a mortal.
17 Feb. 1988
We Have Forever: Part 2
When an embittered Jonathan, now a mortal, turns his back on everything and everyone, including Mark, a young woman offers him shelter and with the power of love helps him to recover his lost faith and hope.
24 Feb. 1988
The Correspondent
A war correspondent who can't resist going on just one more story finds himself imprisoned and facing execution, and Jonathan and Mark must show him what's he's missed and lost during his life by putting work ahead of family.
2 Mar. 1988
A handicapped ex-singer from Hawaii yearns for home but will not return as she will not go because her trip to the mainland to find fame failed; then her regular maintenance cheques stop coming.
16 Mar. 1988
A Dolphin Song for Lee: Part 1
A young teen aged girl is dying, and has one more chance for a life saving operation. She has one dream that she would like to fulfill, in case She doesn't make it.
23 Mar. 1988
A Dolphin Song for Lee: Part 2
A teen aged girl goes through an operation, that may not be successful. Mark helps Her fulfill Her dream of saving the dolphins.
30 Mar. 1988
Heaven Nose, Mister Smith
Bob Hope guest stars as an angel dispatcher who assigns Jonathan to stop an angel who's back on Earth and intent on breaking up his son's marriage. To stop him, Jonathan must enlist aid of a special kind.
27 Apr. 1988
The Whole Nine Yards
A borderline male chauvinist coach and his teen aged son learn life lessons about caring.

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