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16 Jan. 1985
Brotherly Love
The staff relaxes at Houlihan's, a local hangout near the hospital. Howard is looking forward to catching up with his younger brother Sam but becomes jealous when Sam develops a romantic interest in Dr. Sheridan. After much teasing from the staff, Eve has to set the record straight with Howard. Julie and Maria struggle to get along now that they have become roommates in order to save money.
23 Jan. 1985
I Raise You
Forced to work on a weekend, Howard moves his Saturday night poker game into the E/R lounge. Dr. Sheridan disapproves but relents when Howard promises to keep it quiet. Fred collapses during the game and finds out he has high blood pressure. Later, Howard hits the roof when Jenny tells him that "my place Ace" asked her out. But Jenny ends up crushed when she finds out that she mistook Ace's invitation to a concert for a date.
30 Jan. 1985
Merry Wives of Sheinfeld: Part 1
Dr. Sheinfeld is featured in the newspapers when word gets around that he's dating a wealthy socialite named Bitsy Carmichael. When both of his ex-wives arrive at the hospital to speak with him, Howard has to juggle their complaints with a busy night in the emergency room. Painters work on fixing up the E/R, which is a problem for Dr. Sheridan because she is allergic to paint. Nurse Thor turns to a specialist because of a serious concern about her health.
6 Feb. 1985
Merry Wives of Sheinfeld: Part 2
The entire staff offers their support to Nurse Thor after she receives frightening news about her health. Sheila and Phyllis, Howard's ex-wives, suspect that Dr. Sheridan and Howard might have feelings for each other. Both doctors deny it, but that doesn't stop the staff from teasing them. Two wounded firefighters and a young man high on LSD are brought in for care.
20 Feb. 1985
All Tied Up
Arguments erupt in the E/R when Eve loses her life savings on a joint investment she made with Howard and Maria becomes jealous that Fred asked Julie to attend a banquet with him. Everything gets put into perspective when two thieves hold the staff at gunpoint.
27 Feb. 1985
A Change in Policy
Dr. Sheinfeld starts seeing private patients while at the E/R as a favor for a colleague. When Stickley finds out, he offers Howard an ultimatum: falsify Stickley's personal health form or get fired. The news that her close friend Lois is pregnant intensifies Eve's desire to have a baby of her own. Eve makes some serious decisions about the future, including her relationship with Howard.

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