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25 Jan. 1985
The Assassin
A woman on vacation comes across a briefcase filled with money. Henry thinks that the money is payment for an assassin knows as The Lion. So Dani and Jack are sent to protect her because for sure he's coming for his money. But the woman wants to help them get the assassin. Jack runs into an old friend and Dani is suspicious of him.
2 Feb. 1985
Rules to Die By
Dani and Jack go to Turkey because one of the country's best scientists is going there for unknown reasons. Before leaving one of her models is injured by an assailant. Later that person goes to Dani up looking for a job and Dani hires her. When they arrive they learn that the man is there because his son is in prison on unfounded drug charges. That's when the KGB try to grab the man but Dani and Jack save him. The new model then goes to the Russian consulate looking for someone from the KGB to tell them about Jack being a spy. It seems that she believes Jack killed ...
2 Mar. 1985
The Ugliest American
Henry has Dani and Jack keep an eye on an obnoxious American comedian who has been traveling to Eastern Bloc countries. He is now in Czechkoslovakia. Jack follows him and he meets someone, a young girl who gives him something. And just as she's going to leave with him, she is taken. He refuses to say what is going on.
23 Mar. 1985
Adam's Rib
Three people steal a fortune in Denver a few years ago. They are now in Paris waiting for the statute of limitations to run out. So Henry sends Dani and Jack to Paris to find the money or enough evidence so they can be arrested before the statute ends in three days.
30 Mar. 1985
Jack of Spades
A terrorist poses as a humanitarian to raise money for the weapons that he uses. Henry wants Dani and Jack to get the money he just raised from him so that the government can actually give to the needy. And when Dani learns he's going on a cruise she gets herself on the ship too. They learn that the man is a gambler so they decide to use that to get the money. A mysterious man is also following him.

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