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Episode List


Season 11

The Covenant: Part 1
Valentine's Day. Terence is visited by Olivia Harrison, an ex-girlfriend, and after telling him that she may have Alzheimer's disease, Olivia asks him to aid her in the taking of her own life. Lucy is concerned about a number of cockatoos found dead on her and Matt's property but she is far from happy when Matt refuses to investigate the birds' deaths. Matt's appearance on the Valley Vet radio show quickly turns into an episode of "Life With Lucy" when he begins revealing some intimate details of their marriage. Olivia's husband arrives, and after looking into ...
Over the Rainbow: Part 1
John Bushell and his girlfriend Goldie Harper, both of whom are mentally challenged, proudly announce to their family and friends that she is pregnant. Despite John and Goldie's exuberance, John's mother Sue is not pleased. Matt and Jessie build a scarecrow for Lucy's garden. After a heated row between John, Goldie, and Sue, Goldie runs off and wanders into the countryside. Absorbed in her problems, she fails to pay attention to passing traffic and she is knocked down by Steve who is taking Luke for a drive. Goldie is not badly injured but she is nearing labor. ...
The Promised Land: Part 1
Luke falls for Donna Griffiths, a director who is making a post-holocaust film in Wandin Valley. A lost fox causes panic on the set after it is released by the movie's young star. Tom Grace, the film's stuntman is diagnosed with malaria and exposed as an activist wanted for his involvement in various acts of ecological terrorism. Bob's impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger get's him in hot water. Luke and Steve get advice on boy/girl relationships. Frank is rushed off his feet with all the comings and goings in the Valley. Lucy dreams of the end of the world.
Motherly Love: Part 1
When an RSPCA inspector is found murdered, suspicion falls on farmer Dave Watson. Daphne Jones consults Cris on her daughter's strange behaviour. After her arrival, Matt Tyler and RSPCA inspector Jan Anderson are held hostage. Bob Hatfield becomes a vegetarian when he is asked to kill six sheep. The murderer is identified. Jessie fixes her father up with Anne on his birthday.