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5 Jan. 1989
Truth or Consequences
Vanessa gets caught lying to her parents about staying out past her curfew with her boyfriend, Jeremy.
12 Jan. 1989
Cliff Babysits
Cliff babysits Winnie and Nelson when the rest of the family goes to see a Michael Jackson concert.
26 Jan. 1989
Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten
Clair wants to replace the living room couch but Cliff is reluctant to let the old couch go. Also, Clair is invited on a television talk show. However, when she finds out she is only asked her thoughts as a black woman, she leaves the show.
2 Feb. 1989
The Lost Weekend
Everybody's away for the weekend, and Theo has the place to himself. Theo's friends decide it's time to party!
6 Feb. 1989
No Way, Baby
One of Cliff's patients is a young, unmarried teenager without other known family. Cliff finds the girl's grandfather so someone can be with her when she delivers. When Clair meets the grandfather, she realizes he cannot read or write.
9 Feb. 1989
Can I Say Something, Please?
Rudy complains to her parents that she doesn't get to do what her friends can and she still has to follow so many rules. So Cliff and Clair allow Rudy to stay up as late as she wants to teach her a lesson.
16 Feb. 1989
The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus
Theo's former girlfriend, Justine, is starting to date other men and Theo is upset. Theo consults a voodoo shopkeeper for a spell or potion that will help him win her back.
23 Feb. 1989
The Boys of Winter
Theo & his friends meet Cliff's former basketball coach. The Huxtables invite Coach Barry & his wife to their house for dinner. They watch a taped old basketball game together where Cliff misses all his shots & the coach sent him to the bench.
9 Mar. 1989
It Comes and It Goes
Sondra finds it difficult to be a stay-at-home mom with baby twins. When the Tibideaux visit Cliff, Clair and Cliff's parents, Sondra vents with her mother and grandmother who have been there and done that with young children.
16 Mar. 1989
Theo's Women
Theo helps an acting student with her lines then gets caught kissing her by his girlfriend who dumps him on the spot.
30 Mar. 1989
Birthday Blues
On Clair's birthday, Cliff & their kids surprise her with an act.
13 Apr. 1989
A Room with No View
Rudy is constantly bothering her sister Vanessa and they always have a fight but their parents find the perfect way to teach them a lesson.
27 Apr. 1989
What He Did for Love
Theo and his friends go to the cafeteria to impress a girl with a very expensive watch one of them found on the street. Unfortunately it appears that the watch was reported stolen and his friend gets in trouble.
4 May 1989
Day of the Locusts
Sondra has strep throat which keeps her from taking care of her babies. She goes paranoid when Clair and Elvin's mom take the babies with them so she can recover.
11 May 1989
57 Varieties
Theo asks his parents to give him fifteen hundred dollars for an educational summer trip to Egypt. The Huxtables are not sure about giving him the money so he invites his teacher to the house to talk to his parents.
21 Sep. 1989
Denise: The Saga Continues
Theo has found a place to live with his friends and moved out. Denise returns from her trip from the rainforest of Africa along with her husband and reveals to her parents that she's been married. Cliff & Claire are shocked at the news.
28 Sep. 1989
Surf's Up
When Cliff tells Theo of some of the hi jinx he did when he was younger. Theo decides to try it himself. But he ends up damaging his apartment, which leads to the landlord throwing him out. So Cliff tries to some things with the man so Theo can move out of the house where he has been staying.
5 Oct. 1989
I'm 'In' with the 'In' Crowd
Everybody loses when Vanessa and friends play a drinking game at an unsupervised get-together.
12 Oct. 1989
Denise Kendall: Navy Wife
Denise & her husband Lt. Martin Kendall are leaving for the Navy base to live in a house chosen there but Denise forgot to call for approval so they find out last minute that there's no house available for them and return to Cliff's house. Meanwhile Cliff explains to little Olivia how babies are born in this world.
19 Oct. 1989
Theo's Gift
Theo finds out that he has dyslexia so he changes the way he studies and gets a better grade in history.
26 Oct. 1989
Denise Kendall: Babysitter
Denise and Olivia babysit Winnie and Nelson when Sondra and Elvin go out for the evening; but shortly after Sondra and Elvin leave, the whole building goes into a blackout.
2 Nov. 1989
Shall We Dance?
Rudy and Kenny learn good manners at school. Rudy has a crush on a boy named Clarence and tries to show him that she cares but Clarence is too shy to admit it in front of his friends.
9 Nov. 1989
The Day the Spores Landed
Cliff has a nightmare about spores which poured out of an erupting volcano and into the water which makes all the men pregnant, including: Theo, Elvin, Martin and himself.
16 Nov. 1989
Cliff's Wet Adventure
Claire sends Cliff to the store to buy some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner on a very rainy day and he returns soaking wet. Unfortunately he keeps forgetting some products and Claire sends him again & again. Meanwhile Denise invites Martin's ex wife to Cliff's house because she's all alone. Finally Cliff arrives home again just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
30 Nov. 1989
Grampy and NuNu Visit the Huxtables
When Martin's parents visit, Denise frets about Mrs. Kendall's impression of her.
7 Dec. 1989
Cliff la Dolce
Claire and Denise are going to the Caribbean and Cliff stays all alone with Rudy & Olivia. Rudy comes to him with a problem between her & her friends but Cliff's advice makes things worse for Rudy. Meanwhile Theo takes Olivia to the cafeteria and uses her charm to collect other girls' phone numbers. Also Vanessa tries to get her father's permission to go to another girl's party with older boys.
14 Dec. 1989
Getting to Know You
Theo meets Cliff & Martin at the cafeteria sitting with two willing beautiful girls. Later at the Huxtable residence Martin tries to explain to Cliff the situation on how he & Denise met and got married. Afterwards the family organizes a surprise for Cliff that will make him very happy.

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