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20 Sep. 1984
Cliff explains to Theo how "regular" people get by with a low "regular" salary, with the use of Monopoly money.
27 Sep. 1984
Goodbye, Mr. Fish
Cliff forces the entire family to hold a funeral for Rudy's dead goldfish Lamont.
4 Oct. 1984
Bad Dreams
Vanessa sneaks into a scary movie despite her parents' forbidding it because she can't handle scary things. Cliff and Claire then have to deal with Vanessa sleeping between them in bed when she has nightmares from the movie.
11 Oct. 1984
Is That My Boy?
Theo makes the football team, so Cliff gives him some pointers.
18 Oct. 1984
A Shirt Story
Theo gets a shirt that cost too much, so Denise makes him an "Exact" replica.
25 Oct. 1984
Breaking with Tradition
Cliff's father, Russell Huxtable, comes over for a visit, and then tries to persuade Denise to go to Hillman college, which has become a family tradition.
1 Nov. 1984
One More Time
While babysitting one of Cliff's patients babies, Clair decides she wants to have another baby.
8 Nov. 1984
Play It Again, Vanessa
Vanessa is in the school's orchestra and plays the clarinet. Unfortunately, she is not good at it. While practicing at home, the family members put up with the noise she makes. At school, during a show, she has a solo performance.
15 Nov. 1984
How Ugly Is He?
Cliff and Claire are annoyed by Denise's new boyfriend and his arrogant attitude.
22 Nov. 1984
Bonjour, Sondra
Sondra is introduced, who comes back from college and is planning a trip to Paris for the summer.
6 Dec. 1984
You're Not a Mother Night
Clair is having too many mothering days with everyone wanting her attention and to do things for them. Cliff decides it is time for a mother's day off. He takes her for a romantic day and night at a hotel.
13 Dec. 1984
Rudy's Sick
Rudy is sick and has to stay home from school. Since Clair is being considered for a partner at her law firm, she has to go to work for the interview. Cliff takes care of Rudy while keeping office hours and seeing his patients.
20 Dec. 1984
Father's Day
It's Father's Day and Cliff dreads the presents the children will give him as they are always ill-fitting or unusable. This year he asks them to think about him and get meaningful gifts; they come up with some unique thoughts and gifts.

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