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Season 7

20 Sep. 1990
Same Time Next Year
Cliff ships Vanessa to Lincoln University in Pennsylvania; Rudy has a "developmental" issue that keeps her from going to school.
27 Sep. 1990
Bird in the Hand
Cliff is set to go to an auction for a priceless Charlie Parker album, but a slight detour to Olivia's school keeps him from it.
4 Oct. 1990
The Last Barbecue
Theo hires a stripper for Martin's bachelor party, which upsets Sondra and Denise when neither Martin or Elvin object to the idea; all this goes on as Cliff and Claire prepare a family BBQ. "Bud" gets a great punchline.
11 Oct. 1990
Period of Adjustment
Cousin Pam is introduced, as she moves in due to her grandmother's illness, her mother goes to California to take care of her.
18 Oct. 1990
It's All in the Game
Cliff & Clair are away on a weekend vacation. When they return, their home seemed to have self destructed - Olivia and the washing machine, Theo taking multiple items to his place, Vanessa and car damage, etc. Cliff & Clair hold a meeting.
25 Oct. 1990
Getting the Story
Rudy and Kenny has to follow one of their parents for a school project, but get disappointed when Clair's lawyer job turns out to be far from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
1 Nov. 1990
Just Thinking About It
Pam still thinks about having sex with Slide. Cliff says she should see a gynecologist for safe sex info. Pam ends up getting condoms and tells Slide he must use them. He refuses and they break up. Slide apologizes but still pressures her.
8 Nov. 1990
The Infantry Has Landed (and They've Fallen Off the Roof)
Rudy starts her periods, and Clair wants to have a traditional women's only day to celebrate her womanhood. Rudy wants no part of it and says she understand everything and needs nothing from her mother. Rudy trusts her friends information.
15 Nov. 1990
You Can Go Home Again
Denise & Martin want to move to their own apartment. They find rents too high and a place too small. Rudy makes plans to move into their bedroom once they move out.
29 Nov. 1990
It's a Boy
A Cliff's friend learns he and his wife are going to have a baby boy. The father worries he is not athletic enough to teach the boy sports when he is older so he asks Cliff to teach him. Theo tells the father sports is not the only thing.
6 Dec. 1990
Clair's Liberation
Clair has started menopause. The children talk to each other about menopausal women, hot flashes, confusion, crabbiness, etc. Cliff & Claire play a joke on the kids by pretending she is insane. Aaron, Pam's boyfriend, turns on the romance.
13 Dec. 1990
It's Your Move
Sondra makes plans for she & Elvin to help friends move, but Elvin just wants to join the guys to watch the football playoff game. When they arrive to help with the move, their friends have not even started to pack.
3 Jan. 1991
Theo's Final Final
Theo has one last final the next day, and he wants to pass so he gets on the dean's list. He has plans for constant study, until he meets Cheryl and is besotted. She is leaving town in the morning. Does he study or go out with Cheryl?
10 Jan. 1991
Attack of the Killer B's
Pam has to study for tests but is easily distracted. Theo tells her she has to study without dancing and music in order to get good grades. Pam wants to go to college, but does not have the money. Her grades are not enough for scholarships.
31 Jan. 1991
Total Control
Cliff's patient & her husband are having a baby any day now and tell Cliff they have everything under control as they read books and watched videos to prepare for the birth. Everything is fine until the actual event starts.
7 Feb. 1991
Adventures in Babysitting
Cliff and Dr Harmon attend a pinochle tournament with their wives. They play a round against each other, and the wives win. Martin & Denise need a babysitter for Olivia and Rudy begs to be the one. Rudy does fine until they watch a scary movie.
14 Feb. 1991
27 and Still Cooking
It is Cliff & Clair's 27th wedding anniversary. He plans to recreate the Caribbean restaurant where they dined on their honeymoon, in their home. He hires a band, chef, and decorations for atmosphere. The day arrives - and Cliff is sick.
21 Feb. 1991
The Return of the Clairettes
Clair gets a visit from a high school friend and her husband.
28 Feb. 1991
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Theo and Denny's girlfriend Ellen are organizing a surprise party for Denny's birthday, but things get complicated when Ellen gets sick and Denny shows up up unexpectedly believing she's having an affair with another guy.
7 Mar. 1991
Home Remedies
Olivia is not feeling well, so several people come up with different remedies to help her feel better.
21 Mar. 1991
Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue
Olivia and Rudy have nightmares about Olivia taking control of the house and nobody listening to Rudy.
4 Apr. 1991
There's Still No Joy in Mudville
Cliff goes bowling with his father, Elvin, and friends. After the game, with Cliff having a very low score, they go to a bar and make fun of him. The older men reminiscence about the old Negro League. Rudy & Olivia play a joke on Clair.
11 Apr. 1991
Cliff and Jake
The daughter of an acquaintance asks Cliff to help her father make peace with someone whom he's been having a long standing grudge with over a car accident. Because she's been seeing the man's son and would like to get married.
25 Apr. 1991
Theo and the Kids: Part 1
Cliff attempts to fix the kitchen sink. Theo starts a volunteer job as an intern at a community center. He helps children with their homework and craft activities after school. He realizes one student has studying problems just like he had.
2 May 1991
Theo and the Kids: Part 2
At the community center, Theo deals with a student that might have dyslexia, another who has a crush on him, one who has to get a job to support his parents, all the while they test their limits with Theo. Theo does his best to help them.

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